Sunday, 7 February 2016


Yesterday I was invited to a russian themed evening with plenty of food and crafting.

It all started with a picture a friend of mine posted on facebook. A picture of a beautiful ushanka. They are usually not at all pretty, but this one was. So after plenty commenting on the picture she started a group and we decided to pimp ushankas for ourselves. And yesterday was the big day.

We were invited to a wonderful home. We were served cabbagepie that was decorated as the russian navy flag, a few stars and a shooting star to honor the russian space science, hih!
We also had kulibiaki. Gherkin, smetana and honey was served aswell. And we drank vodka and sparkling wine.
Our hostess played on their organ and we crafted.

 The organ. Fantastic piece.


 The cabbagepie, pictured from the wrong angle....

The view from the kitchen window. Yes. It is a windmill. Old and real. Fantastic.

Another view from a window. 

This is my pimped ushanka. 

We has such a wonderful night. Mia's home is beautiful and warm, they have pets that are adorable and charming. Such hospitality and generosity is something that always makes me feel very grateful and humble. It is seldom people open up their homes for others to visit nowadays. I am lucky to have such wonderful people in my life.
Yes, we have already planned the next meeting...

Happy loving sunday dear friends!

Saturday, 6 February 2016


I found this lovely card on the internet, I placed a bid on it and won. I was the only bidder;) So the card found it's way to its new home in less than 3 days and yesterday me and my mister took a stroll in a fleamarket and I found this frame for it. It is not vintage, but suits the picture very well. This particular card would be classified as fetish, as it only features legs in stockings.

I have a vast collection of french cards, from around the 1920's. French cards are erotic, usually topless women pictured in boudoirs. Most of the women pictured are prostitutes from that era. Even though the french cards are very romantic, many of the girls smile and play in front of the camera, but the life of a prostitute in France back then was as far from romantic and fun, as the sun is from the moon!
This would look great in a shop for vintage clothing, a stilleben with a pair of black vintage stockings, maybe a pair of vintage shoes and roses and pearls and an antique perfume bottle...

And here is a french song by the lovely Lucienne Boyer, Parlez-Moi D'Amour, if you want to get in the mood, hih!

Wishing you a lovely weekend! Love, love, love!

Monday, 1 February 2016


A new hatbox moved in. Inside the lid there is a name and date 24/12 1911 and a Russian stamp, probably the factory. I have a suitcase of the same wooden material. They are so lovely. In Finnish these are called vaneriaski.

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Weekend in woolen socks

I love wearing woolen socks,  right now I wear a pair that my friends mother has knitted for me. In fact I have many pairs that she has knitted for me. It is with the heaviest of hearts that I received the news just over a week ago, that she passed away. I have a photograph in my bedroom, on the door to my wardrobe, of her as a child, with her sisters. She was always so warm and kind towards me.

Yesterday I made another lot of hummus, I usually have hummus at home, it is good with bread as a starter or as with the dish I had yesterday, as sauce. This dish is usually served as a breakfast in some breakfast cafés in London. It is far too heavy as breakfast for me, unless it's weekend and you can enjoy it as a brunch. Fried mushrooms and tomatoes on bread with hummus. I use ryebread and I fry the lot in butter and toast the bread..

 I usually receive praise for my hummus, (yes yes, of course I am the worlds greatest cook!), so anyhow, many comment about how it tastes like in the middle east or north africa,  so I shall tell you a little secret. The secret is water. In almost all the recipes I have seen, the amount of water used is very small. I use 1½ cups, sometimes 2 cups of water, when in the recipes the amount is 2-3 tbsp. Try it and don't forget to use salt. So many peeps leave out the salt in hummus and well, it sort of is rather essential. I have been lucky to have learned to cook some arabic and northern aftrican dishes, with friends whom have relatives or have lived there themselves. I love to cook and I love to mix different dishes. 

Remember to love and be present. Take care all you beautiful people!

Saturday, 30 January 2016

A birthday

Thank you for the lovely birthdaycards, the gifts and messages!
I am a blessed soul, I am very grateful! 
Kiitos! Tack! Merci! Thank you!

Tuesday, 26 January 2016


My oh my, did the weather change drastically, from winter wonderland to dangerous iceroads. I have been skating and tap-dancing all my ways today.

I like winter, but this outcome is the stage in winter I actually I try to just think that the days seem longer already, the light has changed. Spring is soon here. There's small lovely milestones ahead. A few gigs, theatre, a romantic getaway...

Above is a flowerstand, that might have been a lamp in its previous life. It certainly provides lovely shadow play on the wall and door.

Stay upright and love!

Monday, 25 January 2016

A challenge about morning routines, hih!

I received a few questions, regarding morning routines in my everyday life, if I watch morning television and so on. Well, not sure if anyone really is interested, but I decided to give it a go, hih!

I usually press snooze a few times when the alarm goes off, and snuggle under the covers with a furry friend. A fantastic start to the day to slowly wake up to purring. I believe it should be mandatory that all humans should wake up to a warm and purring friend. I believe the outcome would be a kinder world. Or then I rush myself, wake up, wake up, there is so much I need to tell my darling and warm gentle lips to kiss.

My breakfast usually consist of ryeporridge with chopped flaxseed (linseed). A large mug of coffee with honey and milk. And vitamin D and B. I lit candles and try not to hurry.
If I wake elsewhere, I usually miss this moment in the mornings, my own mug with french roast or dark roast coffee with honey and milk, the lit candles, the silence. I think I have a lovely home and I enjoy my mornings in my house.

I don't own a tv, I can watch tv on my computer but I do not watch anything regularly. I have forgotten how it is, to watch tv daily or follow a series. I did follow Downton Abby. Or tried to. I absolutely adore Dame Maggie Smith, and her role as the Dowager Countess of Grantham was brilliant. The series did turn out such a soap after the third or fourth season, but I still continued watching.

I don't spend time putting on make-up, as I usually don't use anything else than lipstick.

I work daily and I enjoy my work. I usually cykle to work, but for the past few weeks I have walked, it has been too cold, my bike does not operate if it is very cold. But now it is mild again, I shall go back to my cykling routine.

In the weekends, my morning routine is very similar, except that I go back to bed after breakfast and continue sleep or I might listen to the radio, a pod or a playlist.  It is such luxury. 

Well. Happy enjoyable mornings to you all. If anyone feels like catching this challenge, please feel free and tell the world about your morning routines. 

Sunday, 24 January 2016


I love having traditions, things I do annually.
Making blinis is a wonderful tradition.

I made the root to the dough on friday evening and yesterday we fried blinis. We topped them with smetana, roe, red onion, cold smoked salmon and dill. For starters we had pickled gerkhins with smetana and honey. So wonderfully delicious. We enjoyed a bottle of sparkling wine.

We finished off our delicious dinner with a cheese-cake made by darling L.  White chocolate and mascarpone cheese were among the ingredients...yummy!

What a wonderful evening we had!

Oh, if you have a chance to see the swedish film, en man som  heter Ove, I warmly recommend.  We saw it a few weeks ago, and my goodness, I laughed and cried so so much.

This lovely song by lovely Laleh, well, it's the title song of the film. Enjoy!
And love, plenty and crazy and wild!

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

A lovesong for M. Chagall

After writing my post yesterday, I immediately thought of Chagall. That I ought to sing my lovesong for Marc Chagall here on the blog.
I find his work very sensual, very romantic and quite often very funny. I saw a large exhibition in the beginning of the 90's at the Retretti artmuseum. I remember not liking the artmuseum itself, but the paintings were wonderful.

Here is a favorite Chagall painting called The Acrobat in my kitchen. I have a few old prints of his work. Dried rowanberries on a wire next to it...

Well all you beautiful peeps reading this, take care, stay warm and spread love.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Amedeo Modigliani and romantic wabble

I've loved Amedeo Modigliani since, well, it seems like forever. I think I can recall one of the first paintings that I fell for, but my love for his art, has never faded.
I even felt a heartbeat when I saw a small painting of his in a small museum in London.
Well, today I read it in the newspaper. The Ateneum artmuseum in Helsinki is going to host a large exhibition of Amedeo Modigliani next autumn. I am so excited! I shall spend a day, no many days at the museum. It is a wonderful museum, if you ever visit Helsinki, I warmly recommend to pay a visit.

The next exhibition is for the work of Auguste Rodin.  When I lived in Paris for a while in my youth, I used to frequently visit the Rodin museum, and its' fantastic garden. At the time, the garden was more like a small park with a small garden café. Apparently it has been under renovation, I hope they have saved the garden, because it was sort of an oasis in the huuuuge city. I believe I can still find my way there, even though I haven't been there for so many years. The adress is 77 rue de Varennes.
I know the city has changed, I no longer speak the language, well, I can follow a very slow french film, but to engage myself in a conversation, well, it would probably feel like climbing the mount Everest. I was once very happy there, but I have also been so completely heartbroken that I swore I should never return. Well, my heart has healed long long long ago and I shall take my darling L to visit the city of love, one day.
Of course, I have changed. I am as romantic as ever, and hence I am going to end with the words of Ernest Hemingway, in his book, a Moveable feast, a romantic novel of the years he lived in Paris. I recall they often ate. Anyhow, it is years since I read the novel, but the conclusion has stayed with me ever since; "This is how Paris was in the early days when we were very poor and very happy."

Here is a small vintage postcard of one of Amedeo Modigliani's halfnude ladies. I have it framed. This picture is from the beloved shoebox, some years ago.

Happiness is...

...all Anna Ahmatova's poems translated to finnish by Anneli Heliö. Finally!

Friday, 15 January 2016

Poems on the underground

I have for years planned to do this again, as I made a similar piece back in 2009, it was sold.
This is one of the first poems that appeared on the London underground in 1986, and I remember falling for this poem by William Carlos Williams. Later I have bought compilations of the poems that appeared over the years and this still remains a favorite. Each letter is cut out separately and glued.

Here is the original I made back in 2009:

I had a small vintage frame that suited the poem so well, pardon the bad quality of the picture:

We are enjoying fantastic winterweather, powdersnow and beautiful sunlight. Yesterday we kicked off our thursday game of badminton, so much fun!!! We've had a break in our hobbies too over the holidays. A certain someones mister even dragged himself to the gym this morning! That is way too brisk for me! But we train at the gym on tuesdays, but in the evening ;) Life is very good. 

Weekend again, wishing you a lovely one! Take care and love!

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Reality check

So I woke up this morning to it beeing rather cold in the kitchen. I have an airheating-pump, but when it falls down to -25 degrees Celsius, it stops producing warm air. 
So I sort of forgot about it last night and during the night it stopped producing warm air. So my waterpipes in the kitchen froze, they are drawn along the floors and it is so cold, they froze. I managed to defrost them using a hairdryer. Thank god one has invested in such,  though I cannot use it for drying my own hair, I have such hair it goes so electric, even the cat is frighten of me. This was perhaps not one of those better ways to start the day.
When I eventually left for work, it was -28 degrees Celsius. My bike did not work. Of course not.

L's first wife, lovely M-l wrote, "Today is not the day I'm jealous of your life in the house Nina!" I replied that nor am I, and I do not pinch myself in the arm to check if it is all a dream.

But this too will pass. The weather will be milder soon.
I bought an extra heater and it is getting so much warmer in the kitchen. Plus there are several ways of making sure they do not freeze. The best way is to let the tap drop. 

So, just to let you know it isn't just a sweet pretty bed of roses to live in this old house. Most of the time it is, but not when it is this freezing.

Keep warm. And love.

Above are some glasses I purchaised at the  local flea market. I had a few similar from before and I thought these will be a nice way to burn tea lights. Plenty of tea lights.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Well hello January!

Thank you dear ones for asking, yes, I am still here, just enjoying my holiday.

Happy New Year dear dear friends! 

 A small travelicon by Tarja Juusontytär.

We had guests over the new year.
The weather turned more winterish as the year came to a close. We enjoyed a glass of sparkling under the spectacular fireworks, provided by the city down by the shore at 6 p.m.

Before the fireworks, there was programme for families. As one of our guests is a a little toddler , a 2½year old, she got to ride a wagon with a pony. Very exciting.

We then headed back home were we prepared dinner. We had toast Skagen (made with crawfishtails) and a salad with cherry tomatoes, smoked salmon, roasted nuts, soft goats cheese, home made vinaigrette sauce topped with pomegranate. We then made lots and lots of waffles with whipped cream and raspberry jam. Until we just could not eat any more!

At midnight we stepped outside, stood on the terrace and we were spoiled yet again with remarkable fireworks, this time by people living in our neighborhood.

Now onto another topic.

When we have guests, I don't want to be the first one to place a mobile phone on the table. Some studies say that the presence of a phone, or the fact it is in mere sight, changes the level of conversation and presence. That we keep the topics as such, so it doesn't matter if we are interrupted. I have noticed the same.
It so seems that our guests and friends seem to be alike, not sure if it is because we prefer to spend time together over documenting every single move. I love taking pictures, but I don't want to loose out on the actual moment.We did talk about this phenomena, that sometimes you get a feeling that certain people do things mainly in order to be able to show pics on social media, rather than enjoying the walk or the dinner or the travels...

It is similar to what it is to be present. I've studied mindfulness for many years and use it regularly in my work. It fascinates me. And it is something that we need to practice even more now.

When I go through what it means to be heard, with my students, many actually reflect upon having been asked the right and correct questions, but that there seldom is a situation where the other person really listens to the answer. Or is even remotely interested in the answer. Meaning, asks follow up questions related to your answer. It is easily done, not because we don't care, but we're too busy doing other things simultaneously, or are in our minds elsewhere...
Ask yourself, do you know what your spouse or your mum or your sister dreams of? Or is it something you just think you know. To find out what they really dream of, you can't just ask directly, because then the answer will be of the sort that could be easily predicted by anyone, you know, a new phone, a new house, a trip abroad. What they really dream of, you can only find out with time, when you stop trying to figure out what to answer, when you show that you really are interested in hearing. It may take a long time, but slowly the outcome of words, the pauses, the gazes, the hmmms, the looking for words, will be of most genuine sort. I also think it has to do with self esteem to a certain point. That you can forget about focusing only on yourself and paying a bit more attention on hearing what your near and dear ones are saying, what they think about, what they wonder about.

The travelicon above is by a lovely artisan Tarja Juusontytär. It is made of tin, she makes the most beautiful articles of tin. I have a cornerlantern of hers aswell and a few other small bits and pieces. Here is a picture of the cornerlantern, from the beloved shoebox. Tarja can be found on facebook or here.

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

The year is soon coming to its end...

...and I want to thank you all.

It has been a good year, with its ups and downs, the way it is supposed to be I suppose.
I am not giving any new years resolutions, I like myself the way I am and I'm definitely not going to jump on the self-hatred wagon...I hope all of you can resist it too! Lets try loving ourselves instead.
Here is a very good read about how self-hatred is at its most just after new year, it is good for the cosmetics and dieting industry, but hey, life is far too short to be wasted on feeding your low self-esteem.

So, Happy New Year 2016! Spread good and spread love!

Added later. I read this maybe a year ago and even posted it here on the blog. Worth a repeat!!!! Words by Anne Lamott: 
"Oh my God, what if you wake up some day, and you’re 65, or 75, and you never got your memoir or novel written; or you didn’t go swimming in warm pools and oceans all those years because your thighs were jiggly and you had a nice big comfortable tummy; or you were just so strung out on perfectionism and people-pleasing that you forgot to have a big juicy creative life, of imagination and radical silliness and staring off into space like when you were a kid? It’s going to break your heart. Don’t let this happen."

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Christmas and renovation memories

I've had the most wonderful Christmas! For me Christmas is the whole procedure of preparing it and sharing and enjoying it. I am lucky to have a partner who feels the same and who also enjoys the same. We share the same idea, it should not create stress, we should enjoy preparing. And so we did. And what could be more enjoyable than doing it together!
We enjoyed plenty of food that darling L and I had prepared. We even printed out a menu, it was L's great idea.

Our guests enjoyed it all tremendously and we felt very happy and pleased!

As this now was the second Christmas spent in this lovely house, I started to look back at what it all looked like when I bought this house and started the renovation. I connected the house to the municipal-services, water, drain and electricity. As soon as the frost was out of the ground, we started to dig the garden and placed waterpipes and drain and electricitylines.
And we could start building a bathroom to this house. It is built as a separate building, only attached with boards to the mainbuilding.

Bathroom before.

Bathroom after.

This is what the kitchen looked like. Here I sat on a pile of rubbish, immediately after I had bought the house. It was dark, cold and damp. It was winter. There were floors missing...and I thought to myself, what on earth did you just do and what do you think you can do here. It is an ugly, cold and damp house. And I cried.
But I had a vision and a deep respect for this house. And here I am today. The house is not ready, but I have come a long long way.
I feel at home. And I have grown to love this house. I am living my dream.
During the Christmas homes -event, I came to realize this is a dream for many. To renovate and live in an old house. I also have to cherish and enjoy this house. Because I have the chance, I have this. I have worked hard for it obviously, but I also feel I need to cherish and take care of this. Of my dream.

 Kitchen before.

Kitchen before.

Kitchen on Christmas eve, before our guests arrived.

Kitchen before. Another wall and window.

And the same spot after. Took the picture last night, hence the cold light.

The day before Christmas eve, we saw Star Wars, The Force awakens, at the cinema. Hilarious to watch in 3D. We both enjoyed it, though L was unfamiliar with Star Wars, but I gave him a short update on what I thought could be of use to know. I am not a fan by no means, but  I have always liked Star Wars. 

Last night we saw Macbeth. I thought it a beautiful film, even though it is very raw and violent. I so enjoy the work of Paddy Considine, his spoken Shakespearean english, is so natural and comprehensible. I have appreciated his previous work and was happy to see him deliver yet another fine performance. And a wonderful Marion Cotillard, she was very strong and her language performance was stunning, she is french and I cannot believe how well she has managed to conquer the Shakespearean language. 
I love film. And my darling boyfriend is as eager to see film as me, so plenty more coming up during the holidays. And Father Christmas brought a giftcard to the cinema, I wonder how he guessed it would be a very appreciated gift. Tack älskling!

I shall continue to enjoy the holidays! I hope you do too!

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Merry Christmas

It is time for me to wish you all a wonderful Christmastime!
Thank you for all you wonderful and kind comments and messages, thank you for your friendship.
See you after Christmas again, as now it's the time to not be online.

God Jul!
Hyvää joulua!
Merry Christmas!
Joyeux Nöel!

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Holidays always starts with a statevisit

The holidays have started, hooooray!
Yesterday I jumped on the bus to Helsinki. L jokingly called my tightly scheduled visit a a statevisit, hih!
I started my statevisit by having the most delicious peruvian brunch at Onda with my dear friend Manuel. I then walked a few blocks to my friend Paavo, his son is my godson. And we celebrated his 8th birthday. What a charming bunch of dear friends. I felt so warm and happy sitting there, enjoying the laughter and song and wonderful cake and a happy 8 year old.

From there I moved onto my following scheduled statevisit meeting...a bunch of old friends met up at café Engel. A charming café. The outdoor cinema in the lovely backyard, well, need I say more, it is one of my absolute favorite spots. To watch a film there, warpped in a blanket, sipping a tea, holding hands...Café Engel is located opposite the Helsinki Cathedral. I had booked a table for us, and we sat by the window, looking out at the square, and this was our view:

We enjoyed mulled wine and cakes. When they were closing (at 9p.m.), we moved to a bar and I left my friends like Cinderella, at midnight, to catch the last bus home. What a wonderful night it was. We haven't met in such a long time! I laughed so much I again almost fell of the bench! I love these people so much.

Kiitos ihanat rakkaat ystäväni! Thank you my dear lovely friends!

On another note, my dear friend Ninni is perfoming on upcoming compilation record, Saman taivaan alla, the profits go to ther Finnish red cross. Here is Ninni's song Valoa päin, enjoy!

Happy sunday, dear friends!

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Kiitos! Tack! Thank you!

My inbox on facebook is filled with wondeful messages, there is a new feature, that you receive a notification that there is a message that needs to be accepted. Previously messages from people that you didn't know could end up in a folder called "other".
Little did I know that I would even receive thanks in the post. I can't believe how kind and generous people are! As I have told you, the walls in my house echo of kind and friendly words and I look back at all the kind, friendly and warm people I met during the two past weekends when my home was open for the Traditional Christmas Homes -event.

I am blessed. Thank you! Kiitos! Tack!

On an other note, me and L had a date last night. We haven't had too much time to spend just the two of us, so we headed to Helsinki, walked along the Töölö bay, stopped and drank a glass of sparkling wine by the shore and looked at the old lace-villas reflecting their lights in the sea. It was so beautiful. We then headed to the Finlandia house to see lovely Melody Gardot in consert. Here is Our love is easy, oh lala! We had a lovely romantic night. We almost fell asleep on the bus home. More dates coming up during this week...can't wait to spend more quality-time with this handsome and lovely man I am so very much in love with!

Take care dear friends!

Monday, 14 December 2015

Traditional Christmas Homes and Lucia

This weekend was the last Traditional Christmas Homes -event weekend. I had so many guests. All so wonderfully kind and respectful and just simply wonderful!

Yesterday three old friends arrived, I had not expected them to turn up, so I burst out in tears, so happy was I! Kiitos Anna, Anna ja Anu! Olette rakkaita ja ihania ystäviä!

I have received messages over facebook, from people who visited, who felt they wanted to thank me once more for opening the doors to my home.

One message in particukar, made me feel very humble. A woman I told that I am aware I am living my dream, and many others too. And I shall treasure that! Sorry for blowing my own trumpet, I just thought I have to share these wonderful words, just imagine how it makes me feel when I receive such praise and thanks. I have said it before, I say it again, I am blessed. And yes, I am living my dream.

"Tack för besöket idag! Jag är helt i ett lyckorus! Jag gillade ditt fina, mysiga hem med fantastiska detaljer! Sitter och njuter av bilderna jag knäppte. Min dröm är också ett litet hus med vedspis -ger inte upp, vet dock inte hur och när det ska bli... Rosendörren min absoluta favorit! Tänker bara vilken känsla att få öppna den varje morgon!! Du gav mig så mycket inspiration, glädje, lycka, hopp, tro! All lycka och glädje i ditt drömhus!"

My fast translatiton:
"Thank you for the visit today! I am in total bliss! I liked your nice, cozy home with fabulous details! Now I sit and enjoy the photos I snapped. My dream is also a small house with a wood stove - I shall not give up, I don't know how nor when it will be ... The rosedoor is my absolute favorite! I just imagine what a feelingit is must be to open it every morning !! You gave me so much inspiration, joy, happiness, hope, faith! I wish you all the happiness and joy in your dream home!

Later in the evening, we enjoyed the crowning of our local Lucia. Pardon my extremely bad photos. My mobile is really not very good...

This years's Lucia is in fact a former student of mine, and I was so proud. She is a wonderful soul, a perfect Lucia. 
After the crowning we all gathered in our church and enjoyed a beautiful Lucia procession with plenty of beautiful song.

And we finished the wonderful evening by enjoying a delicious meal.

Be happy happy, feel joy joy!

Friday, 11 December 2015

Spoiled human here!

I collect old dresses. I place them around in my house. One of the guests during the weekend, decided she wanted to give one of hers to me! Seriously! It is a 50's dress. Velvet. It has such beautiful details.
I can't believe how kind and generous people are!  Tusen tack snällaste Kristina!

In the beginning of the week I also received a special delivery. I was handed a larger box. Inside of it was the most beautiful himmeli (I don't know the name for this traditional decoration made of straw in english). It´s a three layer pyramid with diamond pendants made by himmeli-queen Brita Brunberg from Borgå. Kiitos Tuuti!

I am so grateful! And I am so spoiled! Tack! Kiitos! Thank you!

Tuesday, 8 December 2015


... I try to find cheap, but still fun ideas to share, when people get stuck when planning christmas-presents.
Not everyone has a large budget to use, and not everyone has the time to make gifts themselves.

So this years sweet christmas-present idea is here, if you live in Finland you can just purchaise this little treat.There's a bunch of options to choose from, to my friend, to my darling, to the lovely one...

The ones not living in Finland can make this themselves. Buy (or make) a chocolate bar. The decide what you want to write to your friend. Then print or write it in a fine font. Paint or cut pictures from magazines. Attach to the chocolate bar.
Simple! It's the thought that counts isn't it? And chocolate is always right...

I gave one of these to my darling L last night, I hid it among his things. And he was happily surprised.

PS. This is not a sponsored post, nor do I work for this company.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Traditional Christmas homes -weekend

Oh what a weekend!

My walls echo of kind words and the ah's and oh's. I will cherish all the kindness and love we received during the weekend.
I also sold out most of the products from Ninitchi-shop. I need to try make more during the week.

Here are a few blogposts shared with me, plenty of lovely photos from the other Christmas homes:

This is blog Koti kolmelle. The blog is in finnish, but plenty pics: The six first pics are from Vackerbacka, our friends Tina and Juha live in this fabulous house. The following six pics are from Ajurintalo, the neighbouring house to Vackerbacka. Then the two following pics are from my lovely neighbours, the lovely sisters Sini and Heini, in their twinhouse Helgas. The four last pics are from my home, Lilla Ljuva.

Here is Marjon matkassa. The blog is also in finnish, the names of the houses are mentioned before the pics.

Here is Villipiha. The first picture is of Vackerbacka. The following two are from Villa Aaltonen. The fourth picture is from my dear friends Kaisa and Tuomo's home Pitkänpöydäntalo. Pictures 5,6,7 and 8 again are from Vackerbacka. The nineth picture is from Kunikaanlampi. And the last one is of a certain someone's bedroom...

I know many of these homes so well, I have spent plenty of time there as they are the homes of my dear friends.

Tusen tack all ni fina som besökte Lilla Ljuva! Tack för era vackra vänliga ord! Tack för de fina gåvorna! Jag är en bortskämd människa! 
Tuhat kiitosta kaikille jotka kävitte kylässä Lilla Ljuvassa! Kiitos kauniista ystävällisistä sanoistanne! Kiitos hienosita lahjoistanne! Olen hemmoteltu ihminen!
Thank you so much for visiting Lilla Ljuva, thank you for your kind words and thank you for the gifts! I am a spoilt human beeing!

Pictures above from the Koti kolmelle blog, from my home.


Friday, 4 December 2015


...I placed my shoes randomly on the floor when I emptied my bag after a party at the school today. Later when I walked back into the bedroom it looked so funny with my dress -wallpaper.

Wishing you a lovely weekend !

Traditional Christmas Homes

My house has been invited to participate in the Traditional Christmas Homes -event held in my hometown Lovisa, two following weekends.

Darling L has been a wonderful companion in building Christmas for the fourth time!!!! We've had plenty of fun. He decorated the Christmas tree, and did it turn out wonderful! I am so pleased. May I present, Christmas tree year 2015:

When we had lit the candles and finished of some other work, we enjoyed some glögg, (it's mulled wine, bit we had non alcoholic glögg) on the veranda and enjoyed the beautiful Christmas tree. It was very cozy.

I have a small Ninitchi-shop open during the event. I sell yellow beewax candles, Kusudama origami flowers, paperheart-decorations, herbsigns, cutlery-hooks and of course, Ninitchi-brooches!

Lilla Ljuva, is ready to welcome guests to The Traditional Christmas Homes!

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Fairies and angels

Finished off my spoon-angels and spoon-fairies today. I highlighted a few details, they cannot really be seen in these blurry images, but mainly lips and small other details.
These I haven't made for sale, as they are not my own design. These are for my own pleasure and I made a few as gifts...they truly are charming and put a smile on my face when I see them.
But if you care to have one of your own, please check out the link I posted in my previous post.

Happy crafting;) And happy first advent!

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Crafting and love

I have been crafting a lot, so much fun! Making things for my label Ninitchi.

Yesterday I stumbled upon this really fun crafting idea, I was in fact looking for a guide on how to make a bench out of two chairs. I know how to, but I sometimes check guides as to see if there is something I need to take into I found my way into Strömsö's page, what a fantastic treasure-page filled with plenty of fun crafting. Strömsö is a lifestyle tv-series, has been running for years. I don't have a tv, so I don't follow any series - even though most programmes can be seen on the web-tv. I just forget there are programmes that are fun and definitely worth seeing. Here is the link to the spoon-angels that I am crafting for my own wall. Even if you may not be able to see the actual clip, there's a pictured guide on how to make these charming angels.

Stay tuned for my angels...

I found a star-lantern at the fleamarket. I made a little tealight-holder for it. It gives a really beautiful reflection on the ceiling and walls.

I have a date tonight. With the one and only darling L.
Soooo looking forward to some quality-time with the most handsome and charming man I know. First I need to finish my crafting and then make myself ready, so much fun to have romantic dates - even though we have been a couple for a long while. We both believe it keeps the relationship healthy and sparkling. I still get butterflies in my tummy when I see him. And I go all spaghetti when he looks at me. I am so much in love!