Sunday, 28 February 2010


I am off to see Seraphine with my mother. We used to go see films regularly together before, but due to various incidents, it has become a more rare hobby. But, happy that we still do go!
Here is a link to the trailer.
Happy sunday!

Friday, 26 February 2010


Friday and another day at work has flown by;) I spent most of the day in a meeting. Now I´m at home and I´m trying to work out how to connect the movie-projector to our stereo-system...I have planned to watch a movie with my husband, we always lay on the floor and watch the film via the ceiling. It is fun and very relaxing, to place plenty of cushions and throws on the floor and enjoy. But until today we´ve had the poor sound from the computer...I thought I would surprise my husband by attaching the projector to the stereo-system;)

But before we watch any movie, we will enjoy a sauna and prepare dinner.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010


These days have just flown by! It has been fun, but I´m also looking forward to the upcoming weekend.
I will go shopping for a new swimmingsuit on saturday. I swim often and today I noticed the fabric of my suit is quite used in places. Lately I have practiced my breathing and also my swimming teachnique. Mainly legs. I try to consentrate on the teachnique, at times it is really annoying as I feel I become so much slower, but when I combine my movement according to breathing I get more speed. I really enjoy swimming and my body enjoys it too. But what I cannot understand is why on earth I can eat for hrs afterwards. I am soooo hungry. I always try to eat after doing sports, but after swimming I feel I need lots lots lots of food. And I always end up feeling slightly hungry and I don´t like that. Maybe I should try recovery products that are made for athletes. I have never used them. My husband uses them after ultradistance runs. I cykle along as support, and that is a nice way to do things together. And it is also a wayfor me to support my husband. He also appreciates me beeing there and he always thanks me.

Above are old swedish spice-pots. I love the small porcelain knobs.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

New job

I started my new job on monday. Tonight I feel my brain has become porridge and that I simply cannot comprehend anymore. But I´m very excited, I´m very happy for my new colleagues, the atmosphere is very warm and friendly. I cannot say much about the actual work, as I´ve only just started. I do feel I´m at the right place amongst the right people. And I´m not worried at all.
I have decided not to do any work tonight, or look through my notes, I will trust the subconscious and just do other things. Or do nothing at all! I believe a warm shower and perhaps a large mug of herbal tea will do the trick. And a warm someone to cuddle up to. I think that will be a perfect place to not try remember new names, new faces, new titles, new routines, new vocabulary, new computer-programs, new report-files, new pin-numbers for work-phone and work-credit-card, new passwords for work-email...

It has snowed enormously today. My journey home from work took me over 1hrs longer today than it would usually. It would have taken me almost the same time to walk! Seriously! I have done that. But in the summertime. I also led a bicykle with a flat tire at the time;)

Sunday, 21 February 2010

How to completely overdo it

It all started with a tiny metal tower that hang loose on a musical box I picked up at a fleamarket. I gave the musical box a make-over and the metal tower just moved around, from drawer to top of fridge, back in a drawer again...until a few months later when I found a larger version in a container (that me and my friend Anna jumped into to search for treasures). The little tower had found a friend!
I soon found a sweet postcard from year 1912 and another from year 1915 and another...I also found a stereoview in my drawers from year 1900! Then I found this poster that looked like one of the postcards. Slowly I have found myself having this "thing" for these, in my opinion, fairly kitsch and tacky tourist items. Despite this fact, I decided to completely overdo it with Eiffel towers in the kitchen. And proof can be seen above. I have this vision of covering the cupboard door (just the one though!) with vintage postcards of the Eiffeltower.

Saturday, 20 February 2010


I have a confession to make. I have a thing for mirrors.
I have lots of mirrors, in every room there´s at least a few mirrors. I can spend a fair bit of time looking at the reflections seen through the mirrors. Fortunately I haven´t gone as far as to spend lots and lots of time admiring myself through the many mirrors. I also enjoy the light reflections candles spread when placed in front of a mirror.

I saw an artists (cannot for the life of me remember the name, sporry!) photographic work once, and the artist had taken every image through a mirror. I somehow recall this artist travelled and captured life through the mirror.

At our wedding I used mirrors as table decorations. I had found a huuuuuge old chandelier in the garbage, the style of the chandlier was 70´s, so I didn´t like the shape of it, but I did save all the chrystals. There were a lot of them. So at our wedding I placed lots of white block-candles in various heights on top of the mirrors and spread lots and lots of crystals along the tables that reflected colours and light. We had a winterwedding, mid-october, and our wedding ceremony was in the late evening too, so I found it very suitable to use white tablecloths, mirrors, crystals, lots and lots of candles...
It was a fantastic evening to remember. With our loved ones, family and friends. Lots of song, lots of music, lots of poems read, lots of laughter and kisses, lots of speeches, lots of smiling faces, lots of dance, lots of food and drink until early morning. I can still recall when we walked the empty streets (just a few blocks) to our hotel in the early morning hrs, how we laughed and how happy I was. I still am. I married my best friend, my lover, my soulmate.

Above are mirrors from the bedroom. On the windowsill there is an old shaving/ travelmirror with two mirror pieces that probably used to decorate a Venetian mirror. And a slightly worn and defect murano glass mirror hanging on the wall. Some of the glass flowers are missing but I find her ever so charming. I find that defect or broken are sometimes more appealing to me and have more character than the perfect, flawless.

Friday, 19 February 2010

I am the president of Canada

Fiona is having a Great Canadian Mitten Giveaway over at Cafe Cartolina.
All you have to do is tell her one thing you know about Canada. Last night I asked my husband what would be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Canada. Apart from the obvious, for ex. The Mounted Police in their red uniforms, maple syrup, the ongoing winter olympics, bilingual society, NHL, etc...

So we spoke of, for ex. Vancover always beeing voted second or third best place to live in, and that we recently read an article about a serious drugproblem in Vancover. We also spoke of some of the details Mr. Moore pointed out in his film "Bowling for Columbine", for ex. that in some of the Canadian bordertowns people did not lock the doors to their houses, when on the other side of the border, inhabitants protected their property and themselves with guns.
So, after a while I said that I could not for the life of me remember the name of the Canadian president. When my husband replies that they don´t have a president. What?!!!! Of course they have a president! Have you ever heard of the Canadian Royal family? And I get up and play around, take the mickey...when my husband brings the encyclopedia and reads to me following:

"Canada is governed as a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy with Queen Elizabeth II as its head of state." (I borrowed the same sentence from Wikipedia)

Guess who has been nominated president of Canada in our household?

Do take part in this fun giveaway and have a great weekend. I have some important stately matters to take care of;)

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Details from a very crowded home

Antique puppet, broken clarinet used as a candleholder, guitar with parts of a huuuge cd collection, "bouquet" of vintage rulers (I find them so appealing), vintage metal tile, birdcage.

Walking in Stockholm

Me and E had a great time in Stockholm. We walked. And walked. And walked some more. We also spent plenty of time in cafés.
Now I´m home and E has left. I´m happy for the days we spent together. It is funny how similar we are. We wathed a film the other night, The Savages, and later when we spoke about it, we both thought about the exact same scene, and the dialogue in that scene, and how we both thought that was the most significant moment in the film. We also have similar taste in music, art, food, as I mentioned film, design, outlook in life...

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Leaving Helsinki

We took the ferry to Stockholm. Here are some of the views from out cabin window. The lighthouse of the Sveaborg fort, ice, the Uspenski Cathedral, the Helsinki Cathedral and the marketsquare by the shore.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Stockholm in my heart!

Me and E are travelling to Stockholm soon. I´m so looking forward to this trip, to be able to show him my favorite places in one of the most beautiful cities I know. And I know he will love Stockholm!
Now I need to pack. Then have something to eat and then, GO!

Friday, 12 February 2010

More paperflowers...

I needed to make a card, so I decided to use the recently discovered paperflowers. The signature should have been in ink, but I´ve run out:(
I have quite a lot on my to-do-list today. Wrap a parcel, go to the post-office to send it, grocery-shopping (wonder what E prefers to eat for breakfast?), purchaise flowers, clear the balcony of snow (the forecast has promised milder weather and it is not good to have too much melting snow on a balcony- it turns extremely heavy when wet), pack for short-trip to Stockholm, buy sparkling wine to greet E with.
So, without further wabbling, I´ll wish you a pleasant weekend.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

First Floss, then Evie...

Yesterday I was inpired by Floss and posted about books. I´ll do more books another time, well, at least once the ladder has settled;)

Above is a garland I made last night, inspired by Evie. What a lovely idea. I still need to practise, but I think this is looking quite good.

Met my friend K for lunch. We met up in a café that turned out to be very popular among mothers and their offspring. So we ended up flirting with quite many small funny cute adorable temperamental brave kids;) What fun!
After lunch we headed to a charityshop with a reduction-campaign, they sell all items for 5euro. We were looking for an outfit for K when she attends her brothers wedding. What a fun afternoon! We are so good together, K picks out the basic and I add accessorises. We found a beautiful 100% wool dress that fits her perfectly. Very simple, very chic.

Now I simply must consentrate on making arrangements as my irish friend E is arriving tomorrow. He is staying until wednesday next week.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Books, books, books...

Inspired by Floss´ post about books, I thought I´d share some bookpictures from my home. Well, this time just the one as the battery for my camera just run out whilst I was in action;)
Above is a vintage french ladder that I use as a bookshelf, belive me, we have a whole wall covered with shelves from floor to roof, covered in books. So I thought it would be fun to display a few books along with other bits and pieces on a ladder. Well, the other bits and pieces had to make room for the books, we have so many! Partly because my husband is a bookeditor and translator. But also partly because we simply love reading;)
I enjoy the ladder idea, but my ladder is far too small. Then, then one day I saw a fantastic image in a magazine, a danish home, where they used an antique english library ladder as a bookshelf. I thought that was one of the most beautiful ladders I had ever seen, love at first sight. So I placed the image within my subconsious. Some time later when I was browsing through Butik Sophies lovely website, I stumbled upon an almost identical library ladder! So, I bought it! How crazy is that!!! And guess what, my libraryladder is coming home next week!!! I´ve been very patient, it has been good practise as I´m not well known for my patience.
I also enjoy the ladder-idea because our library is also used as a study, cyklestorage (you can see one bike behind the ladder), craftsroom, now I have this vision, that I can hide the bike, the crafts-incomplete etc., behind the large ladder.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Some years ago, I was in a recording studio making a record. Oh no, nothing fancy big huge radioplay-stuff, I´m sorry!
Anyhow, whilst waiting around for my next session in the studio, in walks a tall man with a cello. He sat down and we spoke for quite a while. He was very charming, warm and funny. Then he was called in, his cello playing appeared on two tracks on the record.
When he was ready, he packed his cello in a box and put his clothes on, by the time I had thrown myself on the sofa that was in the lounge. Picture following in slowmotion: he walks towards me - in a split second I imagine that he is going to kiss me before he leaves, so I lift my mouth towards him to accept the kiss - at the same time he leans down and touches my shoulder and says something like, Nina, it was very nice to meet you. And I start to laugh because the situation is obscure;) I´m not sure if he ever noticed my eager lips or my wierd imagination!
I dare to write about this as I´m quite certain he will never find his way to my blog. Even if he did, I don´t mind him knowing this silly story.
Well, it makes me laugh!

The man in question is Max Lilja, a very talented musician. He was one of the founders of Apocalyptica. He no longer plays in the group. I´m not a fan of their music. But I think they are ever so cool;) Nowadays Max plays in several groups, one of them a group called Tekijä Tuntematon. I like this group.

Below is a picture of Apocalyptica. Max is on the far right;) Bare in mind, this image is from the late 90´s!

Monday, 8 February 2010

Me and S

Today I had tea with my friend S.
She is lovely. I felt so alive after our meeting.
I bought this photograph on Etsy because it reminds me of S. I imagine I´m standing behind her, I´m proud of her, she makes me brave. With the support of our friendship I can do anything. And that is true.
I´ve been thinking quite a lot about restrictions. How easily we place ourselves in a box or a compartment, and then allow ourselves to move withing these walls - but not beyond. It can be a word, a sentence or a thought, that holds us back. I´m trying to brake away from a certain pattern. It is not easy. But it is also such a relief to finally let go or brake free.

Sunday, 7 February 2010


I´ve always loved sundays. Since a child. I remember that on sunday mornings, the whole family was gathered. I used to climb into my parents bed. My dad liften the covers and there was a perfect warm nest for me. It was nice to cuddle and then my mum drew words on my back (I´m almost convinced I purred!), we listened to the radio and then we ate breakfast together. Ah!

I´ve always enjoyed the easy pace on sundays. Slowly getting ready for a new week, gather thoughts, go thorugh the schedule for the week, plan what to wear (oh no, I can´t plan in the morning when I´m in a hurry). I usually don´t like to plan anything for sundays, take it as it comes.

I´m going to treat myself to some more coffee. Maybe go skiing later.

Above is a mirror in the bedroom with votive hearts.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Knitting Demis Roussos

On thursday I met up with my dear fellow knitters at Aino´s home. We were like the knights of the round table, as we sat around a table, knitting and laughing as we had our own little entertainer. May I present, little Marja-Liisa. She is a tiny little Korat-kitten, very energetic and has that lovely ruthless attitude, that everyone and everything is there only for her. But in a very charming way. It must have been kitten-heaven, with plenty of thread to play with, plenty of hands to caress, and many laps to fall asleep in.
I´m still working on my granny-squares. It feels an endless task. But you see I have this vision or dream of a granny-square throw, that is large enough for two!

Last night I feel asleep giggling;)
We were trying to remember the name of a greek singer, a master of vibrato. All we came up with at first was that he used to sing in a band together with Vangelis. I said that I´m absolutely convinced there is a "chr"-sound in the name. After a while we both remembered, he´s called Demis Roussos. And there´s no "chr"-sound in sight in that name! So now a certain husband keeps whispering "chr" everytime he passes me, and throws me a very teasing assertive smile;)
Here´s a song by master of vibrato: Forever and ever. I´m not a fan of this kind of music, but it reminds me of something - I cannot put my finger on it, what it could be. It also makes me feel slightly melancholic.

Friday, 5 February 2010


My friend Rinna has published her second book. This one is all about lace. That is why it is called "The lace book". It has fantastic beautiful pictures and the pages are filled with ideas and instructions. I will defenately make the lacetrimmed skirt. And promise to show some pics once it is done.

You might also want to read the lace-diary blog. Click here.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Knitting in bed

Tonight I´m meeting up with the knitting-café group. So much fun knitting (I´m still working on my crochet-project though) together for a few hrs, chat away and drink tea.

I´ve just sold my ironbed. I grew tired of it. Or to be precise, it wasn´t quite what I wanted. We used to have an antique ironbed. It was so beautiful, but, it was too narrow. Both me and my husband need space when we sleep so I decided to give it up! So instead I bought the Ikea ironbed, Tromsnes, but it wasn´t the same. I settled for second best. And the outcome was, of course, that I was reminded constantly that this was just a constitute.
So now I decided to get rid of the constitute and get a bed, that is only a bed, nothing fancy. Then maybe one day I will find the bed of my dreams.
And, as it turns out, I sold my bed to a person who has been on the look-out for Tromsnes for a while now. Ah, all is well. I am happy and the new bedowner is happy.

Above is my beautiful hen, one of a collection of quite many, that nest away in my kitchen;)

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Above is a mirror in the hallway. And through it you can catch a glimpse of a framed wallpaper, Deborah Bowness´ handprinted wallpaper lamp. I so enjoy her wallpapers, I have mine framed;) (I have her green dress aswell.)
The porcelain flowers next to the poor dying plant, are old funeral lilies from France. First I thought it doesn´t feel appropriete somehow, and I wasn´t really sure how they had ended up for sale (!)... until I found out that according to tradition, they were not left on the graves and they were re-used frequently and they were florists accessories, not the funeralparlours as I had imagined. So, once I felt safer that I would not be contributing to a chain of tomb-violations-thefts etc., I decided to let them embellish my home.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Yes, I too have fallen for these lovely Tolix chairs (talk about beeing a fashion-victim!). I bought mine ½yrs ago, they were dirty and rosty and somewhere there were traces of colour, I believe they might have been red. I had thought of leaving them the way they were, but it was impossible to use them, as the rust kept rubbing off on clothes and the floor, inspite all my efforts to scrub off the rust and I even went as far as to treat them with oil. Anyhow, I stumbled upon a vintage Tolix chair in this lovely colour, so I decided to go ahead and paint mine the same colour. I´m very very pleased with the outcome. They look as they are made for my kitchen! I have a few Designers Guild cushions with the teacup motif that suit them perfectly! I also have a blind in the kitchen window in the same fabric.