Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Happy Easter House

Well, it´s time to wish you all a happy easter-time.
I´m going away for a short holiday.

Above is a treasure-chest I bought from Troc&Broc Vintage Shop.
A lovely little shop. I´m so charmed by the chest, I cannot stop looking at it...I really like the faded green. The surface is so soft. My husband said it was as if it was made for our home.

Ah dear, today I was reminded of a house that has been for sale for a longer time. When I walked back from lunch I passed an estate agents window, and spotted a "For sale" sign with the image of my dreamhouse. I find the house ever so charming (well, by looking at the pictures online - I haven´t seen it. Yet.) The funny thing is that I dreamed of moving into this house. The next day I thought I must let go of this silly idea of buying a house!!! But, it´s our price-range, yes, it is a bit further away from the city, but that is only good! It´s a small house, but we really don´t need 5 extra rooms, so it would be ideal. It was built in 1938. And it has a mansard-roof. It´s yellow, with white corners and windowframes. It has a garden. I would paint the door dark red. And I have the perfect curtains for the kitchen windows. I can image smoke from the chimney, there is an old glazed tile fireplace in the livingroom. Please tell me to stop!!!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Midweek wabble

Ha! Because of easter it is already midweek today (well, according to my working week).
I´m trying to pack for a little trip we´re making. We´re leaving on thursday afternoon and will be back in the weekend. Or by the latest on monday evening. I am so looking forward to a short holiday. They work the best for me. A week away is something I seldom enjoy. Seriously. I can keep up my interest and curiosity for five days very well. But I find that if I´m away for a week or longer, I start loosing interest and I also become fatigue and start counting days until I get home. And that is awful when you´re away on holiday! As if I didn´t enjoy myself. I do! I really enjoy travelling and going places, but this is something I´ve learned about myself over the years. It may have something to do with energy regulating. Because I am the type of person who easily forgets to regulate my energy consuming. With this I mean I get so excited I forget to eat and drink properly and I walk everywhere, I climb stairs hills mountains if possible, and after five or more days I need to rest! Silly really!

Just read this lovely post at Pretty Gingham (a blog I read regurlarly, I recommend!) and the images awoke such a huuuuge longing for summer. How can one long this much? It feels as if it is aching in me. But I don´t think it is. But the longing is defenately there.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Wochenend Und Sonnenschein Und Gewinner

Congratulations to Jeannette at Sans Soucis, you have won my 200th post giveaway.
Jeannette has a charming blog that I only recently have made acquaintance with.

Spring is in the air and I think it only appropriate to listen to something as light as this, bitte.

Sunday, 28 March 2010


I sometimes relax by making origami. That is what I have been up to lately.

I make origami out of any paper I find appealing. Above is a flower made of old booksheets. I sometimes pick up books from the recykling-centre.
Above are also lilies made of old maps. I found a bunch of travel-literature in the garbage (!) with old maps, the maps were in dreadful condition so they were only good for the trash, or re-use.

When I first started making origami I made lots and lots of cranes of magazine-pages.

This morning I lay in bed listening to my favorite radio-progammes. I enjoy a good edited programme. With a start, a thread and a conclusion and/or ending. My goodness what a conservative listener I have become;) But I no-longer can stand these radioprogrammes where the radiojournalist is just wabbling on about trivial matters and the sad playlists are a real killer to any programme. I have spoken, thank you!

PS. My 200th post giweaway ends today.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Earth Hour

Tonight at 8.30 p.m. it´s Earth Hour again. A very good way to take part in the campaign against climate change.
I will lit lots and lots of candles and enjoy the peace and quiet.
But before that, there´s a whole day of saturday ahead. I´ve started the day with long breakfast, listened to Anna Järvinen, read the paper and now I will treat myself to a snooze. I love climbing back to bed after breakfast. Sometimes I fall asleep for a while but sometimes I just lie and look out from the window, look at the colours, the air.

Friday, 26 March 2010


Tonight I attended a lovely consert by duo Ottilie.
My dear friends, Ottilie B and Jean-Philippe Barrios, have had a mini-tour in Finland. I love everything they do on stage, and of course their music.

I´ve had an extremely hectic week, had to get up at 6am., and almost every night I´ve had programme; monday I danced salsa, tuesday I had yoga, wednesday I had my self-defence training, thursday my knitting group and tonight I enjoyed a fantastic consert.
Tomorrow I have no programme! I am soooo looking forward to sleeping late, enjoying a long breakfast/ brunch...

I think I will turn on my Ottilie cd, light candles, pour myself a glass of wine and just relax.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

200th post giveaway

Yes dear friends, this is my 200th post.
Never did I know how many wonderful contacts I would make, nor did I know there was such a warm, friendly, honest, goodwilling, supporting community out there. And this community has no country- or continental borders.

I´ve decided to have a little giweaway to celebrate. The winner will receive this little tableau made by me.

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post to enter.
If you put my giveaway tag on your blog, I'll enter you a second time. (Please let me know)
Ends sunday 28th of march.

Good luck!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Fashionvictim in a dome

On tuesday I passed a shop with huge closingsale-signs in the windows. It was an antiqueshop with fantastic chandeliers, mirrors, sculptures, sofas, chairs, wardrobes. It was closed when I walked by, so I only looked through the windows. But, I took the same route on my way home yesterday! So in I walk, noticed most of the stuff had a sold sign. To be honest, I don´t need anything but I´m on the lookout for a certain chandelier for our bedroom. I took a stroll around and in the far corner of the shop I see a huuuuuge glassdome. I´ve come across these on many blogs and interiour-magazines, suddenly I find myself drooling over it and thinking I need this glassdome! I ended up buying it for a very small penny (they almost gave things away! Seriously!). The shopkeeper was very friendly and packed it well for me.

It is huuge. It is beautiful. But it is huuuge. I have no idea what or if I shall have something inside it. Nor have I an idea where to place it. I´ve simply just placed it without any further thought. Last night my husband and I kept finding lines to underline the fact that we now have a huuuuge glassdome that doesn´t seem to fit... anywhere... "well, we have a glassdome, that´s about it really". "In the livingroom we have a glassdome...and a chair". "Since we got the glassdome we had to get rid of our sofa, our tv, our diningtable, our plants...". "Nowadays the glassdome sleeps with my wife".

Am I a fashionvictim? Yes I believe I am.

Went swimming today. And once again I was craving for food once I got out of the water.

I´m attending a book-release with my husband tonight. I soon must start to get ready for that venue.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


I adore old tin-boxes.
As a child I had a tinbox where I kept my treasures. At the time my treasures were stones found in the summer, shells, a few pieces of jewellery.
I have a few large old tinboxes placed around the house, in the hallway there´s a few filled with smaller bits and pieces. The one above is also filled with bits and pieces that just hasn´t found a better place. And it´s a good place to look for coins...

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Lovely Helena

I have a couple of Flower lamps designed by Helena Christensen, danish supermodel turned photographer/ designer. I find them amusing and they add to the cosy factor that I appreciate, I enjoy design that has a glimpse of fun - that creativity is fun.
I subscribe to newsletters from The Selby and stumbled upon a feature of Helena´s charming and personal home in Paris Vogue. I find her home very appealing. I enjoy the collections seen, the art, the scruffy and worn, the shappy and the chic.

I had a great evening yesterday. Met up with a group of friends for a few drinks and my swedish friend L joined us. I am blessed with absolutely wonderful friends.

I have a few very hectic workdays ahead. But there´s some fun involved too. Tomorrow evening I´m going to enjoy dinner at an old friend´s home tomorrow. We were in the same class for a few years in the 1980´s, but lost contact almost emmediately after high-school. Mainly because I moved to another country. But we have found each other on facebook (!) and have written regurlaly. Looking forward to tomorrows dinner.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Bed sweet bed

The thing I really appreciate when I come home, is my own bed! I find my own bedlinen and my own pillow so cosy and so lovely and so pretty and so inviting.
I have a pair of linen duvetcovers in white. What luxury! And they look and feel even better the more they have been washed;)
Above is a closeup of the linen duvetcovers in our bed, under a grey throw that I purchaised last summer from h&m home. It has turned out to be a very good purchaise; I enjoyed late summer evenings on the balcony wrapped in this throw, it has kept my feet warm when watching films on the floor (yes, via the ceiling!)and it has been a good companion when I read or crochet.

Thursday, 11 March 2010


The blue-hour is here. The light is fantastic! The days have been incredibly sunny. And I´ve got a slight tan!
I´m packing, it´s time to say farewell to the beautiful archipelago and start my journey home. Ahead is a relaxing weekend. On saturday I´m meeting up with a swedish friend who is on a business-trip to Helsinki. Looking forward to meeting her. I last saw her in the beginning of the summer.

Here is the finale from Trois Couleurs Bleu. I absolutely loved all the films from the trilogy.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Fleamarket in the archipelago

I´m in the archipelago for a few days. And today I spotted a fleamarket, walked in and made a few funny finds. I found a flower-stand, which is fairly heavy, but I´m certain I´ll be able to bring it back home. Somehow;)
Above are two (new) storm-lanterns, I simply loved the colours. The yellow is more custard coloured in real. And a funny little oil-painting from the 50´s. And some fruit to keep me going.
The internet connections aren´t all that reliable, so you´ll know why I´m absent.
I´m sitting and looking out over the sea, all covered with ice and snow. I have the window slightly open, the birds are twittering outside. That means spring!
Tonight I´m dining at a seafood-restaurant. I will defenatley have smoked fish, they serve it fresh here in the archipelago. It is heavenly! There is a a fish smokehouse nearby. And I´ll have some of that famous Åland-island bread, the bread shell is dark and slightly sweet.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Spring is in the air

During the past days there has been quite a strong sense that, inspite of all the snow, the spring is actually just around the corner.

A hectic week is behind, the weekend is ahead. I have a very nice meeting on the agenda. Tomorrow evening I´m meeting my friends girlfriend, she is icelandic and has arrived in Finland last weekend and we are all eager to meet her, so my friend is throwing a little "get-aquinted-with-my-girlfriend"-party. Can´t wait! I´ve prepared a little welcome-gift;)

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


I simply love old photographs. The colours and details. I also like the backside, the beautiful writing, the fonts, the adresses.
I have a large antique photo album, larger than a brick, filled with beautiful photos of my relatives. I only know a few of the faces, and only know a few names. There is Alma-Emilia, Mimmi, Elsa, Sofie...
I decided to place some of the smaller beauties in a stand, instead of keeping them inside the album. There´s plenty of larger photographs, where people are standing in a setting, there´s a flower stand, a chair, railing and beautiful backgrounds.


I´ve had such a busy day, and now all I want to do is cuddle up to a dear husband.

Monday, 1 March 2010


When I look at the calendar I realize that spring is just around the corner! The weather has changed here, it is wet. Dropping water, melting snow. Can´t wait to start cykling again!
Above is a picture I took this morning, even though it´s fairly grey, there is a little colour. So there is hope;)