Thursday, 26 March 2015

Descendant of a peasant

Last night, me and L, saw Anna Järvinen in consert at Tavastia in Helsinki.

Again, it was such a wonderful treat to hear her live. I have seen her two previous concerts in Helsinki and always felt her songs fill me with love. I was happy! I AM happy!

Here is Nattmusik, enjoy!

Above is a sentence, the greeting to end a speech held by the representative of the peasant class, (adressed to the Grand Duke of Finland, Nicholas II of Russia) held at Parliament in year 1900. In finish. It is hilarious, as one would never adress anyone like this anymore. 115 years later I laugh at how my ancestors had to humiliate themselves. At the time we had a very strict class society, the peasants being the poor working class. In some aspects, nothing has changed. The poor still have to humiliate themselves in many ways. For example when your salary for your work is not enough to live on and you are forced to apply for social welfare. It is wrong.
It is soon our parliamentary elections. This matter is also one of the aspects I consider when choosing a candidate. Animal rights is also something I find important. 

Wednesday, 25 March 2015


...just a little reminder!

Last night... and L cykled under a dark sky, filled with stars and a crescent moon. We stopped and admired the beauty. And we managed to name a few constellations.

And we have totally fallen in love with this sexy guy, Tommy Krångh, and his wonderful sign language interpretation of one of the songs participating in the swedish eurovision song contest. This is not the song that will represent Sweden. 

Above is an antique kitchenscale I received as a christmasgift from L. The little portrait is a gift from my mother.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Fascinating times

During the week we have been able to see shooting stars and northern lights. If you looked up in the sky. At night. Well, unfortunatley it was not at all that simple. Where I live it was faaaaar too light at night. I spotted loads of stars, but was unsure if I spotted any shooting stars, maybe I was trying too hard and was  hence unsure. So I kept wishing, just to be on the safe side - one does not want to miss an opportunity to wish upon a star, if there is one.

But I only saw northern lights through friends photos posted on facebook. Wonderful!

Today I watched the solar eclipse through a dark lens, but I missed the exact moment, but I saw the sun when a little corner of the sun was covered, as if someone had taken a bite of a biscuit.

Yesterday I met up with my dear friend T and we saw Slava (the link is in finnish) at the National Theatre. My goodness what a play. I so enjoyed it!

Above is a vintage school poster.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


Early morning.

Drinking coffee on the stairs, in the sun. A woolen throw keeping me warm. The air is crisp.
Heard the swans have returned.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Dream a little dream...

We (L and me) managed to catch Roy Andersson's latest film, En duva satt på en gren och funderade på tillvaron (A pigeon sat on a branch reflecting on existance).
I have seen the two previous films in the triology. He is faithful to his very own unique style. I think people either like (a lot) or dislike (a lot) his style. I find him a humanist. I thought the film was awful at times and very funny at times.

So completely different to the film we saw a few days prior. Kingsman. My goodness. So much violence!!! And still, I enjoyed it. I usually cannot stand violent films, and I am usually against the use of violence in most films as it seems to be what so many films are about. Normalizing violence. It feels so awkward to say I enjoyed Kingsman, as it is a very violent film.

Today I dreamed about when my other rooms are ready...then me and my friends shall sit in my livingroom (to be) in candlelight, sip on some sherry or port, listen to jazz on my old grammophone, one of those you have to wind up, eat some bebe-pastries (small delicious pastries with a crusty base, filled with vanillacream and topped off with a lid of frosting) and just be. What would life be without visions and dreams. Not all are meant to be fullfilled, but one has to have dreams and visions in life to find a direction...
This silly little dream shall be fulfilled. I love to sip on port (I seldom do, but still...) and I love homemade bebe-pastries, and I happen to have a grammophone and old jazz records and the most wonderful friends and my livingroom will be so wonderful once it is ready...
I've always been a dreamer and had my visions... sometimes, even years later I might even become a wee bit scared when I realize that so many of the things I've dreamed of have become true. I have never been afraid of tackling and going towards my dreams. We, the ones who are privileged to say things like this out loud, we have a chance to live a pretty damn good life. And for me that means to be thankful. For everything I have! And that we so often take for granted. A home. Friends. Love. Health. Work. Money. Time to dream. And so much more! All in random order.

Sunday evening. Time to say goodbye to yet anohter wonderful weekend.

Time also to complete my letter to my dear friend G. He is an inmate in an american prison. We have been penpals and friends for a long time. We have become very close. In this friendship I have a responsability to not give him hope, he is on deathrow. And I also have responsability in not making him fall in love with me. For ex. I like to be gentle in my words, but there is a risk, and I must be clear if I use tender words. Because in my opinion this is not the place to make your selfasteem grow, to make someone dream of you and in their mind picture you as a dreampartner, the same way as there is a risk if a person is internet dating. If you are the slightest desperate or have very low selfasteem, you can easily make up a dream-partner and even fall in love without ever having met the other person. We all have heard of the most absurd stories of how inmates marry persons they've never met.
But there's no such risk anymore as we have been friends for a long time. G is one of the most caring people I know. And his humour, well, he is very funny. But it makes my heart very heavy, as there are days when he has no reason to get up.
You must all by now know that I am a hundred percent against death penalty. Everyone screws up. A lot of young kids in america screw up at a very young age, there are guns and there are drugs and there are gangs. A world I know very little about. But I do not want to feel sorry for my dear friend G. That does not help him. I rather feel sympathy, and I care.
Our correspondance is not about his committed crime, nor do I write about my opinion regarding deathrow.
There are so many other things to write about. Believe me. It's the sort of friendship I will value for the rest of my life. Everytime I receive a letter from dearest G, I always try to save it like a treat. And what joy it is to read. He has a tremendous gift in writing. So if any of you are interested in starting a correspondance with a prisoner, please be in touch, I can give you more information if you wish.
Obviously, it is wise to remember that once you start, you should stick to it. As you might become a very important friend. So it is good to think of what sort of commitment you make.And obviously one does not have to choose an inmate on deathrow if it feels too heavy to tackle.

Above is a picture from last year when I was in Italy. My friends are walking there, in the sun! A few months later we met up in Berlin. And walked in the sun.
It has been so sunny of late. A few years back, when I was involved with an eu-project, we had a meeting in Turkey and we stayed on for some days in Istanbul and we had booked this wonderful hotel that had a terrace overlooking the Bosphorus, we enjoyed looooong breakfasts on the terrace, in the sun. Spring bloomed when we were there. The cherrytrees were in bloom and tulips. I flew home to Helsinki and the next day I flew to Berlin for a short holiday. And spring bloomed when I was there, we sat outdoors eating brekfast and lunch, we sat in parks and cykled. That year I experienced spring three times!


Friday, 13 March 2015

Friday the 13th, part two

I made a little gift for my loved one.

It says härligt. A word we use frequently. It means lovely. And that is what everything is. 
We are. Life is. 

Friday the 13th

I found the little rug at the flea market, my heart and tummy filled with warmth and love, as I came to think of the dearest man I know and his inherited beautiful lace tablecloths, his granny has crocheted loads! Sad not to have the name of the person who made it. 

Friday the 13th. Always been a favorite combo. Lucky day! I even met L for the first time friday the 13th. Little did I know we would end up loving each other. 

Happy weekend all you lovelies out there!

Monday, 9 March 2015

Spring... in the air! Spring is in light! Spring is on everybody's tongue! Spring is in the headlines!

The sun is out and it is warm. People are transforming!
I want to plant flowers, I want to plant herbs, I want to plant sunflowers!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Then there was a...

... windmill!
I found the painting at the fleamarket. It has a portrait painted on the reverse side. That used to be custom for artists to do, to either paint over a previous painting, or turn the canvas.
I shall keep this for now, maybe one day I shall turn the canvas as the portrait is beautiful. On the fleamarket pricetag it said "Local windmill". We have a beautiful windmill, just a few hundred meters away from my house, it stands tall. I took a picture of it at christmas. It could in fact be the exact same windmill. The painting is not signed, so I do not know if it is by a local artist.

On friday me and L went to see a local band play. Very few turned up. But the band gave their best, they even played an encore for us. Me and L spontaneously ended up for a few drinks at a nightclub. And a certain someone even sang a karaokesong, hih;)

On saturday we had a date, we saw a really silly swedish movie called Micke och Veronika, and then we had dinner. What a great saturday!

And the weekend continues with yet another movie, tonight I shall see The Imitation game. All my friends have spoken only well of the film.

Have a wonderful sunday!

Sunday, 22 February 2015


I've had a week of winterholiday. And what did I do? I attended a course at Teatteri Metamorfoosi, from monday to friday. We concentrated on clown work, including methods used by French-Guatemalan artist Mario Gonzalez’ theatre games. The game is very strict, it has many rules and gives you a frame to move within. During the week I slowly got acquinted with my new friend, Lilli, as seen above. 

It was so much fun and so interesting. To work with physical theatre again, neutral masque and clown. Each night I fell asleep happy. 

 Once again. Life is good!

Sunday, 15 February 2015


I watched The Notebook film tonight. Oh my does it make me cry. I think it's really lovely, sort of reminds me of my parents. My mother has alzheimer. There are very good days, and there are less good days, and there are days. She very often asks my dad to tell her how they met. In fact, many times a day. In the film the lady has dementia. Here's the trailer.
I love the song featured in the film, I'l be seeing you, by the one and only Billie Holiday.

And as I was in a kind of sentimental mood, I was about to write my darling a good night text, as he is far away at the moment. And right then, when I'm writing him, he calls me. I wasn't expecting that! And I started to cry. Because I was so happy. Because I miss him like crazy. Because I love him!
Soon he'll be back home again!

I need to get up early. I have a course to attend. I'll tell you more about that later. Sleep well!

Above is a picture from my favorite café, Tuhannen tuskan kahvila. It was the first café I went to when I moved to this small town. I lived just a few houses away and in the weekends, I sat in their garden and read the paper and had breakfast. Liisa, the owner, always stayed for a while by my table and talked to me. I didn't know anyone. And it was just so lovely, the next time I came back, she remembered me. She even remembered some things I had told her. It made me feel so welcome and since then, the café and Liisa has a special place in my heart.

Restaurant day

Today is restaurant day in Finland. Small pop up restaurants and cafés open for just today.

I shall visit at least two!

Above is my bedroom in sunlight. The sun is out, so let's go get blinded by it! Happy sunday folks!

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentine's day, internet-bullying and racism

I have to confess I am not much of a fan of Valentines day. For me personally, the only romance I need and wish for is the everyday romance. In the form of flowers when not expected. You know the "just because I love you" -bouquets! Spontaneous gifts. The whispered love words and compliments, the glances, the smile and the happy eyes that greet me when we meet. The loving compliments about my looks and about my clothing. Kind gestures. Laughter. Kind words. Encouragement. The wishing well.
Obviously I wish to be remembered when there is an occasion. But to only receive flowers and a hint of romance on Valentines day, then I would be dissapointed!
I also give flowers and gifts, I do not think it is only for the male to be the giver. L has been very happy everytime he has received flowers. So girls, give your spouses flowers!

I also try to think about how much fun am I as a girlfriend or spouse. Am I considerate? Am I loving? Generous? Am I making life easy for the one I love. Do I show and tell how much I appreciate my partner? Do I live accordinly to what I wish for? Do I compliment my partner on his looks and his clothing.

I am thankful that we spend time with each other. We turn our technical equipment off when together. I love it that L suggests things to do, the other day he suggested we see an exhibition together and made dinner together and then decided to just stay home, we lay in bed talking and laughing and loving each other. I also appreciate that we both have our own hobbies and interests. But we also have a few weekly hobbies in common. We play badminton. It is so much fun and something we both prioritize.

When L was going through his divorce, which turned ugly as his ex-wife decided to make it public on her blog and on facebook. She even wrote, it would have been easier had he died. Had she been a man, it would have been considered violence. Now she painted herself as a victim.
What happened was, instead of having a community turn against us, we received so much unexpected support and so much love from people we didn't even know! Everywhere we went, seriously, people came up to us and said encouraging words. And when she decided to publish my name and link to my blog, I received over a hundred comments from people I had never met, that asked me to try see beyond her violence but stay true to my rights. I received so much supposrt from blogfriends and my IRL friends. Thank you so much! She eventually did remove the link and my name. She still claims she had a right to do so, you know, freedom of speech blah-blah-blah. How about ethics and moral? It is extremely selfish. Even if she has removed the actual post, it is still out there. Nothing you can ever delete..and it has a name: internet-bullying.
It all started with a picture of flowers I had posted on my blog. She thought they were a bouquet from L. And she stated her right: due to the fact that I post about my happiness and my love, she has a right to post about lost love and her unhappiness. And hence a right to publish my name and link to my blog. The flowers. They were from my mother.

She has luckily stopped following my blog and she no longer writes comments and messages to me, probably due to the fact she herself has found love and does not have the time nor the interest anymore. She has finally managed to move on in her life and I wish her and her boyfriend much happiness. See what a little love can do! Hallelujah!

Freedom of speech. I am a defender of it. But in the name of it, people say and write the most awful things. Take the N-word. It is out there. It exists. But why do people feel the right to use it. The N-word is racist. It is a fact. By using it, you are racist. And in my opinion extremely stupid. It is not YOUR right to choose and decide WHAT IS and WHAT IS NOT racist. And why is that? Because you are not the one with the measure-ecquipment!You are not the one who has had to live with racist attitudes.
Usually white people who incist on using the N-word, feel they need to defend the usage of the word, and also adding, but I'm not racist if I do use it, because, (and this is in my opinion the most ridiculus part!)  I would never use it in front of a coloured person. Then why use it at all? Because I can! I have a right to use any word I want. Yes of course, but where lies your morals? We all have a right to say and do things, but because of MORALS and ETHICS we do not. Because as humans, we can use our brain to think logically, to be critical, to make conclusions, we can decide, we can choose not to offend, not to provoke. That we can see further, that by giving up on racist attitudes and language, we ourselves, contribute to a better world. We can also change. The way we looked at the world hundred years ago, is not the way we today look at the world and humans. A lot has changed. The same way as we don't go around saying everything we think out loud. Because we have been taught good manners. And language can and should change. Attitudes can and should change. It is called growing. Becoming aware. Awarness is key.
And how offensive isn't that sort of behaviour, double standard. RACIST. As if by accepting the fact our culture is racist, and by holding on to these power-structures with nails and teeth, with aggressive and dogmatic reasons, we give in  and our lives would be less free? With white priviledges comes responsability. To admit racism exist. In our culture and in our language. To use responsability to try change, to try educate. To try make poeple open their eyes to priviledge. And to accept that in order to make change, I may have to give up on some of my priviledges. This part is not easy. And I am by no means a good example, because I cannot confess to having given up on my priviledges so far. But I confess to try accept I live in a racist culture. It makes me sick at times. I feel ashamed. I also make mistakes, for ex. I often try to not see colour, where there is colour.
If you want to learn more about racism and about power, please watch wonderful Aamer Rahman.

In Finland Valentines day is friend day. I like that. I have been blessed with very very dear friends. Thank you all. I love you and I am grateful for our friendship. Tack! Kiitos! Thank you! Merci!

I received Valentine's Day flowers from my darling. They were much appreciated!

Above is another nude vintage postcard from early 1900. I belive it is a 20's card. French. You know I have a vast collection of french cards. Most of them still tucked away in boxes...

Wednesday, 11 February 2015


I received this dreamcatcher as a gift from my student Ida. It is so beautuful and so me. I love the colours, and it's recykled from leftover materials.

Please stop the press! I also received something as wonderful as anonymous internet love! It's the second time! It's a set off to internet hate-mail that especially female politicians and activists have received. To try to silence them. To scare them. If you want to make someone happy, then why not send them some anonymous internet love. Here's the link in swedish. So thank you, whoever has sent me the beautiful words.

I have been listening to this, and I just want to kiss my darling.. love is the sweetest of all and I am so much in love. And as if that wasn't wonderful enough, I am beeing loved back in return!

Thursday, 5 February 2015

I'm here to tell ya every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top

Here's to us beautiful girls who ain't no size two. Enjoy!

The picture above is not mine. Borrowed of AB.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

And the award goes to...

... my dearest darling L!!!

I have been mega ill. With an aggressive throat-infection and very high fever. I have been without voice since sunday and just slept if possible. Today is the first day I only have a slight temperature.

Darling  L has carried organic lemons and ginger, honey and oranges from the shop. Ice-cream for my sore throat. Coughmedecin from the pharmacy. He has brought me the most beautiful tulips. He has made litres and litres of tea with ginger, lemon and honey for me. Pealed garlic. He has made saltwater for me to gorgle with. He has shovelled endless amounts of snow. He has stroked my back to ease the coughing. He has dried my tears. He has kissed the pain away.

I have the most wonderful and loving boyfriend. I love him and feel so blessed and thankful for all that he has done for me. I have told him. Do not worry. I tell him every day how thankful I am. I don't live out my emotions online, I make sure to express them IRL, preferably face to face.


So there was a birthday. We made waffles. My wish. We had just dined out a few days prior, so I decided to want to spend my birthday at home. I attended my watergym session, stayed on for a little "spa", facemask and essential-sauna-body-oil. Came home and we made WAFFLES!!!!

I received so many birthdaygifts. I shall show you later when I'm feeling better. Picture above is of gits from L, red roses and champagne and a lovely pressie.

Oh I hope you have followed up on the wonderful story on HONY, of this exceptional and wonderful young man Vidal and what happened after that one charming (first) picture of him.
This has made me so very happy!

Take care!

Monday, 26 January 2015

The world

At times I do worry awfully much about the state of the world and about us humans.
I am privileged. I am loved. I am thankful.

To ease a wee bit my worry, I have today donated my todays earning to Amnesty. Right now we need to stop public flogging of  of Saudi Arabian Raif Badawi, a blogger and activist. Please sign the petition to free our fellow blogger. Here is more information. Here is more information for finnish readers. Thank you! Let us be good to each other, look out for each other and love.

Sunday, 18 January 2015


Well, yours truly has signed up. Finally according to some;) Well, let's see if I get the hang of it. So, folks, if you want to follow me, then Ninitchi is my name. Find me or if you cannot be bothered, just click on the image of the bird to the right, the little birdie will find me...

The image above is the first image I uploaded.
I got the image from my friend Emma. She is a lovey friend, and a wonderful author. Tack finaste Emma.

The image reminds me of Emma (of course!) but also of a finnish poem by Marja-Leena Mikkola. Here it is perfomed by Anneli Saaristo, Tyttö ja tanssiva karhu.

Friday, 16 January 2015

National Tulip Day

Today is the National Tulip Day. In the Netherlands. But why not celebrate it internationally! So today after work, me and L enjoyed some croissants and tradional Runeberg cakes. And enjoyed tulips given by my neighbour. An elderly lady who lives just next door, she is so grateful to have a neighbour after all these years when my house stood abandoned.
The beautiful handmade candles are from another neighbour. I know, I am so spoiled! Kiitos Minna ja tytöt!

It is friday. How fast the week passed.
Quite a lot of programme for today so I better just log off and wish you all a lovely weekend.

Take care, keep warm and dry!

Friday, 9 January 2015

Thank you!

I received this card from my friend Maria.

It really made my day! I smiled. She really knows me. I love love love dots. I have dots on most of my clothes. Seldom do I walk out my door without dots, on my clothes or my accessories.

I also love the art nouveau-era.

And obviously the text. Hilarious!

Kiitos Maria!

Have a great weekend friends!

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Cabbage and flora

I made cabbage-stew today. My parents are comig to visit tomorrow and it is an easy and very lovely dish, suitable for winter. It easy to make, you just prepare and let it simmer for hours if you want. I serve it with lingonberries. I find it is absolutely best the second day, that is why I try prepare cabbage-stew one day in advance if possible.

Here is my little fun project I have been working on:
As I bought an old house with just walls and roof, no storage was available. I either have to build storage or buy furniture. But with a tight budget I cannot afford to buy stuff all the time. That is why, if I come by usable things I try to make the best of it. As with this small cabinet. It was fine, but not really my style and the doors were in need of repair. So I decided to cover the doors with pages from an old german flora. Some of you may remember I wallpapered a wall in my small apartment ( the "shoebox") with these same pages, some years ago. I still have plenty pages left and can use them for all sorts of projects.
I am pleased with the outcome for this cabinet. Now I have a place for bedlinen, towels, tablecloths, etc.
I used Joseph Franks' famous cabinet "Flora" as an inspiration. 



Monday, 5 January 2015

All sorts I am still on comes some more rabble from a certain someone, hih!

Last night, me and my two friends had a sauna. Being in Finland, that is not special nor really worth mentioning. But this particular sauna is, in my opinion, definitely worth mentioning. It's by the shore, nobody around, it's heated with wood and rather cozy. Our friend M was also supposed to join us, but she had a rather nasty coincidence at home, earlier that day. (Nobody was hurt, just nasty).

So I came to the sauna, with bags filled with candles and goodies: all sorts of stuff you can scrub your face and body with, facemasks, bodyoils to leave on whilst in the sauna (makes your skin oh so soft), hairmasks, you  name it! There was this mix of different essential-oils in the air, three beautiful ladies having a spa on a sunday-evening. It was sooooo relaxing.

Cykling home later the same evening, I felt all blessed, again.

These are by far the best suggestions for New Years resolutions. By the ever so lovely Nina Hemmingsson. I am a huge fan of her work and I have all her albums, and love to read her strips in Aftonbladet (this image is taken from their site).

So, a new week. Have a good one. Be safe friends!

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Rose dress

I have been working most of the day, on a lovely project. I shall show you once it is ready.

Took this picture just a while ago, my lovely wallpaper (framed) by Deborah Bowness called Rose dress. I have it in green but am drooling...I'd love to have the one in pink too...greedy? Me? Surely not! Hih!

Sorry for the reflection in the glass, I tried a new angle, then another one and yet another one, but the reflection was there. So we just need to accept the reflection, in fact, let's make her feel really welcome, who are we to who exclude anyone?!!!

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Avocados and other rumblings

I was going to write about how I for long dreamed of a house. Of the squeaky wooden plankfloor, how I would stumble on the rugs, eating toast with avocado, how I would sit with my cat in my lap...
I live and have all that. I stumble on the rugs, or a few ones, often and I love the sound of my wooden plank floors and I love avocado on toast, my cat often sits in my lap...someone once said, be careful what you wish for - your wish may come true!
This is how it looks like when I've had my choice of vegetable in the kitchen...

I once read a novel, by Rachel Ingalls, called Mrs. Caliban. I so enjoyed it. And I craved for avocadoes all the way through. I did give in on the cravings, of course! I do recommend the novel. It is probabaly 25 years since I read it, but I can recall the atmospere and the avocado-cravings like yesterday. During the same time I read another memorable novel, about a man who became an alcoholic. It wasn't a victim story, but I do remember beeing extremely touched. For the life of me I cannot recall the title, nor the author.

I also remembered how me and my dear friend T, travelled on the metro in Helsinki, both carrying skies and bags, and how she suddenly remembered she had placed an avocado inside one of her ski-boots, as there had been no other place possible, and how she wished she was going to remember the avocado when she comes home. For some reason we started laughing at this, she was going to get off one stop before me, so I was left with the laughter alone in the metro (I just couldn't stop, nor could she, so she was laughing on her own in the station!). It was of contagious sort, and so we were a bunch of strangers laughing together on the metro, for a short while.

Today I had my dear friends Kaisa and Ilona and Haruka over for tea and bisquits. Kaisa brought with her the most amazing artwork. She makes these dogbusts to hang on the wall. The small green one I've had before. They are sooooo charming! Sorry the image is of such poor quality. I'll show you a better picture once they have found their place on my wall.

My dear friend Nicolas died in 2010. A long long time ago, he was engaged to be married. Her name was Silja. But they never did get married. They did live together. For how long, I cannot remember, it is such a long time ago. And Nicolas is no longer amongst us. Yesterday I had the news, Silja had passed away first of january.
I never learned to know her, our paths crossed several times, but we never found friendship, though many of our mutual friends (often) suggested we probably would like each other.
I remember a few things from their (Nicolas' and Silja's) home. Their enormous antique diningtable. The amount of books. Everywhere. Her collection of ex votos on a wall, legs and arms. Many years later, when Nicolas and Silja no longer were a couple, I visited her apartment. She had the most beautiful bedlinen. The duvetcover had a large hole in the middle of the top fabric, a square lined with lace, and this was the hole from where you also placed the duvet inside the cover. It was from a time when duvets were colourful and beautiful. She told me it was from her grandparents. 
Today, in Helsingin Sanomat, I read probably the most beautiful obituary ever written, by our mutual friend Tuomas.

Thursday, 1 January 2015


Things I really like doing are called doings. Here are some.

Today, after a wonderful lazy looooong morning with my darling, I walked to my workshop and scraped an old chair of paint. I purchaised it for 10 euros, decided to try give it a new chapter in its history. It has been standing outdoors for long and the paint was flaking when I got it. I wasn't really sure if it possible to save, as it had some mould under the paint. Not all over, just in a few places.
So I let it dry first, then scraped the paint (today), and washed it with natural soap and brush. Now I will let it dry again, then glue the pieces properly, add some new wood for the seat (missing pieces) and either use linseed oil or wax. It will be a beauty. One day.

This is how much paint I scraped off:

The cupboard I got previously during the week, well, it was missing a back for the top shelf. So I made one to fit from cardboard and painted it. Almost the same, but not quite. It is soooooo good in my kitchen.

Happy New Year!

Before dinner we headed to the shore, to enjoy a firework-show. We had packed with us champagne-glasses and sparkling wine. The show was spectacular!
I like this pic as it looks like a medusa, hih!

We then walked home, accompanied by our friends and neighbours and their 3 children.
Once home, we made dinner together with L. He chopped the vegetables and I continued with the rest. We made Creme Vichyssoisse, not as a starter, but as main course. We had so much mayonnaise left from christmas, so we decided to have toast Skagen again. We love toast Skagen, so it was not a hard decision to make, hih!

For desert I had made a Skyr cake, but without Skyr.
Skyr is an icelandic dairy product, we have something similar called rahka. I used vanilla-flavoured rahka. For the bottom I used Bastogne bisquits. The Skyr-cake is an easier and faster version of a cheese-cake. Topped with fresh berries. I used blueberry.

We enjoyed dinner and planned to take a walk at midnight, and perhaps spot some fireworks. But dear Muru (my cat) became so scared of the bangs from the fireworks, that we decided to stay at home and keep her company and make her feel safe. So we climbed onto our bed, with Muru between us, some candles lit, listening to music (most of my records are tucked away still, but managed to locate my Melody Gardot cd's, so we listened to this), sipping champagne and eating chocolate and tell each other what we dream and wish for. Muru was pleased, purring away, stretched long between us. It is so lovely that we can make her feel so safe. I could not have wished for a lovelier way to step, or in our case, gently slip into a new year.

The candleholder is so dear to me, it is a gift from my mother. She bought it in Berlin. A city she has visited many many times, and really loves. Due to her condition, I doubt she will ever return.

Happy New Year dear friends! You are the best! 

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

More movies...

It's great beeing on holiday and live where Ilive. Last night whilst we were having supper, L suddenly suggested we should check out yet another movie. A movie I sort of jokingly suggested we should check out when we saw the trailer the other day. So once we had eaten and enjoyed coffee and even made the dishes, we walked to the cinema and got comfortable with our 3D-glasses and enjoyed Exodus. We both really enjoyed it! I must admit I did not expect to actually be so caught up in the film. I was slightly amused at first with the various english accents and the make-up, you know the heavy eyeliners, the dark foundation, the black wigs. So in the beginning when they showed slaves pulling heavy blocks of stone, I could not help myself from whispering "sorry, but I think it's polystyrene" ...luckily L has a (good!) sence of humour...

I have been busy for a few days...yesterday my friend asked if I wanted an old cupboard of hers, she is moving out of her workshop, and has some furniture that needs to be relocated. So the cupboard moved into my kitchen. A little detail below. It is so beautiful. It is a perfect pair for my cabinet. A small detail in the lower picture.

Then I hurried home to pick up my stuff and off I hurried to play badminton with L. After an hour on court I hurried home after a quick shower, to meet yet another friend...

And rest is history.

Today has also been a friend day. I met up with my friend Ulla,  who lives in a village nearby, for lunch. We laughed so much, she was about to fall off the chair. This time it wasn't me! I am usually the one that falls off chairs laughing.

Today we are not heading to the cinema, hih! Our friends from Luxemburg are coming for a visit.

Midweek. Enjoy!

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Serious business

Today we had a proper waffle-feast with my parents. We have already become experinced wafflebakers, and we have a working routine: I make the dough and L bakes the waffles.

My parents just sighed with delight and enjoyed waffles with strawberry-jam and whipped cream with a hint of vanilla. Isn't it funny how waffles makes us remember? It is so connected to memories. Almost everyone whom has heard that we bake waffles say, oh waffles, we used to make waffles, but not anymore. I wonder why? It's not complicated or timeconsuming.
We bought a waffle-iron that bakes two waffles at the same time.  That is efficient and serious waffle-business!

We even had umbrellas...hih!

Yummy!  Life is sooooo goooood!!!

Thursday, 25 December 2014


On christmas eve, we enjoyed a long breakfast and then headed out for a walk. First we took candles to the graveyard. L's grandparents were all remembered with candles and also his first wife's loved ones.
Then we walked to his familys summerhouse, lit a candle and headed down to the sea and walked along the shore, enjoying the beauty of this city we live in.

We then had lunch, I prepared Toast Skagen and we enjoyed some sparkling wine.

After lunch we started to prepare for the evening, our first christmas  together and our first christmas in my house.
We listened to christmas-music and were ready when we had a knock on the door at exactly 5p.m. Our guest K arrived.
We enjoyed plenty of fish in all forms (raw, marinated, smoked, sill) and as I do not eat meat (luckily L does not care for meat much either) we had plenty of veggie dishes in all forms.

Above is the christmas-bouquet.
After desert we had coffee and cakes and chocolate and some port. And then, we heard a knock on the door. We weren't expecting anyone, so it took some time for us to run to the door. When we opened, we found a sack on the steps. It was father Christmas who had left a whole bunch of pressies for all of us!

After dinner L walked K home, they stopped by the graveyard to look at the sea of candles. Their friendship goes way back, to their childhood.

I made a fire and waited for L to return. We then enjoyed some mulled wine in candlelight.

Once again, I am grateful for everything. We had a wonderful christmas!

I received so many gifts! Books, mittens, a calender to hang on the wall, an antique kitchenscale, dotted lacecurtain...THANK YOU!

Today, on christmasday, we again had a loooooong breakfast, then we snoozed for a while. The sunny weather was so inviting so we got dressed and took a long walk.
We stopped for lunch at L's house and when we walked back to my house, we were surrounded by this magical light. Impossible to catch on camera, this is just a few hundred meters from my house.

After dinner L suggested we go to the movies to see The Hobbit. I live just around the corner from our local cinema. What an excellent movie for christmas-day, hih!

Now I shall read and sleep. I also need to finish off my christmas-gift for L. I had knitted a hat, which was ready for christmas. But the scarf needs another 10cm.

Enjoy! Love to all!