Thursday, 28 May 2015

Summer reading

Hooooray, my summer-reading arrived today!This is what I shall start my holiday with. The top one, by Liv Strömquist and Caroline Ringskog Ferrada-Noli, I ordered because I simply adore all that Liv does. I have also read many of Nina Åkestams chronicles and her blog, so looking forward to reading her book.

Ok. Soon it's time to take farewell of may. I've said it before - I'll say it again, where oh where does time fly?

Friday, 22 May 2015

Light and happiness

Oh the light.
The light is so wonderful.

All colours are different in this light and I love all the shades.

My friend Johanna arrives today. She stays for the weekend. How I have missed her and waited! We last met in Berlin almost exactly a year ago! We rented an apartment through airbnb, a really wonderful apartment and we enjoyed looooong breakfasts and late nights in jazzclubs. It's her first visit to my house, so I cannot wait to show her all that I have done.

Life is soooo good. And I have the world's absolute best people in my life!  Hashtag feelinggrateful, hih!

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The chair project...

Well,  the chair wasn't really possible to make it "sittable". The wood was far too weatherworn. So, it became a flower table instead.
I wrote about the chair project first here.  

Monday, 18 May 2015

Welding and casting

I was given a church candelabra without a foot. I received a note saying "maybe you can figure out how to save this candelabra and make it stand". So I looked at it for about a month and then one day I knew what to do. I wanted something rough so I casted the foot in concrete. I first added a screw (there was a hole) and welded a metal cross to the screw to make it more stable inside the concrete.

It turned out just fine. And as I love burning candles - this is just perfect in my home!

Sunday, 17 May 2015


What have I done for the past three days? Drilling mostly! With the kind help of my darling L and my dad. We work so well together, and my parents are so charmed and love L!

It all started with this drawing by L and me. 

Then I bought all material that I needed from a local hardware store and had it all shipped to my garden, just in time for us to start.

Now the groundwork was ready and we built the steps. This is were we ended after the second day, friday. And I attended a 50th birthday in Helsinki. What a wonderful party it was, so many old friends, wonderful touching performances. Fell asleep a very happy human beeing!

We continued work on saturday and finished the terrace. Voilá! There are few small details we shall work on today with L. But first we shall attend a dance-performace by my students.

First breakfast on the terrace!!!

Next year I shall paint the terrace with Roslags-mahogny, I love the warm shade, it will be a good contrast to the grey facade. I have black details, the outdoor lantern/ light is black, above my door there will be a black canopy, the letterbox is I need a warm shade.
Have you read this?  Inhabitants in a small german town asked to be allowed to welcome asylum-seekers as they no longer could stand the horrible news! We need more of these kind of news. Because not all Europeans are anti-immigrants! Love!!!!

I am so compeletely charmed by Yonas new album. I listen to it nonstop! Here is wonderful Uusi taivas. Enjoy!

Have a wonderful sunday dear friends!

Sunday, 10 May 2015


Today we celebrate all mothers. It is a beautiful sunny day! Above is a little vintage weatherworn lampshade hanging from a tree in my garden, it is fun to sit under the tree and look at it swing softly in the wind, with the prisms. 

During the week I painted rugs on the pavement with my students. I shall upload pics of the ready rugs, once it is done. It has been such a fun project to take part in, we have received such nice comments and praise for our work. The students feel they are part of something special and that is what counts.

Yesterday me and L traveled to Helsinki, and took a ferry over to the Sveaborg fortress. We attended a guided tour of parts of the fortress and dined at café Chapman. We were treated to great food and the staff were so kind, we spoke to one of the waiters, he came up to us and asked were we came from and he told about himself, how he works as a gardener on the island and during the high peaks, he steps in and helps out waitering. Such a sweet soul.

Above is the floor inside one of the "caves" in the fort. It  probablyhas been added later. So beautiful. I took the picture to add to my file of pics to use when I design my patio or greenhouse, this sort of floor would be perfect.

We later attended a UIT show at the Peacock-theatre at the Borgbacken amusementpark. Two of my friends are performing in this years show called Kivaa ja korkealta. Even though shows aren't really my cup of tea, to be honest, I really enjoyed the few hours at the theatre. Kiitos Timo ja Puntti!

When we came home in the early evening we took a little cykleride, payed a visit to our friend Taika and ended up having a few beers in a local pub with friends. What a day! What a wonderful day!

Today I made asparagus with a little salad and waffles as desert. I think me and L are eligible for the Epicurean of the year -award, hih!

Have a wonderful sunday-evening! 


Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Yet another day in may

I have been unpacking some boxes, packed over a year ago. I was looking for a certain thing, and stumbled upon my collection of french cards, you know I have a vast collection. I have collected French cards since my early twenties, when I lived in Paris...
I decided to unpack a few.

Earlier this week I stumbled upon these images, by artist Puuung. Well, I think these lovely images of what real love looks like are so charming. I believe this is what real love looks like. The best sort, the everyday love. I hope we never forget to dance the way we do, at home, just the two of us. Or how I love to put my arms around L when he is making the dishes. Makes me happy as there is a cat that looks like my Muru.  Enjoy!

So many wonderful things taking  place this week, so wishing you a wonderful week, all you wonderful people.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Valborg, long weekend, buns and necklaces

We celebrated Valborg with our friends Ruth, Marko, Paula and Timo and their adorable children at Café Saltbodan. Obviously many of our other friends were there, as it was the seasonal-opening for our favorite local summer restaurant. Many glasses of Cava was raised and we were happy. Ruth and Marko invited us to their home to continue the evening, but we decided to cykle home as L was due to fly to Sweden in the morning. I miss him. I have been humming to this, but cannot sing it out loud as my tears start to fall...hih, I'm in love...

I worked most of yesterday, with some fun and interestng projects I'm involved in. So me and Kaisa worked in her lovely studio during the day. On my way home I cykled to the shore and sat for a while on a bench and looked out at the sea and felt this is where I belong. My favorite café, Tuhannen tuskan kahvila, opened yesterday. The café is only open during the summer. So I popped by and sat in the garden enjoying some applejuice and a lovey bun.

Today it is grey and it's raining, so a perfect day to continue work.

THIS is a very good social experiment. People do care when they know. I have often wondered who these people are who buy their clothes from cheap markets and  never question the origin of their cheap garments. Do they not know? Or do they not care? I am involved in the Fashion revolution, please join in as we can make a difference and we can afford to buy clothes that are not made by slaves or under awful conditions.

Why do we need a fashion revolution? Because, on 24 April 2013, 1133 people died in the Rana Plaza catastrophe in Dhaka, Bangladesh. A further 2500 were injured. They were killed while working for familiar fashion brands in one of the many ‘accidents’ that plague the garment industry.

Be curious, find out, do something.

I had lost one of my favorite necklaces by Pilgrim, I seldom loose things, but for some reason this necklace has gone missing. So guess how happy I was when I stumbled upon the exact same necklace at the local fleamarket the other day. It only cost a few euros (I think I payed something closer to 40 when I bought it years ago) so I decided to buy it and here it is, around my neck.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Please help Nepal!

Please help Nepal by donating a certain sum to the red cross, here is a link. Thank you for helping!

In Finland: it's easy, I just sent a text SPR to number 16499 and gave 15 euro.

Laitoin juuri 15 euroa tekstarilla SPR:n katastrofirahastoon. Oli helppoa, se menee näin: tekstaa SPR numeroon 16499. Kiitos kun autat!

Saturday, 25 April 2015


Today I baked apple-roses and planted some violets in my garden. The apple-roses were made using this recipy. Since I do not have a microwave, I squeezed a lemon in water and boiled the apple slices for a few minutes. The only tricky thing was to make sure not to press the apple slices out when rolling the pastry. So I had to re-do my first roses due to the slices falling off, I also made the pastry strips slightly wider, as to make sure the slices would secure better once I started rolling. I do not own a muffin cup but I had some muffin cups in paper in my cupboard. Fun! And delicious. Not too sweet either.

I saw these violets in the grocery store today and I immediately fell for them, now they live in the old basket on the gardenchair.

This year, in Lovisa, we have a small project called doors for the little people (?). Not sure the term is correct, I've only heard the term in finnish pikkuväki and in swedish småfolket. So there will be small doors inside houses and outdoors, in the gardens and on housefacades, on gates and stone bases. My two doors are pictured in this article. The one on the left, well, rumours say it was built the same year my house was built, in the year 1900. Then there was a lot of love in the air and the dearest of all moved in 1934, hence the year on the door. As you can see, mezeron is in bloom, it still grows in the garden. Except the evil Fröken Wiklund who now lives in the house will extirpate the plant in her garden. Because it is so toxic. The berries can easily kill an adult. The blue door again has another story...
My friend Maria who is the lady behind the project, said she was sorry our names were not mentioned in the pictures.
I have a few doors in the making, so not sure which ones will be in the project yet.

Me and L have been working in the garden. Moving old timber, old broken doors, stuff that cannot be saved, into a pile that I shall take the garbage station soon. But I shall not yet work on the garden, it is what it is, but I try to keep it tidy and in control. If I don't cut down some plants, they will take over. I have so many lilacs, I could start exporting and save Finland's economy!

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Messages in shopwindows

Today when I walked home, I spotted this sign in a shopwindow.
I say YES to new adventures! I've never been the scared kind, I've been very spontaneous and that's what's brought me here today. I don't want to regret NOT doing something.

Last yoga for this spring. Luckily I'm quite good at doing yoga by myself. I just need to get into the routine.

Slightly askew

Everything is slightly askew.
But that seems to be the way I like it, as almost everything in my home is slightly askew. A wonderful word.

Above is muji cd-player. I've had this for years and I still think it is fab. I bought the Anna Puu cd from a local store for just a few bucks, I enjoy some of her songs, especially this one. The video for it is great, the dance/ acrobatic choreography is beautiful.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Butterflies, butterflies and even more butterflies. And Election day!

It's the Finnish parliament elections today.  I have always voted and hopefully I always will be able to. Something I feel proud to do. As a woman. As a citizen. Not everyone has this right. And it is something my ancestors have fought for. And I always enjoy a cake and coffee afterwards. There was no café open in this small town today, so I had to get the cakes from the shop. There was no other sort. Banana-republic, hih!

After I had voted, me and L took a stroll to see an exhibition he has wanted to see for a long time, me too, for that matter. It is by a photographer called Niclas Warius. He creates stillebens and they are all very beautiful. We enjoyed all the pictures, but we agreed that a coffetable book would be perfect for this sort of art. It was nice to see the sort of stillebens I often create in my own home, pictured. There were dresses hanging, dried flowers, vintage objects...

I don't seem to be able to have a home without my butterflies.
I first had my butterflies here. And then here. Then in the lovely shoebox. And now here in my house as seen above.

 I also made a butterfly "wallpaper" for my friend Malin. Here I used many butterflies as I happened to have many at the time. Usually I only use half the amount to create the Ninitchi butterfly "wallpaper". The idea came from a comment I heard that if you rent an apartment you cannot make anything nice or put your own touch to it. So I created something that doesn't ruin a plain painted wall, once you want to remove the butterflies you just wet them and after a few minutes you can remove them and there's no mark or stains left on the wall. The Ninitchi butterfly "wallpaper" butterflies are made of old booksheets. Very easy.

Friday, 17 April 2015

During the week

On wednesday L and I were invited to our friend Maria. Oh my. We were all spoiled by wonderful tales, Maria is such a wonderful storyteller. Right now she is writing a book, and we were spoiled by fantastic details of the stories and enjoyed wonderful chocolate cakes and sparkling wine. It was delicious and dangerous. The chocolate cakes served were out of this world. The most dangerous cake was called a "chocolate bomb". It had a chocolate cover, inside chocolate mousse and the base was meringue. Once you took a bite it melted...oh my! I secretly dream of that chocolate bomb! Some of the guests serenaded our hostess with beautiful songs. We cykled home feeling spoiled when we recalled the evening,  all the guests and that we have such wonderful friends.

Last night we attended a small venue, at an old estate called Rutumin kartano. Our friends Rita and Denise performed with their duo Agricolas döttrar. After the performance the hostess of the estate introduced the main building and it's wonderful history going back to year 1700. We were then served coffe and tea, small pastries and cakes. The guests were mainly locals from this small village and it was so sweet when they asked how far we had come and who we were. A small elderly lady sat next to L and told him she had lived across the road to the estate her whole life, and that she had played with the children of the estate and even learned swedish due to this friendship.

Later we sat in my kitchen, lit the candles in the chandelier and drank some more tea. That is when I took the picture seen above. The candlelight reflecting in my etched window.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Waffles under the chandelier

Today I brought this baby home. An antique french church chandelier. This is not the final place for it, this is above my stove in the kitchen. But there happened to be a hook in the ceiling, so I hung it there. Of course I had to try it! It gives such a wonderful light.

My parents paid a visit. We made waffles, with whipped cream and raspberry jam and drank coffee.  So delicious!

Today was a wondeful day. I predict that a certain someone falls asleep happy.

I think Sia sings about another sort of chandelier, but I have been humming to this... hih!

Saturday, 11 April 2015


Just in for a short brake, to sit down for a moment, drink a glass of juice.
Then I shall change clothes, I shall take my two wiener chairs outdoors, give them a slight rub with sandpaper and add some dark stain and finish off with wax. At the moment they are too light for my taste. I believe them to be from the 90's. They are of good quality so hence I want to give them new life. It's perfect weather to work outdoors. I'll show you the outcome once they are ready.

Above is a framed card of a Modigliani painting. Many years ago I was teareyed at a small museum in London when I suddenly stood in front of a real Modigliani painting. It was smaller than I had expected, so warm and beautiful. I posted this same image on fb and haf a short dialogue with a friend, also told about my meeting with the painting in the museum. She posted this link: HIH!

Friday, 10 April 2015

The weekend is here

 Last night we saw Viirus theatre perform a political satire I valet och kvalet at the Lovisa gymnasium. I laughed so much I once again almost fell of the chair...I wasn't the only one!
And I won at the lottery! L bought some lotterytickets, and a few in my name, sweet. I won a smoke-detector. How handy is that. Lucky me!

We decided to have some sushi today, so lovely to end a busy day and week with delicious food.
The week has indeed been busy and intense, so I wanted to stay at home tonight, decided to stretch and do some light yoga poses and relax. This asana is Viparita Karani. It is easy and so relaxing.

Wishimg you a relaxing weekend!

Monday, 6 April 2015

Still Alice

We saw it tonight. I cried. So did L. And he held my hand. And he put his arm around me when I felt it was really hard. There is so much that resembles my mother.
She wrote a few books, she often held lectures, she was very active withing the arts, she was a social person, had many friends. She loved to cook and entertain guests, she read so much, she was involved in politics, she traveled. She dressed very well, people always complimented her on her choice of clothing, she always had the same colour handbag as shoes, she was very kind. A wife. A mother.
She is still a very kind and warm elderly lady. With alzheimer's disease.

Here is the trailer.

Sunday, 5 April 2015


I found the perfect frame at the fleamarket and had some black spraypaint at home, so it only took me a while to paint and cut the picture to fit the frame.

Earlier today we enjoyed brunch at restaurant Bella today and then cykled about and paid a visit to my dear friend Kaisa, whom I lived next to when I rented a house by the shore. She is a potter and she has her studio open during the easterholidays. She makes the most wonderful ceramics. I have lots of her work.


It has been lovely to have a little holiday.
Yesterday and the day before, we cykled about, watching the nature waking up to spring,

Yesterday we rambled through two flea-markets. I found an old photograph, I think it might be from the 70's. The size is a little larger than an A4, por slightly smaller than an A3, hih!
It was (in my opinion) over-exposed, so I tinted it. The building I tinted is the Pilasters mansion in Lovisa. The building to the right no longer exists. I shall find a black frame for it. I think it turned out just perfect - as I think the original was just perfect too.



In the evening we visited our friend Rita. She also renovates an old house, she is wonderful, she has saved an old house again! We drank strong coffee, ate cheeses and crackers and fudge and she sang for us by her piano and we sat by the candlelight and had goosebumps as it was all so wonderful, what a wonderful life!

Even later in the evening we decided to meet up with some friends in a bar and listen to our friend Kalle perform. We had a couple of beers and rode home in springrain.

I fell asleep happy.

Now I cannot stop listening to Norah Jones. I love this song. 

Friday, 3 April 2015

Friends and food

Last night me and my friends Maria and Mayank made rawfood "lasagna". I love rawfood! It is very easy to make and if any of you want to try it, here is the recipe.
We had raw chocolate for desert, and drank ginger tea and talked for hours and hours. I am blessed with wonderful friends.

Now it's time to start preparing easter-food. I am making a feta-spinach-quiche, yes I know it is very last season - so 80's! But, I had a piece last week and it was flavoured with nutmeg, which is perfect with spinach, I use it when making spinach sauce or as a sidedish. So of course it makes a difference when used in a quiche! I was planning to add a green salad with vinegrette sauce. For lunch.

For dinner I'm making lentilsoup with both dried and fresh coriander, cumin and coconutmilk. And bread with butter.

We shall also enjoy our traditional delights as mämmi and pasha.

Above is my easter-bouquet. Red tulips with branches of lilacs I cut last weekend. As a vase I have a jug my parents once brought as a gift from france. An iranian potter named H. Vahdat, whom made the most wonderful pottery. I also have a few other pieces.

Time to invite wonderful Billie Holiday to sing in my kitchen, cook, lit some candles and love love love. What more can one wish for! Happy easter to my christian friends! Happy long holiday to my non-christian friends!

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Happy Easter

Wishing you all a happy easter!

Eat plenty chocolate eggs, but please, try to look for the certified easter-eggs. Let us together make sure that we do not support trafikking.

Here is a link for more information, and also links for the UK and Australia. Here is a link for finnish readers.

Above is a lovely Easter-card I received from a dear student.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Holy cow, it's raining...

...WET snow. Yak! Everything is wet, my red beret, my glasses, my mittens, my coat, my shoes, my bag, my knees!
One can still enjoy the fairylights in the storm lantern...

Friday, 27 March 2015

Weekend again!

I cannot understand how fast the weeks and days pass. It is weekend again!

Anna Järvinen's concert is still here with me, her songs on my skin.

As extreme waffle-enthusiasts we are sad to have to inform you we did not have time to make waffles on Vårfrudagen (also known as waffleday 25th of march), but this will be compensated during the weekend, I promise!

Above is an antique flour jug I found in a charity shop. It was in their window for a long time, I often passed it and thought it beautiful, yesterday I decided to ask how much it costs. It was cheap and it is perfect for herbs in my kitchen window.

Have a wonderful weekend dear friends!

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Descendant of a peasant

Last night, me and L, saw Anna Järvinen in consert at Tavastia in Helsinki.

Again, it was such a wonderful treat to hear her live. I have seen her two previous concerts in Helsinki and always felt her songs fill me with love. I was happy! I AM happy!

Here is Nattmusik, enjoy!

Above is a sentence, the greeting to end a speech held by the representative of the peasant class, (adressed to the Grand Duke of Finland, Nicholas II of Russia) held at Parliament in year 1900. In finish. It is hilarious, as one would never adress anyone like this anymore. 115 years later I laugh at how my ancestors had to humiliate themselves. At the time we had a very strict class society, the peasants being the poor working class. In some aspects, nothing has changed. The poor still have to humiliate themselves in many ways. For example when your salary for your work is not enough to live on and you are forced to apply for social welfare. It is wrong.
It is soon our parliamentary elections. This matter is also one of the aspects I consider when choosing a candidate. Animal rights is also something I find important. 

Wednesday, 25 March 2015


...just a little reminder!

Last night... and L cykled under a dark sky, filled with stars and a crescent moon. We stopped and admired the beauty. And we managed to name a few constellations.

And we have totally fallen in love with this sexy guy, Tommy Krångh, and his wonderful sign language interpretation of one of the songs participating in the swedish eurovision song contest. This is not the song that will represent Sweden. 

Above is an antique kitchenscale I received as a christmasgift from L. The little portrait is a gift from my mother.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Fascinating times

During the week we have been able to see shooting stars and northern lights. If you looked up in the sky. At night. Well, unfortunatley it was not at all that simple. Where I live it was faaaaar too light at night. I spotted loads of stars, but was unsure if I spotted any shooting stars, maybe I was trying too hard and was  hence unsure. So I kept wishing, just to be on the safe side - one does not want to miss an opportunity to wish upon a star, if there is one.

But I only saw northern lights through friends photos posted on facebook. Wonderful!

Today I watched the solar eclipse through a dark lens, but I missed the exact moment, but I saw the sun when a little corner of the sun was covered, as if someone had taken a bite of a biscuit.

Yesterday I met up with my dear friend T and we saw Slava (the link is in finnish) at the National Theatre. My goodness what a play. I so enjoyed it!

Above is a vintage school poster.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


Early morning.

Drinking coffee on the stairs, in the sun. A woolen throw keeping me warm. The air is crisp.
Heard the swans have returned.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Dream a little dream...

We (L and me) managed to catch Roy Andersson's latest film, En duva satt på en gren och funderade på tillvaron (A pigeon sat on a branch reflecting on existance).
I have seen the two previous films in the triology. He is faithful to his very own unique style. I think people either like (a lot) or dislike (a lot) his style. I find him a humanist. I thought the film was awful at times and very funny at times.

So completely different to the film we saw a few days prior. Kingsman. My goodness. So much violence!!! And still, I enjoyed it. I usually cannot stand violent films, and I am usually against the use of violence in most films as it seems to be what so many films are about. Normalizing violence. It feels so awkward to say I enjoyed Kingsman, as it is a very violent film.

Today I dreamed about when my other rooms are ready...then me and my friends shall sit in my livingroom (to be) in candlelight, sip on some sherry or port, listen to jazz on my old grammophone, one of those you have to wind up, eat some bebe-pastries (small delicious pastries with a crusty base, filled with vanillacream and topped off with a lid of frosting) and just be. What would life be without visions and dreams. Not all are meant to be fullfilled, but one has to have dreams and visions in life to find a direction...
This silly little dream shall be fulfilled. I love to sip on port (I seldom do, but still...) and I love homemade bebe-pastries, and I happen to have a grammophone and old jazz records and the most wonderful friends and my livingroom will be so wonderful once it is ready...
I've always been a dreamer and had my visions... sometimes, even years later I might even become a wee bit scared when I realize that so many of the things I've dreamed of have become true. I have never been afraid of tackling and going towards my dreams. We, the ones who are privileged to say things like this out loud, we have a chance to live a pretty damn good life. And for me that means to be thankful. For everything I have! And that we so often take for granted. A home. Friends. Love. Health. Work. Money. Time to dream. And so much more! All in random order.

Sunday evening. Time to say goodbye to yet anohter wonderful weekend.

Time also to complete my letter to my dear friend G. He is an inmate in an american prison. We have been penpals and friends for a long time. We have become very close. In this friendship I have a responsability to not give him hope, he is on deathrow. And I also have responsability in not making him fall in love with me. For ex. I like to be gentle in my words, but there is a risk, and I must be clear if I use tender words. Because in my opinion this is not the place to make your selfasteem grow, to make someone dream of you and in their mind picture you as a dreampartner, the same way as there is a risk if a person is internet dating. If you are the slightest desperate or have very low selfasteem, you can easily make up a dream-partner and even fall in love without ever having met the other person. We all have heard of the most absurd stories of how inmates marry persons they've never met.
But there's no such risk anymore as we have been friends for a long time. G is one of the most caring people I know. And his humour, well, he is very funny. But it makes my heart very heavy, as there are days when he has no reason to get up.
You must all by now know that I am a hundred percent against death penalty. Everyone screws up. A lot of young kids in america screw up at a very young age, there are guns and there are drugs and there are gangs. A world I know very little about. But I do not want to feel sorry for my dear friend G. That does not help him. I rather feel sympathy, and I care.
Our correspondance is not about his committed crime, nor do I write about my opinion regarding deathrow.
There are so many other things to write about. Believe me. It's the sort of friendship I will value for the rest of my life. Everytime I receive a letter from dearest G, I always try to save it like a treat. And what joy it is to read. He has a tremendous gift in writing. So if any of you are interested in starting a correspondance with a prisoner, please be in touch, I can give you more information if you wish.
Obviously, it is wise to remember that once you start, you should stick to it. As you might become a very important friend. So it is good to think of what sort of commitment you make.And obviously one does not have to choose an inmate on deathrow if it feels too heavy to tackle.

Above is a picture from last year when I was in Italy. My friends are walking there, in the sun! A few months later we met up in Berlin. And walked in the sun.
It has been so sunny of late. A few years back, when I was involved with an eu-project, we had a meeting in Turkey and we stayed on for some days in Istanbul and we had booked this wonderful hotel that had a terrace overlooking the Bosphorus, we enjoyed looooong breakfasts on the terrace, in the sun. Spring bloomed when we were there. The cherrytrees were in bloom and tulips. I flew home to Helsinki and the next day I flew to Berlin for a short holiday. And spring bloomed when I was there, we sat outdoors eating brekfast and lunch, we sat in parks and cykled. That year I experienced spring three times!