Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Kusudama flower with a message

I am holding an origami short-course in the weekend, we are folding kusudama flowers of old books and I wanted to create a few versions to show what you can do with old books. You need of course to know what book you are using, in order to be able to plan.
I used a broken french dictionary and cut out the pages that had words describing my relationship. Hih! This can be done as a gift to your partner, your lover, your friend, your family, well, anyone. Or why not give a kusudama flower as a gift to someone you secretly fancy, see if the receiver can crack the code..
Go through the dictionary and pick out the pages that have words that you are looking for. You need five petals per flower, so you need to pick five words on five pages.
And then remember to keep the word you want to be visible, facing you through all the folding stages.
I picked words like belle, amour, sympathique, sentir and tressaillir, just because our love really makes me go all bananas and I still have butterflies in my tummy and I do shiver of sheer delight!

If you live in Lovisa or nearby, there are still a few places left for the course on saturday. Get in touch with MI and join us, I promise it will be fun and you will come home with a bunch of pretty kusudama flowers. To give away or decorate your table for the upcoming x-mas season...

Monday, 24 October 2016


On saturday afternoon I met up with my friend Sanni at our local cinema, but we had mistaken the time, so we drove out to see their (hers and Bill's) new house, what a beautiful old house it was. I also met a lovely dog called Kaneli, who loves attention and sat in my lap whilst I was there. I love animals so I was very very happy.
After plenty doglove and tea we drove back into town and caught the film a few hours later. We saw the hilarious Love and friendship.
After the film I popped into restaurant Sakura, they had a Japanese buffet this saturday evening, but unfortuantely the event had ended by the time the movie was finished. But, I saw there were lots of people still inside and all the lights on and fires burning outdoors, so I thought I pop by. I was greeted with a welcome and enjoy the buffet. So I did! Oh what a lovely treat it was!

Sunday evening turned out a feast aswell, after my danceclass my dear friends Oona and Jarna came to visit. We made tea and french toast, my goodness how delicious it was. We had a lot of french toast!

What a lovely weekend! New week and new adventures awaiting! Have a lovely one, be generous with love! Today is UN day and we can all give a little time to reflect upon the situation in the world. There will be a peacemarch in Helsinki this afternoon at 5p.m.  There will also be a charity-concert. In the link there is more information on how to help.
Syria, Aleppo, we see you! You are not forgotten! #syria #peaceforsyria

Sunday, 23 October 2016


...whilst listening to an old cd by Anna Järvinen, I travelled back many years in time. The song is called Nattmusik. The title always makes me want to whisper.
I lived in a house where all the rooms had different coloured walls. The kitchen walls I had painted with dots. The bedroom was lavender coloured.
Nattmusik echoed wonderfully on the lavendercoloured walls. I couldn't believe there could be melodies tunes sounds like this. Anna's music was magical for me. It still is. I lay in bed and listened with all my senses. I was happy then.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Oh what a week!

Woke up to a very grey day. Saturday. Realised whist enjoying breakfast that some things have gone missing. I might have to report following things missing: colours, the sky has lost it's colours! Some cheeky person took all the blues away! The sun! I mean really, who steals a sun? That is not fair! Warmth. It is freezing cold and one needs to stay indoors all day loooooong! So please return colours, the sun and warmth back immediately!
I had a crazy week as I told you. On monday, straight after work I met a reporter at home. Afterwards I had a meeting regarding a theatre workshop I am holding later in the year.
On tuesday morning a fun photographer came to take pics of my house and make a video about a few renovayiontips. It was so much fun!

In the afternoon me and L took a long walk and on our way back home, we collected a frame I had ordered.
On wednesday I saw Tyttö nimeltä Varpu at the cinema with our students. Such a touching film. The leading role is played by the daughter of my two friends. Guess how proud we all are!!!! After the film I attened water-aerobics and sauna. And then a certain darling took me out for dinner. What a  great way to start a short autumn brake!
On thursday morning a photographer again came to visit. They made a christmas-delicacies photo shoot. They left all the delicacies as a thank you for borrowing my premises. Great deal!

Then I had a lunchdate with my darling and we headed to see a swedish childrens film, called Siv sover vilse. After the film I tried to beat my mister in badminton. With emphasis on trying. A great hobby. We both enjoy it very much. We endulged in christmas treats and fell asleep confused whether we were on autumn brake or christmas holiday, hih! Still a way to go until christmas though...

Friday came I and had a late and long breakfast. Then I read. In bed. On the sofa. By the kitchen table. I am reading Vi är alla helt utom oss by Karen Joy Fowler. Here is a review in swedish. I ordered it from the library and manged to recieve it just for my autumn brake.

Now I shall read some more, it is very interesting! And maybe go report some things gone missing...

Have a great weekend folks! Love!

Friday, 21 October 2016

A lovely feature

I am trying to be a bit better at letting you guys know when my house has been featured in magazines or papers.
I really am not very good at that, not because of shyness, I just have this idea that I don't want to ramble on about me, myself and I and how MY extremely exceptional house is in this and that very important paper and how extremely important me, myself and I are! And how you must all drool over what an exceptionally PERFECT life me, myself and I lead!

I personally don't like people who only talk about themselves, their jobs, their spouses, their kids, their house...their perrrrrrrfect life. So I try to avoid turning into a cynical person like that.
I surely know how to blow my own horn, when there is reason to. But having been featured in quite many magazines and papers, I sometimes think, you might not be so interested. But since I have now been specifically asked to mention when and where my house is featured, I take the risk I might loose a few readers. Sorry about that!

So here is an exceptioanlly lovely (no irony here, I am serious!) in Kodin Pellervo magazine. I adore the pictures, I drool! And wonder, is that really my house? And the article itself is written in such a nice straight forward way, I drool over that too.

Here's a couple of mobileshots of the feature.

Have a lovely weekend! I've had one of those incredible weeks, well, I'll do a post about it during the weekend.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Ring them bells

Ring them bells ye heathen from the city that dreams
Ring them bells from the sanctuaries cross the valleys and streams
For they're deep and they're wide
And the world is on its side
And time is running backwards
And so is the bride
Ring them bells Saint Peter where the four winds blow
Ring them bells with an iron hand
So the people will know
Oh it's rush hour now
On the wheel and the plow
And the sun is going down upon the sacred cow
Ring them bells Sweet Martha for the poor man's son
Ring them bells so the world will know that God is one
Oh the shepherd is asleep
Where the willows weep
And the mountains are filled with lost sheep
Ring them bells for the blind and the deaf
Ring them bells for all of us who are left
Ring them bells for the chosen few
Who will judge the many when the game is through
Ring them bells for the time that flies
For the child that cries
When innocence dies
Ring them bells for Saint Catherine from the top of the room
Ring them bells from the fortress for the lilies that bloom
Oh the lines are long and the fighting is strong
And they're breaking down the distance between right and wrong

These lyrics are by Bob Dylan.
Mr. Dylan won the Nobel prize in literature during the week.
These lyrics have been on my mind ever since the churches around Finland, and now around the world, started to toll their bells for all the victims, all the innocent people who have been killed in this horrible massacre that takes place in Aleppo.

Here is a wonderful version by Sarah Jarosz. Yes, I have posted it before.

Ring them bells #BellsForAleppo

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Charmed by autumn

I have always loved autumn, not only for the colourfeast we are blessed with, but the preparation it offers, for us to prepare ourselves for winter. I am not filled with as much energy and creativity in winter, as during the other seasons. I think I go into a sort of hibernation. I love to cuddle up at home and enjoy candles and music. I bake more, and read more.

I think it is good to learn to know what sort of person you are. Are you like me, that you are in hibernation or perhaps winter does not affect you in this way at all. If you are more of my sort, it is good to listen to yourself. Do not demand the same effiency of yourself. Be gentle and kind towards yourself if you feel there is a slower, more quiet version of you. This helps you be yourself and enables you to enjoy all the seasons, at the same time respecting your own terms and conditions.

Wishing you all a lovely sunday. Be gentle, be loving. Towards yourself and others. Love.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Happiness is...

... a räppänä. And the worlds kindest brother who found it and bought it for me!
These vents are hard to come by. I found one for my house a few years ago. And have been hunting for one more since...
Well, my brother found this one and now all I need to do is grind the surface of rust and paint. This will be perfect in my house.

Wishing you a lovely thursday! Love. Love. Love.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

I don't know

I felt it since I woke up. That it was inside out, upside down or perhaps just slightly askew. I just never got hold of monday. And I do not know why. I've got nothing against mondays in general. Or any other days for that matter.
I tried to make the best of it, despite the feeling it was inside out, upside down or perhaps just slightly askew.

My neighbour brought apples, so I made lots more applejam. For a certain very dear mister.
Oona and Jarna brought fungus again, so I made a delicious fungus (trattkanttarell) stew, rich with cream. With boiled potatoes and smoked salmon.

The day came to its end. It was easy to let go.

What I know is that after 26 days we change our clocks again. So many people oppose this. I am not affected, but I can very well understand how the change of time can affect your routines and your sleep and your everyday life.
In 91 days we celebrate christmas. I love christmas. I know many who hate it. Once again I can  understand why. Christmas is forced upon us earlier and earlier every year. And the meaning of christmas is long lost. And the expectations are very high and often unrealistic.
In 98 days we welcome a new year. My goodness. 2017.
In 144 days we celebrate valentines day. Also a day filled with contradiction. A day that focuses on perfect love, finding the right one, foreverlasting love, dreams, hopes and expectations.
In 246 days we celebrate the first day of Ramadan.

I personally like to celebrate and prepare for all sorts of celebrations. But I want to do this without forcing everyone else to celebrate the same as I like to. I also wish we would let go of unrealistic expectations.

Take care lovely rainbows. Respect and love.

This acrobat shows her talents...drinking directly from the tap!

Monday, 3 October 2016

Dear Maya and rainbows

I have been painting the shed. Well, not all of it. I painted the doors. Black. The actual shed is traditional red ocher pigment. The list around the roof were natural wood. So after I had painted the doors, the first thing my brother said, when he saw the result was, it looks great, have you thought of painting the lists around the roof black aswell? Hmmmm, to be honest, I had not thought of painting them at all. Later the same day, when L saw the newly painted doors, he said how great they looked and asked, have you thought of painting the lists around the roof black aswell?
Well, on saturday I bought some more black paint and painted the lists. Black. It looks good.

On saturday I also baked. We had huge pieces of feta-spinach quiche, with a a light salad for late dinner.

For desert we had an apple&almond-paste tarte. With coffee. The ony thing missing was a small glass of either sauternes or calvados. We had neither.

On sunday me and my friend Nina travelled to our neighbouring town Borgå, to take part in Porvoo jazz festival.
We had tickets to Viktoria Tolstoys consert. I got chills when she perfomed my favoriteA moment of now.
I asked permission to take this photo when she signed records after the show.

In the evening I ate cake and drank tea at my friends Oona and Jarna. What a wonderful weekend once again!

Here is our dear Maya Angelou, talking about how we should be rainbows in someone else's clouds. This is so powerful, this is so beautiful.
Spread rainbows and love, dear friends.

Friday, 30 September 2016

I sent a sms

I did it for my own peace of mind. 
In Aleppo forces of pure evil rage now and it seems pretty hopeless. And we must not forget those who are left there.

You too can help. Unicef has a campain to help children in Syria. 
If you live in Finland you can send a sms: text UNICEF and send it to number 16499. It costs 10 euros.  Kiitos. Tack. Thank you.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

I am a spoiled soul

I have said it before, I'll say it again. I am very spoiled and I feel so grateful.
You all know how my heart flickers a little extra for old and rusty things. I have a small collection of rusty items.

 I received this wonderful sewingmachine from dear Sanne, my neighbour and friend.
Tack finaste Sanne! 

Wishing you all a wonderful thursday!

Sunday, 25 September 2016

The shed(s) and sleeping in a dream

The shed is finally ready!
We finished laying the bitumen roof  yesterday, and now it is ready!

The paint is linseed oil paint that an acquintance, when she was moving away from town, was about to throw away! I like the grey shade, goes well with my facade.
It is built according to the existing door that I found in the garden. The bitumen roof are pieces left over from my friends roof renovation this summer. I am very pleased!

The project "moving an existing shed" has also taken a huuuuge leap, as the shed was moved on friday! Hoooooray! It now stands in my garden. Missing its tin roof! That is a project for next week. The roof is now covered with tarpaulin. After my danceclass this afternoon I painted the doors. I think it needs another layer of paint tomorrow.

Last night we (me and L) hung a beautiful canopy above my bed. When L testlay on the bed, his verdict was: it is like a dream. 
Last night I slept in a dream. I am so happy.

I met up with my friends Sanni and Bill at Tuhannen tuskan kahvila in the morning. They have bought a house in a nearby village and I wish to introduce them to my favorite places.

Wishing you a lovely sunday evening!
I shall soon retire to the dream and read.

Love. Love. Love.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Apple, apples and even more apples

It's the time of year when we are blessed with a huge apple harvest.
So, last week my friend Natalia posted a short clip of her new apple peeler. I decided there and then that I will never ever again peel apples by hand! I've spent endless hours peeling apples. So I closed my eyes, made a wish, spit three times on the ground, crossed my fingers and repeated the wish backwards, then walked three steps to my left, and repeated the wish in finnish, swedish, english and in french. I just wanted to make sure, you know. Then I had to tell someone. So I told Taisto. Taisto is married to Leena. Leena is the magical power at Tuhannen Tuskan kahvila. I now know that Aino Sibelius (wife of composer Jean) had an apple peeler. Made of cast iron. This information was shared with me in the garden of Tuhannen tuskan kahvila. 

And guess what! The wish came true! I now have my own apple peeler. I and my darling L peeled lots of apples yesterday. We made apple jam. My darling L loves applejam in his porridge. We shall peel even more apples and make more jam. One wants to make darling happy happy happy in the morning, so applejam there shall be. And hoooray for the apple peeler!

There was a challenge on fb for old photographs. I found this picture of me. Spot the missing teeth...

Monday, 19 September 2016

The week of ailments

Or as we say in swedish, krämpor!
I had one of those weeks that one can laugh about once the week is over and out! It is now.
Still, it didn't get me down. I can honestly say we had a wonderful week despite following:
Last saturday, a week ago. I attended an event as avec with my darling. We had a few drinks and then as many of the other guests decided to have a drink in a restaurant nearby, we decided to join. Well, as soon as I entered, one of the guests fell right on top of my foot, causing a broken little toe. There's nothing one can do, it passes eventually. But at the moment I cannot wear shoes, I am doomed to wear only sandals and trainers. Looks fab with socks! Otherwise I can live normally, I get loads of superwoman-points at my danceclass, hih!

We started building a little shed for wood. It is fun, it turned out just the way I had planned. It is only missing its' bitumen roof. Painted and ready for wood! And again, built according to an excisting door. I found the door in the garden, under a lot of rubbish. I cleaned and dried it and it is just perfect. It has rusty hinges, and I managed to find rusty screws for attaching it to the shed.
 I'll show you a picture of the shed once the roof is ready, we are building it this week. I offer a pic of the wreath I made on saturday.

I also managed to catch a tough flu on wednesday, causing me to stay at home on thursday as I had fever when I woke up. We had to skip badminton, which is a real pity as it is one of the highlights of the week.  I drank plenty of tea with fresh ginger, lemon and honey. On friday I was all fine again and was able to go to work. I only had a few lessons in the morning, so met up my friends Oona and Jarna at our favorite café, Tuhannen tuskan kahvila. We sat for a few hours in the garden in the sun and chatted away, sometimes we just listened to the snoring dog, Vappu, and watched a tiny little mouse skip and hop across the garden.

L and me continued work on the shed in the afternoon and it was ready to be painted in the evening.
On saturday my dear friends Jarna and Oona came by and handed a basket filled with fungus, kanttarel and trattkanttarell. In the evening I made a creamy sauce with fungus and onion, cooked salmon in the oven with only butter. A glass of red and voilá, we had a fab delicious dinner! We had so much fungus I baked a pie the next day. We had a guest for lunch on sunday, he is from Afghanistan, and it was the first time he ate fungus. What a brave young man. To try new dishes and tastes. I did tell him I would not feel offened if he decided not to finish his pie. We find fungus delicious, but for someone who is not familiar with fungus, well, not to everyone's taste so to speak.
Kiitos ihanat sienistä! 

On saturday, while my neighbours Nina and Peik came to visit with their friend Kjell (who was in town to lecture about the Panama paper leak), I suddenly felt I had something in my eye. After a few hours my eye was all red and the following morning I looked like I had had a fight with worldchampion boxer Eva Wahlström! Oh my! With plenty of chamomille-tea that I cleaned my eye with (yes, it is the perfect natural medicament for anything infected), I managed to look fairly respectable later the same day when I attened my danceclass and in the evening when me and L went to the movies. We were invited to see a finnish film called Teit Meistä Kauniin, a film about the start of a finnish punkband called Apulanta in the beginning of the 90´s. What made this evening a little special was that the movie was not supposed to air at our local theatre, but we have a wonderful filmtheatre entrepreneur, he will show films upon request if there is a minimum of 20 (or 15?) tickets sold. Well, last night the theatre was full! There was a red carpet, oh yes, all guests were photographed and some even interviewd (me included) and the filmmakers opened the film! Before there was a local band that played covers of Apulanta. I love these sort of fun events, and as frequent moviegoers, we emmediately decieed to attend. 

When I came home after the film I fell asleep and thought, ah bless, the week was filled with ailments and plenty of wonderful. 
So, if anyone had the impression my life is filled with only fairy shimmering and glitter, I can tell you, weeks like these make sure you feel blessed and at the same time stay grounded. I managed to get hold of my doctor by phone this morning, and within a few minutes, I had a prescription for eyedrops at the pharmacy. Now I shall conquer my first time ever eye-infection!

Here is my consolationsong. Break your heart by Natalie Merchant.

Stay blessed, love and love even more.

Of course the vintage door to the little shed for wood needed a sign and a wreath. 

Thursday, 15 September 2016

There are numerous ways you can help, please do!

There are far too many cruel and horrible wars going on. You can help by donating to the red cross. Here is how you do it in Finland. I donated 30 euros, you can too! There are smaller and bigger sums to choose from, even a few euros makes a difference. Thank you! Kiitos! Tack!

The nature also needs taking care of. We all know how rare bees are, so I chose to adopt a bee swarm. You too can help our little pollinators. Contact a local beekeeper and ask for further details.
I think it is a fantastic deal, I even recieve many jars of honey each year as thanks.

Let's all make a little effort to make this world a tiny bit better by giving and sharing. 
And spread love!

Wednesday, 14 September 2016


....gently took my hand, whispered, follow me. I did.
The rays of the sun plays beautifully through the dirty windows, I just never had time to clean them.
The livingroom has a new kind of light. I think about the new corners and nooks that this house offers. For warm lazy naps in the sun. Muru loves this house.
I have also come to love this house. And September has been very kind to me.


Friday, 9 September 2016

Friday, friday!

Once again a busy week. And once again only good things.

I was sent a link to a lovely blogg called Life with Anna.
Here is how wonderfully she has written about her visit to my home during the historic houses -event. I feel very privileged to live my dream.

Picture credit Life with Anna.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Monday, 5 September 2016

On juggling matters

I am juggling a few projects, one of them beeing moving an existing shed to my garden. There is no shed at all in my garden. The estate where my house stands, has previously been split into two smaller estates and all the sheds and garage are located in my neighbor's yard. I need a shed for storing gardenfurniture, tools and my bicycles.
As I live in the centre of town I need a building permit. I applied for it in the spring and was granted the permission before midsummer. I have been busy with other matters, I have not had time to start until some weeks ago.
We first had to cut down a huge lilac. And move a large mock-orange bush, that will hopefully be happy in its new surrounding. The roots to the lilac were so large I had to use the help of an excavator to remove them. I then ordered a lot of gravel and sand and flattened the ground. Then it was time to stomp and wet the ground in order for the land-surveyor to mark the corners of the shed.
On friday I bought all the material for the foundation and on sunday we started building it. After many hours of work it was finally ready! The shed can now be moved!
I then rushed off to my dance class. Had time to shower, get dressed and even catch something to eat before I had a date with my darling at the cinema. He took me to see The happiest day of the life of Olli Mäki, the film I wrote about earlier. What a charming film! I warmly recommend this pearl.

The night before I was at the same cinema with my friends, we saw Me before you. I have not read the book (!). It turned out to be the romantic drama it had promised to be. A film I could perhaps rather see on a rainy sunday when you refuse to step outside and stay in your pyjamas all day, than on big screen cinema...

Previously on saturday, me and my friend and neighbor Sanne, made an outing. It was the annual open studios -event called Konstrundan.
We started off with an exhibition of puppets by puppet-artist Iida Vanttaja. One of her puppets, called the Harlequine, lives in my house. She carries secrets in her little purse, as seen below. She is a very gentle soul.


We then headed to Tarja Heikkilä's lovely Risupiha. Both Sanne and I are huge fans of her work and have attended her workshops and will attend even more. We had coffe and cake in the garden, in beautiful sunshine. What a wonderful outing it was.

Before heading to the movie I made carrotsoup with fresh coriander and ginger, lentils and coconutmilk. Meant for lunch on sunday, when we built the foundation for the shed.

During the week I even managed to squeeze in a few short visits from friends.
On tuesday I attended a meeting and one of the guest-lecturers was Virve. It is quite a few years since we last met!
On friday evening my ex-parents-in-law came to visit as they had attended an exhibition opening in town. Kiitos Tuuti ja Jorma vierailusta!

What a week! All good things though!

Have a great week friends. Love! Lots of it!

Monday, 29 August 2016

The weekend

Ah bless, according to our calculation we had 1254 guests during the weekend. My house Lilla Ljuva was one of the many houes open during the Loviisan wanhat talot -event.

I had the honor to welcome Cheri from Autuas olo -blog to my home, a wonderful soul entered my house and I am happy to have finally met face to face. Kiitos vierailusta ihana Cheri!
She has captured many details in my home, if you want to have a look, here is the link. There are wonderful pictures from other houses too!

Another wonderful friend who captured lovely pics from my home is Marjo. She will feature other homes in her blog Marjon matkassa, so stay tuned.  Here is the link to her feature of her visit to Lilla Ljuva, my home. 

The walls of my home echo kind and warm words, I am so thankful for all the kind comments and the lovely people who came to visit. 
On saturday my friends came just before closing, so once the last guesta had left, we had pizza and opened a bottle of red. Kiitos ihanat! Lokakuussa taas!
Kiitos! Tack! Thank you! Merci! Grazie! Gracias! Спасибо Большое!

Above is my "new" stove. It has not yet been connected, so I cannot light a fire, but hopefully it will be connected soon-ish... 
Wishing you all a wonderful week! Love and love even more!

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Plenty talk

That is what the radio reporter said, you talk plenty and it will be hard to choose what to include in the final spot. Hih!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Well, the countdown to Loviisan wanhat talot  (historic houses event) has begun!
Trying to fix the last bits and pieces in my house for the weekend and all the guests arriving. I also have a few visits from the press booked again, this is my third year and my house has been featured many times already! But of course I welcome the press, it's just positive the press want to cover such a unique and warm and fun event, and if I can attribute to promoting it, I am happy!
So if anyone of you  happen to be around, do feel welcome to house number 10!

 It will be so much fun and I am very much looking forward to the weekend!

Thursday, 18 August 2016

A combination of...

...a slightly weatherworn (aka dirty) window and a very special light just before it got very dark at sea. I took this picture through one of the windows in our cabin. We took the ferry over to Sweden.
The outcome was a spectacular landscape. Something similar to those old paintings of ships, the ones that can be found at markets and such.

Last week I had a phonecall from my local hardware store. My lists had arrived. Before I had a chance to say anything, the voice on the phone asked if I was home. I replied that I was indeed at home, so the voice on the phone told me to stay put, he would be there within ten minutes (he quickly explained that he was going for lunch and could drop off my lists at my home on his way). Have I told you I am spoiled? Well if I haven't I'll tell you now. I am. A very spoiled human here hello!
So yesterday I bought some flowers and bottle of my favorite sparkling wine and thanked the kindest staff there ever was! The flowers to the whole bunch of lovely peeps working there, they always greet me friendly ( a few weeks ago when I visited, they asked if something has happened as I seemed so different, apparently not as cheerful as usual. Well, that was the day I had just received the news that my dear friend and former colleague had passed away after a hard struggle with cancer. I told them I was just in my thoughts. I haven´t written about it here, as I do not find the right words to describe my sorrow. But this tells how wonderful they are, they dare to ask when they see all is not as it should be)  and the bottle of my favorite sparkling wine to this lovely guy, who suddenly decided to deliver my list to my door.

I feel a need to clarify that in my town I receive friendly and good service everywhere I go! I also try remember to give thanks and give feedback where I feel there is reason to. So last week and this week I have done that. Given feedback and thanks.

Last week I wrote a messages to my local shop where I purchase my groceries. I love it that their staff is always so kind and friendly, they have a great assortment of products, if something cannot be found, they always make sure I can have it within a few days. The staff always have time to exchange a few friendly words. This is the reason I prefer small shops to the big markets where you are often anonymous.
I also sent a thank you message to one of the owners of a restaurant I often visit, they have very friendly staff, good venues and great food. I thought why not let them know I am a pleased customer. Obviously they know it because I return, but sometimes it is vital to hear it or read it.

So why don't you give thanks as well? If you have received kind service and you are pleased, let them know! We all need feedback for the work we do.

A kind word means the world sometimes, so be sure to spread them and love!

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

I wish...

...there was more of this in the world! Love and respect!

I was in Sweden during the weekend. Found this written on the pavement.

Schools have started and we are back at work. Feels mighty good!

Wishing you all a great week ahead! Take care and remember to love.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Ah bless!

I am truly blessed with wonderful friends!

On sunday my friends Nina and Peik called and asked if I wanted to accompany them for an outing to a nearby farm called Kycklings, in Lappträsk. Of course I wanted! It was the national open gardens -day.
What a fascinating visit. We met Gun-Britt Husberg, who is the gardener and the heart and energy behind the big project of mapping trad.plants in the region. Mostly apple trees, they have over 80 different species.  What a creative and passionate soul! And what amazing work they have manged to do. This is cultural heritage.
Here is a link to an article in swedish, you can also see pictures of many of the other plants they have planted and also found on the farm.
I was so taken by the visit I forgot to take pictures! Here are a few, the first one is of an appletree that is there for pollination,  the second of the ruins of a barn and the third of a clematis on the stonewall in bloom.

Later in the afternoon when I was back home, there was a knock on the door and my dear neighbor Sanne came to visit. She has taken care of my cat whist I've been away on holiday. She is a peach! We drank coffee and laughed so much I again almost fell of the chair! We have the same humor and we share the same interest in upcycling/ recycling things. She and her family have renovated a wonderful house.

In the evening my friends Oona and Jarna called and invited me for tea, they live downtown in a lovely old wooden house. There we sat in their kitchen, drinking tea and chatting away. When it turned night I cycled home, feeling so totally blessed with friends! How boring my life would be without these wonderful people in my life!

Thank you!

Love and love even more!

Monday, 8 August 2016

Well, I probably should tell you...

...how I was woken up at 3a.m., the morning I was about to leave for Mallorca, by something that flew around in the bedroom.
The cat was right on, so I knew we had uninvited guests and that it was bigger than a moth! I turned the light on and a bat had found its' way in through the window. It was only slightly open, so I guess it must have hung there a while and fallen inside. Ok, so I had to try catch the cat first. Not an easy task as she thought it was the bestestsest action in a while. And with a frightened bat flying around! I finally manged to catch the cat and get her out of the bedroom. By then I just wished one could just close the door and hope the situation would take care of itself. Or leave a note to my dear neighbor Sanne, please feed the cat AND our new friend the bat, hih!
So I had to go back inside, open the window and hope it would find its' way out...well, eventually the little bat found it's way out. My heart was beating fast and the cat was really upset with me! She loudly told me off.

What a start to the day. Somewhere out there, is a bat that probably wonders what on earth happened that morning, what was that odd place it fell into, what was the light and who was this wierd creature with a loudly beating heart, running in and out of the bedroom!

I love animals dearly, but to be woken up by a bat at 3a.m., well, not my dream-awakening, hih!

Love. To bats and people. And all other creatures, big and small.

Sunday, 7 August 2016


We took a short holiday.
We are quite the busy couple right now, so we decided on taking a short brake from it all. What a great idea! I feel like a new person. Lovely new impressions, new tastes, new smells, new sounds, new light, new air.

We decided on Palma in Mallorca.
We stayed in a lovely hotel, it had the most wonderful breakfast with delicious fresh fruits, nuts, yoghurts, muesli, great coffee and sparkling wine (unfortunately I am a lousy drinker in the morning!). The hotel had a pool and sunbeds on the roof. We only enjoyed the pool in the evenings, after a day out it was lovey to relax in the pool for a while before getting ready for dinner.

Palma was a great choice. A fabulous beach nearby, but also the beautiful town Palma. Neither of us like to spend all our vacation on the beach, we are far too restless for that. So this was perfect. And we found some lovely places to eat where there were no tourists at all and we had to take chances when ordering and manged on a combination of french-spanish...great food! Our absolute favorite, for both of us, turned out to be a traditional and very simple dish, the famous spanish potato-omelette. You can have it as tapas or as a meal. And yes, I have promised a certain mister to try make this at home. I have already googled recipes...

We saw people reading newspapers. Some more carefully than others. We saw plenty of small dogs. And people walking slowly. Playgrounds. People playing with their kids. Lots of cafées and restaurants. People eating together. Balconies. Oh I could have photographed all balconies. And the plants and flowers on the balconies. Cars. Friendly drivers who ALWAYS give way. Motorcycles. And hooray, lots of bicycles! And very handsome motorcycle-policemen. My goodness, there's macho defined. The police seemed very friendly. I spoke to one guy selling stuff in a park, it was illegal and as soon as the police came, they gathered all their goods inside a sheet and run. After some time they all returned, one after one, cautious. One of the sellers was caught by the police, but managed to escape. So I asked the guy how the police treated them if they were caught and what would happen if you got caught, which in my opinion seemed likely. Apparently they only confiscate the goods, but no fines are given and no caption. He explained that they are not allowed to sell there, but they need to earn a living. I told him I was sorry, he only said it was life. I replied saying it sure was, but a damn unfair life for some.
We met very friendly people. One day we traveled on a wonderful ferrocarril to picturesque Sóller. There we took a tram down to the harbour, had lunch and traveled back to town Sóller. What a lovely day! And what a wonderful way to travel. I have always had a weakness for trains, well, this one was special.
We saw a variety of people, the way I wish our society would look like.
We saw people kissing. Their partners, lovers, grandparents, children, friends, parents, neighbours. 

The weather in Mallorca was perfect.
We walked a lot. There are small parks and benches everywhere.
We walked along a boulevard of flowerstands. Heaven!

Happy we chose Palma as our holiday destination.

Above are pictures from inside the church in Sóller.
A little stardetail and a madonna.

A wonderful holiday.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Poems and love on the parkbenches

We had a chance to take part in financing the poems for the parkbenches in my town. That meant we also got to choose a poem from a list and have our names engraved in the plaque, we chose to have our nicknames engraved, hih!

Today we drank sparkling wine and kissed on "our" bench.

This is one of my favorite poems, it is also a wonderful song from a film.

The plaques are almost like mirrors so not very easy to photograph.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

On bells and waffles and book cabinets

It has been good to spend time offline. I had to make an earlier return due to the need to advertise an event, so thought I'll come say hello.

So what were the ingredients for this summer?

Dylan LeBlanc made a reappearance in my life. I used to listen to him a lot, but for some reason he fell into oblivion. Now he is back. And I love his latest album Cutenary tale too, not just the old familiar ones. Here is a lovely album called Paupers field. Enjoy!

One day I manged to lock myself out of my house. But I had a window open so I just climbed in again. And that was it. Felt odd to have gone from ooooooh noooooo to all sorted in less than five minutes.

My summer has also been filled with plenty of blueberries. No, I cannot take credit for picking any. But I have sold many buckets. A certain dear F (he is an asylum seeker whom I have become friends with) , has been picking the berries and my friends and acquaintances have been generous and bought plenty! I have my freezer full! I told my dear friend F, that in the winter, everytime I eat blueberries, I shall be thinking of you. Oh my, that made him blush. But, all in all, he has enjoyed spending time in the forest and managed to earn enough to buy a computer, hooray!

Waffles! I have baked many hundreds. Every thursday it is waffle-day at the kiosque, and people have loved it. We never expected it to be such a success!

Liljevisan. A few years ago I attended a small musical venue in a nearby village called Liljendal. The evening was beautiful, the venue is set on a hill by a river, the evening sun, the warm breeze, the beautiful songs and many artists. A small dream was born there and then. To perhaps one day have a chance to perform there. Well, on a certain july evening, I made a dream come true. One of the artists was unable to attend, so a few days prior to Liljevisan I received a phonecall and was asked if I perhaps had a chance to cover. Of course I did. I was so happy. My darling L and his wonderful family all attended. What a gesture of love and I am thankful for the generous support.

I am working on my livingroom at the moment, and finally managed to hang the wallpaper I won last autumn over at Anna Malmberg's  blog, Northern delight.

The peacock chair is a fleamarketfind. So comfy to sit in.
My livingroom is a big room. I have never been too fond of big rooms, I am more for the small and cozy. So what I want is to divide the room into different sections, this is one way, to use different wallpaper. Let's see how the outcome will be.
This is another end of the same room. I have missed my book cabinet. Soon it shall be filled with my favorite books again.

Some people are spoiled. I am! Last night my darling gave me a present.
It contained this beauty! A dotted bicykle bell! Oh love! Tack än en gång älskling!

Wishing you lovely summerdays filled with love.
See you soon again!

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Lö kokkemoo paraply kikkerii kokkeroo

This is a picture from a magazine, a column for advice. This Maisa from Tampere is asking about a song she sang 60 years ago, probably a french song and she could still remember some of the lyrics; Lö kokkemoo paraply kikkerii kokkeroo.
Well, it is so funny as she has written the french spoken words in finnish, hih!

It is a french song indeed, called Le coq est mort!
Here it is sung in french!

Well my dear friends, it is again time for me take a short farewell and see you soon, I shall be enjoying the rest of my summer offline. See you in august! Take care! Love!