Sunday, 15 January 2017

Back to everyday life

Who said everyday life was boring? The week has passed so quickly since we went back to work and all hobbies - one has no time to worry about small matters!

I am building again. This time it is not a cupboard. It is, or perhaps I shan't yet let you know what it is I'm building... this is the current stage of the project. I shall continue within a few days, once the paint has dried.

Wishing you all a relaxing sunday, take care of your sweet selves. Love! Spread love!

Saturday, 7 January 2017

The last of the holidays

Well, all christmas decorations have been packed away for now, the christmastree was all green and lovely when we threw it out. The veranda looks so big now it is gone!

Yesterday I walked over to my mister for some food and wine, we then walked back together in crisp winter weather, it was minus 24 degrees when we got back. So I spent a while getting the house warmer. I find it really hard to burn "just enough", as it got too warm in the bedroom during the night. Feels silly to have to undress and sleep without a quilt, it is winter after all. Today the temperature was just below zero. So quite a rise in less than a day.

Today is saturday, so I made pancakes. In fact I got the idea from an invitation I got on fb. A local restaurant had a pancake day. I had planned to go and ask my mister to come along, but the weather was so ugly I felt like just staying at home. You know, the snow was wet and...excuses, excuses, I now! I'm not known for blaming the weather! In fact I felt like making pancakes myself. So I did. I served them with powdersugar, gingersyrup and blueberry-strawberry-cream. With a large mug of coffee! Yummy! And my mister was happy! I was too! But he was especially happy!

Pancakes and love!  That's all you need!

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Building a cupboard and art

On tuesday me and my mister jumped on a bus and headed to our capital for the day. It was a bonus christmaspresent!
We started off by visiting the Ateneum artmuseum and my favorite artist Amedeo Modigliani -exhibition. It was absolutely wonderful!
We then headed to another favorite, a thai restaurant and enjoyed lunch. After lunch it was time to go dot-crazy at HAM and the Yayoi Kusama -exhibition. It made us happy but also exhausted, to have seen two such grand exhibitions. We were two thrilled but tired passengers on the bus home. What a great day it was!

On monday we started building a small cupboard. I bought a small vintage window some years ago and I've had an idea what I would like to build, but just never got around to do it. So I thought that perhaps and maybe during the holidays...

It all started with this, a drawing and some wonderful wallpaper by William Morris. And the window of course!

My darling L helped me build the frame. To be completely honest the whole cupboard was built by him. You see, whilst I was busy cooking fishsoup, he had sawn all the pieces. And then when the fishsoup was ready and just waiting for us on the stove, I held the pieces in place when L screwed the screwes. Whilst L cleaned and laid the table, I painted the lot.

I wanted to use the "inside" of the window as front, it has this beautiful patina, so I needed to move the hinges. I decided to buy new ones in brass.
After a few days I wallpapered the back of the cupboard and with some help from L, attached the door. And then it was ready to be hung on the wall. Look! It turned out just the way I wished it would! Tack älskade för hjälpen!

Can you see the little numberplate? 215. It is from a seat at our local cinema Kino Marilyn. The owner of the cinema gave it to me yesterday when we saw Collateral beauty. What a wonderful film. I thought it so beautiful.
The numberplate, giving it to me is such a lovely kind gesture, I love the cinema and I loved this film. Kiitos paljon! And it looks great on my cupboard! I've told you before, I say it again, I am so spoiled!

Oh, I better hurry. Meeting my darling for lunch. Because we are still on holiday. Wohoo, it is wonderful!

Later today we shall do a small julgransplundring. That is an older tradition, to make a small event of taking down christmas decorations.

Sending you holidaygreetings! Take care and love. Lots of love!

Sunday, 1 January 2017

The holidays

I've had a wonderful holiday!

Christmas gathered loved ones to Lilla Ljuva. My parents and L's parents. My brother and his family could not attend due to sudden illness, so sad.
Our theme this year was traditional red and gingerbread. I made namesigns of gingerbread and that made our guests wonder when and where I make everything. Well, soon they figured it out, you see, I don't have a television, so I have lots of time on my hands!

We welcomed christmas with champagne and continued with sparkling wine and white wine and traditional julmust.
For starters we had consolation-bread, baked with big feelings and deep longing. With the bread we served smetana, red onion and black seaweed caviar. We also had marinated salmon and whitefisk and sill with potatoes. And ecological eggs with skagen-stir.
For main course we had sauerkraut gratin, beetroot gratin with bluecheese Aura, roasted root vegetables with tsatsiki and smoked salmon.
For desert we served ice-cream with plums in rum and coffee.

I received so many gifts I cannot believe how spoiled I am! Tusen tack! Kiitos! Thank you!

We've had guests during the holiday, and spending time with a three year old has been great fun!

Now all guests have left and we spent new years eve just the two of us.

On friday we saw the latest Star wars movie, Rogue one. We both enjoyed it tremendesly.

For new years eve I wore my favorite dress from Jumperfabriken, everytime I wear it my darling L gives me so many compliments, it sure feels nice. I wore my little red beret, on the side. Painted my nails red, wore red lipstick and voilá, I was ready to welcome the new year!

 Earlier in the evening we enjoyed fireworks by the shore, a show for the small ones. We decided not to attend the bigger event at mignight as we have a spectacular show at home. My neighbours spoil us with fantastic foreworks and it feels good to be at hand if my cat would become scared.
Before the show began we made Toast Skagen, yes, a tradition we have. We opened a bottle of champagne (leftovers from christmas!) and for desert we had ice-cream with plums in rum (they are made by dear Sanni and Bill).

So there we stood, on my terrace and enjoyed fantastic fireworks. We had sparklers and welcomed the new year with happiness!

Fireworkshow from my terrace! 

I hope you all had a great eve and wish you all a loving, gentle, kind and fun start to the new year!
My new year starts with a few new and fun challenges. One of them is I have been asked to write columns for a local newspaper, that shall be a fun project! I was really glad (and surprised!) when I was asked. The columns are due every second month, hence I was able to accept the offer.

Oh, and I was asked to participate in the local elections, I was glad (and surprised!) to have been asked, it even was the party I would vote for, but I don't think I have the time needed for it. Fortunately or unfortuantely, I don't know.

I still have holidays left, so I better get on with it. The holidaying!

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Happy New Year friends!

May God bless and keep you always 
May your wishes all come tru 
May you always do for others 
And let others do for you 
(B. Dylan)

(picture by Tove Jansson)

Remember to love and spread love! Love, love and even more love!

Friday, 23 December 2016

Happy Holidays, Happy Hannukah and Merry Christmas!

The week has been filled with good stuff, a quick visit to the capital, my godson Elmo turned nine years old. It was a lovely birthday!

We have been planning our upcoming Christmas celebrations; we've done all the shopping and preparations are on! I picked up my REKO orders at the marketplace last night, it is local and ecological products.

Last night we attended the traditional christmas consert at the church, the Lovisa choir performed and it was lovely! It is a tradition we have, we sort of start going into christmas mood...
Afterwards we had some glögg and traditional pastries by the christmas tree.

Today I started my christmas holiday, had brekky, climbed back under the covers and listened to the radio, then I read and cuddled with a furry friend. During the day I've had so many lovely visitors who have brought christmas greetings, I feel so touched and honoured. 

Now I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Holidays and or whatever else you either celebrate or not!

I received this wonderful christmas card from my dear friends Jaska, Jossu and Hertta. Blessed are catpaws! Picture by ever talented Jaakko Kilpiäinen.

Here is a nice easy tune to listen to, to get you into that niiiiice and relaxed mood!

 God Jul! Hyvää Joulua! Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noël! Fröhliche Weihnachten!

Monday, 19 December 2016

A pampered soul

That is what I am!
On friday I suddenly felt a craving for something we call räkmacka. Shrimps-on-toast, with egg and mayonnaise. So I thought I just mention my little vague craving to the master of shrimps-on-toast. Can you perhaps guess the outcome? It landed me an invitation to enjoy shrimps-on-toast for saturday. How wonderful!
So on saturday afternoon I walked over to my mister and enjoyed delicious shrimps-on-toast, ah bless! In the evening we walked into town to enjoy Soul sisters -gig at Degerby Gille.

Pampered? Me? Well perhaps a tiny weeny bit pampered, if you insist ;)

My large Ranunculaceae in bloom in the hallway.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Small preparations

Last night I baked gingerbread and made small tealight holders. These are meant to be small christmas greetings.

On a sadder note. I've had a bit of night-traffic in my kitchen cupboard and found evidence of mice. I had to get mousetraps as my cat cannot get hold of if, as the traffic goes on underneath and inside the cupboard. I am not fond of killing...but mice in my kitchen is the last thing I want.

Love to all.

Monday, 12 December 2016

My heart is filled with...

...gratitude, with love.
Thank you to all the wonderful people that came to visit my house Lilla Ljuva during the two weekends of traditional Christmas Homes.

I have met such warm, kind, generous, funny and loving people! My heart is filled!
Thank you! Tack! Kiitos! Grazie! Spasiba!

Here is a link to dear Cheris blog, Autuas olo, she has also written such kind words about her visit! Kiitos!

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Christmas weekend

My house has again been open due to the event Traditional Christmas homes.
We had just under 400 guests today!!!
I am so grateful- Thank you for all the gifts, for all the kind words!

Here are a few blogposts about the event:
Dear Marjo came to visit last weekend and we had a chance to sit and talk for a short while.
Kotoisaa arkeaa came to visit today and has written a lovely blogpost about her visit.
Neulanhaltija has also written such sweet kind words about her visit.

Kiitos ihanat kauniista sanoistanne ja lämmin kiitos kun kävitte! Sydämellisesti tervetuloa toiste!

The traditional Christmas homes are open tomorrow again! Welcome!

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Independence day

Took a longer walk during the day, in beautiful sunshine and landed in front of the screen to watch a documentary called Sota ja mielenrauha
A very interesting and strong film by my friend Ari. Here is the trailer.

In the evening we walked over the ridge and admired the watertower, it will be dismantled and we took farewell of it in style:

Monday, 5 December 2016

And december continues with bliss!

I am so grateful for this weekend, to have met ONLY wonderful and kind people. We must not forget the world is also a wonderful and good place. There is so much wrong and horrible going on around the world, (something extremely horrible, somethinmg that must never happen, happened in Imatra, Finland on sunday), but let us not forget there is very much good too!!!!! And we must remind each other of this, so that we can spread love and hope and blessings. I shall resend this wonderful wonderful wonderful reminder by Maya Angelou, Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud.

We had approx. 700 visitors during the weekend! The walls echo of warm and kind words. I feel thankful for every one who visited, I have received so many gifts, I feel so honoured and privileged to have met all these beautiful souls who came to my house.
So many have asked what made me decide to open the doors to my house. The answer is, I believe in sharing. We have a saying, "Delad glädje är dubbelglädje", meaning shared joy is double joy. It is so true! I really enjoy creating a certain atmospere for the holidays, if I can in any way share this and give a little of all the good I have been blessed with, then I am happy.

 Christmasdecorations on a plate.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Ah bless! December started with bliss

On thursday, 1st of december, the participants of the theatre workshop performed a small "play" as part of the local advent calender. I was proud and touched.
The picture is borrowed from here.

On friday, me and my mister, decorated the christmastree and enjoyed mulled wine and trad. pasties.
Look what a pretty tree!

Today we've had the honour to welcome many hundred guests to our home as part of the Traditional Christmas Homes.
Tired but very happy, wishing you all a good night! Love!

Tuesday, 29 November 2016


This beautiful advert, or shortfilm, tells a wider and deeper story than one would think could possibly fit within these seconds.

Oh what fun...

... it is to bake together!
I had planned to bake my gingerbread cottage last night, just to make sure I don't leave too many preparations for friday evening or saturday morning! So I have planned to make something every day. I love to prepare christmas, so I don't feel stressed to have something that "should be done" every day on a list...
So, last night my darling spontaneously asked if there was something he could help out with (I have planned the "to do" -list with only myself in mind, of course, since he has a life of his own!). We ended up baking the entire gingerbread cottage together. And what fun we had! We listened to christmas songs and ate traditional christmas-star pastries that I nearly burned!
The outcome is a small cottage with a huuuuge chimney :D
The house is filled with a lovely scent of gingerbread and there is something magical in that scent.

 This gingerbread cottage symbolizes fun, preparing for christmas should be fun! I hope you can lower your own expectations, no point in stressing out for a few holiday days.
I know it may be easier said that done, but try to have at least a little fun when preparing! I shall!
Take care of yourselves.  Love and love even a little bit more.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

If only...

... there were more hours to the day!

I have held the second part of the theatre workshop this weekend. I have had the honour and pleasure to work with brave and fun people, they just threw themselves into each improvisation with open minds and hearts. I am very happy and proud of each and every one participant.

Due to my house beeing part of the traditional christmas homes open for the public, two weekends in december, I've had requests to do a few more interviews. I have turned down both requests. I just think I haven't got anything new to say. And blimey, my house has been featured in many papers and magazines, and just recently it has been featured in two magazines. I have no desire to become known nor to figure in every possible media, please do not think I have become proud, I just feel, well, there has been quit enough writings about my lovely house and the ones interested will have read all there is to know. In fact, I think people will grow tired of seeing the same face, the same house, reading the same story. I've had a lovely warm respons from unknown readers, I've received mail in the post and messages on fb and even a text and a phonecall one early morning! I am grateful for all the kind comments, all the shown interest and praise! Thank you!
Luckily I know some of the houseowners for the new traditional christmas homes, I could warmly recommend!

Preparations for the upcoming two weekends are on the go! There's plenty to be done - luckily I love preparing for christmas! And we get to really enjoy all the preparations, all the decorations, all the flowers and the christmas tree. We have planned to decorate the tree together, like we've done before, it's our tradition. To drink mulled wine, listen to christmas songs, sing along and decorate our tree.

A week is coming to it's end. A month is coming to its' end, and soon this year is coming to its' end. I am blessed and privileged. I am grateful and hope you are too. I send you love. Take care. And thank you november.

Above is one of my spoonfairies that hang in my kitchen and puts a smile on my face every single day. I certainly am easily pleased!

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Inspired by a picture

A friend of mine posted a picture on fb, a cozy picture of Iittala's Kastehelmi tealight holders in many colours. I thought it looked wonderful. On monday I walked past Iittala shop's window and saw the same tealight holders in their window. I simply could not resist buying a few.
I bought them in the same sea blue colour as I have plenty of Iittala's Kivi -tealight holders and three Marimekko bowls.
I think they are lovely!

Thursday. How time flies. And again time to beat a certain mister in badminton...hih!
Love and spread love, that is what we need to do in november.

Sunday, 20 November 2016


I've held a theatre workshop during the weekend, a lot of fun! What wonderful creative energy I get to surround myself with!The participants were of all age, which was also fun. We have played plenty of games.We then explored and improvised characters using lots of different hats and shoes and different tensions. Oh my, I feel so privileged to work within this field.

On saturday I threw the first real party in my house. I had invited twelve guests, ten of them could attend. I made plenty of food to eat. The menu consisted of a salad as a base, shredded crisp ice-sallad with fresh herbs (basil, coriander, parsley) flavored with a hint of white balsamico.
I had made an omelette with cheddar cheese that was served cold. I served trout,  and tofu for the vegan guests. I had marinated black and green olives with garlic, sundried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, small organic crisps filled with tapenade and shrimps in aioli, bred with hummus and an 80´s classic, fruit skewers with watermelon, cantaloupe, kiwi and pear.
For desert I had baked a blueberry tarte, with cream filling and chocolate truffles. Together with my darling L, we managed to get all sorted just before the guests arived.

I had bought eight bottles of sparkling wine, one was left unopened!
I have the world's kindest boyfriend. During the day, when I was away on my theatre workshop, he had done all the dishes, taken care of the empty bottles and I came home to a house with absolutely no signs of a party!

I am so pleased. Happy to have such wonderful people in my life! And a house that now can host small parties. And happy to have a partner to co-host with.

I took no pictures. I just never had the time!

Now sunday is coming to a close. Time to cuddle up in bed, maybe read for a short while.
And remember to love and believe you are worthy of all good that comes your way. Wish and strive for peace. Take care!

Sunday, 13 November 2016


Yesterday me and L cooked together and the outcome was a super-delicious fishsoup! With traditional skärgårdslimpa -bread and home made farmers cheese (not by me, our friend Benita is the farmers cheese -queen!). It is nice to cook together.

I went through some old papers and such and stumbled upon this picture, taken tweleve years ago. The funny thing with this picture is that I can recall the exact moment this picture was taken. I can even recall what we said to each other, me and the person who took the picture. I have in fact. just before the picture was taken, laughed so much I almost fell off a chair. I am trying to hold a straight face her! I never seem to be able to laugh, so that I would not be in danger of falling of chairs! The person behind the camera is all responsible for my laughter, a very funny and dear person!

Today is father's day. My dad is soon on his way and we shall meet for lunch. Happy father's day to all! Love to you all.

Friday, 11 November 2016

There is a crack in everything. That´s how the light gets in.

A beautiful morning. To wake up to an orange sun rising. The warm light it spread.

Followed by the news of our dear Leonard Cohen.
I saw him in consert in september 2012. It was a magical night. I have loved his words and his melodies for decades. There is a crack in everything. That´s how the light gets in.

On tuesday me and my darling saw wonderful Weeping Willows at Tavastia. What a fantastic night! Their music resonates good vibes in me. Fills me with good. I was happy, I still am.
There was a fine moment when singer Magnus Carlson made a dream come true! He invited guitarhero Esa Pulliainen on stage and performed an old Agents song. In finnish!!!! I found a clip from youtube, wonderful!!!!! Surujen kitara!

We have been blessed with plenty of wonderful snow! Winter is here. There is a cloud though, they have promised a drastic change in weather next week, according to the weatherforecast there will be rain next week. Rain!!! Why oh why. Still, it might not happen. It is still only a forecast!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, dear dear friends. Love!

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Article in Helsingin Sanomat

Some weeks ago a reporter and later a photographer from Helsingin Sanomat newspaper made a visit to my house and the outcome is this article. There is a funny video too, hih...

 Photo by Sami Kero/ HS

Happy sunday folks!

Thursday, 3 November 2016

This makes me ah, so so happy!

This is Alberta Vaughn in Picking Peaches. Oh la la! Love love and love even more!

Comprehending time

I have been renovating a house since beginning of year 2014.
This summer I completed one of the bigger tasks, the livingroom. It had been used as storage for my belongings and furniture. Storage for tools. Storage for building material. It was also a room in the making. Or work in progress.
I stumbled upon this picture from the summer, when I was in the middle of renovation. It honestly feels like a lifetime ago. And it is only four months ago! Sometimes it is really difficult comprehending time. Something that happened many many years ago, can feel as if it only happened recently and like my renovation last summer, it feels as if it is a very long time ago!

Winter has arrived. On monday I cleared the last bits and pieces in my garden and on tuesday my dearest L helped me empty the water barrel and we carried some larger stuff to storage.
We are ready! Ice bug shoes in use (No, I don't get commission for this, I just believe in sharing good advice!).
Take care! Love and love even more!

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Sunday again!

On thursday evening it just rained and rained, and according to finnish law, if it rains nonstop a whole day one must make french toast. So we obliged and enjoyed the delight and forgot all about the rain. Hih!
Friday and we headed to Helsinki and Hartwall Arena to see Kent, their farewell tour. Here is my absolute favorite! Utan dina andetag. A song I often perform myself. Yes, I cried when they performed it. It was a good but very very loud evening!

Yesterday I held an origami kusudama flower workshop, at our local community college.
I had my daylight lamp with me, so we all took light therapy whilst folding origami. Drank coffee, and had great discussions about creativity. We all agreed that in most of DIY and crafts programmes showed on tv, you need to invest in many and often expensive tools in order to even get started on the project. My goal at Ninitchi, has been to create projects that need very little or no tools at all. And I also try to recykle as much of the material as possible.
One of the participants made this beautiful kusudama flower ball. It consists of 12 kusudama flowers. Each flower is made of old booksheets. I am so proud. And happy. We had a great few hours together.

In the evening, me and my mister kicked of Lovisa creative. What a fun and inspirational get together and party. Great talks, great performances, great band (The heartbeat band!) and great people. I spoke with so many wonderful souls, and as may others, we also thought we just pop in and stay for an hour or so, but turned out such a great night we stayed late.

Thursday, 27 October 2016


On monday I baked a quiche with fungus (trattkanttarell), onion, garlic and parmesan cheese. We drank home brewed porter beer. My friend Bill is a beer-brew-master. What a delicious dinner.
For desert we ate handmade chocolate by Petri's, that I bought at our local deli shop, Nala deli. We used to sell Petri's handmade chocolate at the café, many years ago. We had parisienne coffee, with oatmilk, oh my, I am hooked, try, it's delicious!

Now is the time when evenings are dark. Well, the days are dark too. I have started to use my daylight-lamp, I want to believe it works. It does. My cat loves it too. As soon as I light it, she comes to enjoy daylight-therapy, hih! I light plenty of candles and try to make it cosy, listen to music and snug up on the sofa.

Take care of yourselves, especially when we go into this long dark period. And love.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Kusudama flower with a message

I am holding an origami short-course in the weekend, we are folding kusudama flowers of old books and I wanted to create a few versions to show what you can do with old books. You need of course to know what book you are using, in order to be able to plan.
I used a broken french dictionary and cut out the pages that had words describing my relationship. Hih! This can be done as a gift to your partner, your lover, your friend, your family, well, anyone. Or why not give a kusudama flower as a gift to someone you secretly fancy, see if the receiver can crack the code..
Go through the dictionary and pick out the pages that have words that you are looking for. You need five petals per flower, so you need to pick five words on five pages.
And then remember to keep the word you want to be visible, facing you through all the folding stages.
I picked words like belle, amour, sympathique, sentir and tressaillir, just because our love really makes me go all bananas and I still have butterflies in my tummy and I do shiver of sheer delight!

If you live in Lovisa or nearby, there are still a few places left for the course on saturday. Get in touch with MI and join us, I promise it will be fun and you will come home with a bunch of pretty kusudama flowers. To give away or decorate your table for the upcoming x-mas season...

Monday, 24 October 2016


On saturday afternoon I met up with my friend Sanni at our local cinema, but we had mistaken the time, so we drove out to see their (hers and Bill's) new house, what a beautiful old house it was. I also met a lovely dog called Kaneli, who loves attention and sat in my lap whilst I was there. I love animals so I was very very happy.
After plenty doglove and tea we drove back into town and caught the film a few hours later. We saw the hilarious Love and friendship.
After the film I popped into restaurant Sakura, they had a Japanese buffet this saturday evening, but unfortuantely the event had ended by the time the movie was finished. But, I saw there were lots of people still inside and all the lights on and fires burning outdoors, so I thought I pop by. I was greeted with a welcome and enjoy the buffet. So I did! Oh what a lovely treat it was!

Sunday evening turned out a feast aswell, after my danceclass my dear friends Oona and Jarna came to visit. We made tea and french toast, my goodness how delicious it was. We had a lot of french toast!

What a lovely weekend! New week and new adventures awaiting! Have a lovely one, be generous with love! Today is UN day and we can all give a little time to reflect upon the situation in the world. There will be a peacemarch in Helsinki this afternoon at 5p.m.  There will also be a charity-concert. In the link there is more information on how to help.
Syria, Aleppo, we see you! You are not forgotten! #syria #peaceforsyria

Sunday, 23 October 2016


...whilst listening to an old cd by Anna Järvinen, I travelled back many years in time. The song is called Nattmusik. The title always makes me want to whisper.
I lived in a house where all the rooms had different coloured walls. The kitchen walls I had painted with dots. The bedroom was lavender coloured.
Nattmusik echoed wonderfully on the lavendercoloured walls. I couldn't believe there could be melodies tunes sounds like this. Anna's music was magical for me. It still is. I lay in bed and listened with all my senses. I was happy then.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Oh what a week!

Woke up to a very grey day. Saturday. Realised whist enjoying breakfast that some things have gone missing. I might have to report following things missing: colours, the sky has lost it's colours! Some cheeky person took all the blues away! The sun! I mean really, who steals a sun? That is not fair! Warmth. It is freezing cold and one needs to stay indoors all day loooooong! So please return colours, the sun and warmth back immediately!
I had a crazy week as I told you. On monday, straight after work I met a reporter at home. Afterwards I had a meeting regarding a theatre workshop I am holding later in the year.
On tuesday morning a fun photographer came to take pics of my house and make a video about a few renovayiontips. It was so much fun!

In the afternoon me and L took a long walk and on our way back home, we collected a frame I had ordered.
On wednesday I saw Tyttö nimeltä Varpu at the cinema with our students. Such a touching film. The leading role is played by the daughter of my two friends. Guess how proud we all are!!!! After the film I attened water-aerobics and sauna. And then a certain darling took me out for dinner. What a  great way to start a short autumn brake!
On thursday morning a photographer again came to visit. They made a christmas-delicacies photo shoot. They left all the delicacies as a thank you for borrowing my premises. Great deal!

Then I had a lunchdate with my darling and we headed to see a swedish childrens film, called Siv sover vilse. After the film I tried to beat my mister in badminton. With emphasis on trying. A great hobby. We both enjoy it very much. We endulged in christmas treats and fell asleep confused whether we were on autumn brake or christmas holiday, hih! Still a way to go until christmas though...

Friday came I and had a late and long breakfast. Then I read. In bed. On the sofa. By the kitchen table. I am reading Vi är alla helt utom oss by Karen Joy Fowler. Here is a review in swedish. I ordered it from the library and manged to recieve it just for my autumn brake.

Now I shall read some more, it is very interesting! And maybe go report some things gone missing...

Have a great weekend folks! Love!

Friday, 21 October 2016

A lovely feature

I am trying to be a bit better at letting you guys know when my house has been featured in magazines or papers.
I really am not very good at that, not because of shyness, I just have this idea that I don't want to ramble on about me, myself and I and how MY extremely exceptional house is in this and that very important paper and how extremely important me, myself and I are! And how you must all drool over what an exceptionally PERFECT life me, myself and I lead!

I personally don't like people who only talk about themselves, their jobs, their spouses, their kids, their house...their perrrrrrrfect life. So I try to avoid turning into a cynical person like that.
I surely know how to blow my own horn, when there is reason to. But having been featured in quite many magazines and papers, I sometimes think, you might not be so interested. But since I have now been specifically asked to mention when and where my house is featured, I take the risk I might loose a few readers. Sorry about that!

So here is an exceptioanlly lovely (no irony here, I am serious!) in Kodin Pellervo magazine. I adore the pictures, I drool! And wonder, is that really my house? And the article itself is written in such a nice straight forward way, I drool over that too.

Here's a couple of mobileshots of the feature.

Have a lovely weekend! I've had one of those incredible weeks, well, I'll do a post about it during the weekend.