Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Thank you London, see you soon again!

I had a wonderful trip to London. Filled with exciting happenings, mingle, networking, opening events and loooong chats with friends.
I have a handful of urgent matters that need my attention so this is just a short post to say thank you for all your sweet comments on my wierd London post;)
And I wanted to show you a present I brought back.
Not one, but two delicious cushion covers and the latest of books by Designers Guild.
Thank you Ian.

Thursday, 26 August 2010


I´ve packed my 14 suitcases. The stuffed moose is patiently waiting for us to leave. He has been standing by the door since dawn. The bonsai is very excited. It has never been to my favorite city before. Madame mannequin used to visit freqently in her younger days, she tries to act all grown up and well travelled. (Hih!)
The skates have been a bit of a pain in the *** all morning, they just cannot decide what laces to wear, the white, the beige or the pink! The white, the beige or the pink! The white, the beige or the pink!
The three large Encyclopedia Britannicas are having their usual dry dispute over verbs. Madame mannequin just commented that she is far to clever to be drawn into a discussion about verbs. (I suspect she is fairly dogmatic). She wants to talk about Possessive suffix;)
The tuba is still asleep. I think he came home fairly late. Those musical instruments with their bohemian lifestyles. One can only love them.
The glassdome is very worried. Feels far too fragile to travel. We shall see. We still have some time before we´re heading to the airport.

Wishing you all a fabulous fantastic fun weekend!

See you all next week.

Above is my absolute favorite find I once did in London. A beautiful beaded handbag. The beads are tiny and made of glass.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010


I´ve had such a great day. So far.
Started the day with the most creative and afficient meeting. Time just flew by!
I enjoy working and spending time with people who are straight forward, honest, brave, have a sense of humour and who are here, present.
I often get feedback that I´m very straight forward and when I ask a question, I´m genuine - I am interested. I seem to like people who are similar;)
Well, this meeting was all about that. And so much more!

Last night I met up with friends. We went to see Ottilie perform. My dear friends Ottilie and Jean-Philippe have the most charming duo ever!
Their performance was part of the ongoing Helsinki festivals "fringe" called Art goes Kapakka.
I walked home in a fairly mild augustnight. You can imagine the scene; low and dark velvet sky, the seashore, full moon dancing on the water, Ottilies songs on my skin, and the feeling of happiness and beeing the luckiest girl on the planet. I have such wonderful people in my life. Jeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I bought a shabby tin. From Troc&Broc Vintage Shop.
At times, I like using vintage tin lids as part of a stilleben. This was tempting as the hinges were already missing. Means I didn´t have to brake it;)
This one looks good on its own. It´s like a small romantic flower painting.
Thank you Floss.

The tin box I will use for plants on my balcony.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010


This is my hand dancing for you.

The tune I´m humming is called Höstvisan (autumn song) by finnish composer Erna Tauro.
The lyrics for this song are really wonderful. Written by Tove Jansson. She is also known for her famous small creatures, The Moomins.

Gawdon Bennet me owld china plate

I´m planning for my upcoming short trip to London, well, not much, but there´s a few places I really want to visit and a few things I really want to do whilst there. And the remaining time I´m spending with my dear friends. Really.

I´m leaving on thursday. So I´ve still got pleeeeeenty of time to plan. And do other important things like pack all my 14 suitcases. I cannot leave the country without a stuffed moose, my skates, 3 large Encyclopaedia Britannicas, my fishing rod, a Bonsai-tree, my tuba, Madame mannequin and of course the large glassdome!

Above is my very old mirror. I love the blurry mirrorglass.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Can you feel it?

All day today I´ve had this feeling in my tummy. I cannot explain the feeling. It is not worry, nor anxiety. The feeling is a little restless.
There´s autumn in the air. The nights are really chilly. And the skies are filled with stars.

Today I´ve listened to Kings of convenience. I love their music. For ex. this song.

Above is a picture taken today. Autumn is defenately in the air.

Thank you all for your kind comments. My heart has grown huge. Because of you. I wish I could kiss and hug you all.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Blimey, nine pages!

In may a magazine came for a day to take photographs of our home and a few weeks later I went to a studio to exhibit some of my work and they also did the interview there.

Yesterday the magazine was published, and it is a nine page feature! I couldn´t believe it! And the amount of positive feedback I´ve received, wow, I feel so honoured.

Above are images from the magazine:
First image is my chest of drawers that I covered with antique fashion catalogue pages. There´s also a detailed guidance as how to make something similar. It´s my bum that is placed on top;)
Second image is bookcovers and a bookpage I made into a collage. There are also detailded guidance as how to make something similar yourself.

Third and fourth image are from our kitchen.

Last image is small details, larger pictures are from our dining area and cupboard doors in the bedroom with my grandmothers nightgown. The end of the text for that image reads: ...grandmothers nightgown lies now on a bed of roses. Ah, how romantic!

Kodin Kuvalehti is the magazine.

Thursday, 19 August 2010


I´ll tell you about anohter neighbour I have. She always wears the colour lilac. She has a black&white cat. It has a funny name. I can´t seem to remember the name though;) She first seems very shy but has really warmed up to me somehow. As soon as she sees me she waves her arms up in the air, and emmediately she tells me what crafts she is trying to conquer. This time. I´ve got this illusion of her as one of these people who are very, very, very interested. In whatever craft they have set their mind to. As long as it all goes smoothly. But as soon as a problem occurs, or it just doesn´t seem to be all that fun anymore, they loose interest completely, their selfasteem dissapears and they start doing somethinhg else.
She has so many crafts unfinished, she has lost count...

Brings to mind an exhebition I heard of, of unfinished crafts. We all have them. My lilac neighbour has plenty, some have more and some of us have a little less.

I decided (some years ago), to not purchaise any more yarn until I had finished all the unfinished knitting-projects...I did! Finish all unfinished knitting-projects. I do prefer to finish things. Or make a decision that this project will never be done. For any reason. Yes, I do like completed, finished, over and done with...
Did this turn into a lecture? I´m sorry!

I have always loved the shape of these old dressforms. Especially this busty Madame, she has such a craaaaazy thin waist - no wonder they fainted! She is from France. She rules in our livingroom. One must always remember to behave and be polite when she is around. And remember to finish things...

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Happy Birthday House Band

This morning I sang for my House Band and served breakfast in bed. Very basic stuff. But turned out a success! As you can see, the only things left on the tray are a few breadcrumbs, a Melissa-leaf and two chocolate pastilles;)

I sqeezed oranges for juice. I made two breads (dark rye bread): spread a thin layer of cream cheese, add crispy lettuce, thin slices of goulda cheese, sliced minitomatoes and top with basil-leaves.
Three handmade chocolates (I ate one!) on a bed of chocolate pastilles, sliced fresh fruit (peach, watermelon and mango) on a bed of Melissa. Espresso and hot milk.
Coffee was served in a kitch-cup bought in Stockholm some years ago. It reads "Jag gratulerar" (transl. I congratulate) in the front. We only use it when it´s our birthdays. It has become our tradition. I like that.

It was raining heavily this morning so my plan to pick fresh flowers from the garden wasn´t going to happen, so instead of fresh flowers I used a leaf from a wild plant I spotted in the nearby woods yesterday, it had so lovely colours. I also placed a semi-dried flower in a small bottle and of course a candle.

The House Band was very content. Sweet thing. He really appreciates small gestures. My own House Band (read husband).

Tuesday, 17 August 2010


The mantelpieces I grew to love whilst living in London cannot be found in finnish architecture. There´s seldom fireplaces in finnish apartments. If there is a fireplace, it is usually a cast iron or tiled stove. So there is no mantelpiece.
I´ve created my own mantelpiece. I have a large chest of drawers, and I´ve placed it in the middle of the wall, added a mantelpiece-mirror (french!) and lots and lots of stuff. Once again, showing you how much one can sqeeeze on to a "fake" mantelpiece. Did I say mantelpiece?
Though I would love to have a fire, I´m not going to burn the chest of drawers;) I just have to live with the fact I cannot have all.

Last night I felt chilly for the first time this summer. I even got up in the middle of the night to look for a pyjamas...

Monday, 16 August 2010

Enduring Love

I´ve had this image on the wall (ripped off a magazine in 2004). I saw it plenty of times as a huge poster on the London Underground as I spent a fair amount of time there during the autumn and end of year. Not under ground - but in the city;)
I like the constellation, the colours, that something does in fact happen.
I´ve never seen the film. I think I was put off by the critics. Which isn´t really my way, I do occasionally read filmcritics. I take it all in but I usually want to make my own judgement.
Nor have I read the book. My fellowblogger Kati at Piilomaja has just read Ian McEwan´s novel.
I´ve had plenty of opportunity to read it. A friend even took out his own copy and offered it to me. I forgot it on the table when I left.

I live in an apartment. I keep all windows open during the summer.
During the day I can hear the hairdresser laugh. She has a hairsalon, open every second day. She smokes. She talks to people. And she laughs.
An older neighbour, Mrs. T., has very bad hearing. I know when she is on the balcony, as her hearing aid beeps loudly. To be honest, I think it must be in urgent need of a new battery. She also likes to comment and talk to people from where she stands. The sad thing is that she cannot hear the responses. She sounds like a crow. In a positive way. You see, when she is having a conversation with her son (who now lives with her and takes care of her) she cannot hear what he says, so she keeps saying "vad" and in spoken form "va". She repeats this "va" in a manner that brings to mind a crow.

When I first moved in, I had a french neighbour in the opposite building. I don´t know if she was french, but that was the only language I heard her speaking, so I assumed she was. We called her Madame F. She spent plenty of time in her balcony. And she had a friend. They spoke in french. I loved how it echoed over the garden. After a few summers, there were no flowers on the balcony. And then I never saw her again.

I must read that novel.

Friday, 13 August 2010


My cousin has two cats. What a delight it was to listen to two cats purr. I asked my nephew to come very close and listen, and he closed his eyes whilst he listened. Is there a more lovely sound than a purring cat?

My grandfathers wartime watch (above). And a similar watch that was broken, so I turned the machinery around and it turned out lovely. And other things.

PS. I only touch and plait hair of longhaired tuba-players and electricians in my dreams :D

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Wierd desires, part 642

Busy week.
I attended a wonderful wedding on tuesday. I danced and laughed so much my whole body was a huuuge smile the next day!
My aunt Linda from Sweden is visiting, and tonight we are meeting up at my cousins house for dinner.
I had an electrician over today to fix a broken socket, and he had the most beautiful long curly hair. I really wanted to touch his hair. To feel it. I didn´t. I sat silently looking at his back and his long curly hair and thought what it might feel like. My wierd desires;)
I once had an erotic dream about a man, he plays the tuba. He has very long hair. In the dream I plait his hair. The next day, everytime I remembered the dream I felt a warmth. I think I was blushing.

Thank you so much for your kind comments regarding my crowded kitchen-shelf.

Got to run. Well, cykle;)

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Ikea in my kitchen

I´ve got some Ikea stuff. Not much but some.
The shelf in the kitchen is Albert (if I remember correctly). I painted the shelf white and pinned fabric panels to the sides. The fabric I used is the same as in the cushions and curtain, the Designers Guild teacups (I don´t think this fabric is longer available unfortunately). I attached the fabric with small nobs.

And, I decided to show how much one can try to sqeeeeeeze into a shelf. I admit it´s crowded. But I like it. And the chef in this hosuehold is The Houseband. It´s his cookerybooks. He doesn´t really cook using recipies, he enjoys reading them and uses them for inspiration. I suppose that is cooking at its best.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

La Strada di Federico Fellini

Little Gelsomina stole my heart. I love her voice, the way she walks, the way she smiles or cries, her gentle eyes. Sweet sweet little Gelsomina. I want to put her in my pocket;)
I watched La Strada today. Such a wonderful film.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Married to Specialized Tarmac Expert

"If you are married to a cyclist, you are also married to his bicykles."
Ancient finnish jungle -saying;)


In the weekends I tend to sleep late, enjoy looooong breakfasts, climb back to bed after breakfast, listen to the radio, read the paper thoroughly...as I did today.
Now I will enjoy a cup of coffee and some chocolate.

It´s yet another very humid hot day here in Helsinki. These extreme weathers, we had a second thrombus last week in the middle of the country, due to heavy thunders. The forestfires in Russia can be felt here, according to weather forecast the air quality today is poor as the winds have carried the smoke to southern Finland. Previously in the week I could smell the smoke, today I cannot. My heart goes out to the russians forced to live amidst that smoke, and to my fellow countrymen with breathing disorders or asthma.
Here is a link to BBC´s photos of Moscow:

Above is a picture taken this morning through the mirror in the hallway. The end of the bed, my suitcases and hatboxes. The largest suitcase I found in a container a year or two ago. It has great stickers on. The black suitcase is one of my first purchaises I did as a child at an auction. I must have been eight or nine years old. I payed 3 finnish marks for it, it would be approx. 50 cents today. The bigger hatbox is from my grandmother. She was the sweetest gentle "mummu". I still miss her.
On the suitcases you can see my two small silverplates filled with rosepetals I picked last night. I pick petals every night (seriously!) and place by the bed. Small luxury for everyday to be enjoyed;)

Have a fantastic weekend.

PS. Coffee and chocolate on a day like this, not a good idea. It just doesn´t taste good. I´m going for ice-cream instead;)

Friday, 6 August 2010

I do. I do. I do.

Ok, I´ve had this chest of drawers for ever (almost). It´s a common piece of furniture, can easily be found in almost any garage...and probabaly in any place where they sell things that nobody really wants...
I like it. It does its job. And it does it well. It´s perfect size. It´s solid wood, has a nice patina. But it´s so boooooring. I can´t justify buying an antique piece. Just because. Well, I suppose I´m old enough to buy anything if I really wanted it. But that´s not the point. The point is, I really wanted to give it a chance. I think that is fair, especially since we´ve come a long way together.

Dear friends, we have renewed our vows (so to speak).

I bought some brass labelholders, cut a few french vocabulary cards to fit, and Voilá, I have an upgraded chest of drawers. I chose some funny words, to make everyday life a bit more fun.

Join in our celebration by listening to this.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Details, it´s all in the details

I love details. Small details. That´s probabaly why I´m a museum lover.
I´ve had this image of the russian ballet-costume by Léon Bakst for a long long time. I had a vision in my mind that I wanted it to be a background for something...and found this lovely shadowbox in my favorite shop, LittleByrdVintage.
You see why I had to purchaise the shadowbox;) I placed a dried rose inside it until something more fascinating will find its way inside the box.
This image was featured in one of my favorite museums, Dansmuseet (Dancemuseum) in Stockholm. They have a little café where I used to spend plenty of time in the 90´s when I lived and worked in Stockholm. The city for me is very romantic. Due to the fact that just before I moved there, I met a wonderful person whom I fell in love with. We, no in fact it was mainly he, who travelled back and forth between Helsinki and Stockholm. That was way before e-mail and mobile-phones were at everyones disposal. We wrote loads of letters and did make the occasional phonecall abroad!
Later I married this wonderful person. And Stockholm is forever the city where I´ve walked endless streets aching with longing, I´ve cried and kissed at all the departure- and arrival-terminals (flight and ferry), and I´ve been very very happy. I still am. But that´s no news for you is it?

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

How much weighs happiness?

I have a thing for scales. I use them in our kitchen. For fruit and vegetables.
I have quite a few. Above are two.
I just now noticed that I seem to prefer the ones that have the Alexanderwerk label. The two kitchen scales that do not have the label, are in the cupboard. Perhaps it´s time to give them forward, to find them a better home. I´ve collected scales for quite some years.


She has the most beautiful handwriting. She has a soft warm voice. She is a very stylish woman. She has a huge heart, a heart of gold and she is very gentle. She talks to people in a very natural way. She is a good listener, she is very interested in what people has to say. She is very polite. And always helping. Most people who meet her comment that she is so very warm, so friendly, and they always mention her sense of style.
She is tiny. We always tease her as she is shorter than all of us, even her grandchildren have grown past her;)
She is my mother. Min mamma. She has a very beautiful name. I´m so proud of her. Proud to be her daughter.

This image is taken year 1967, when she graduated, a few months after giving birth to my brother. She is the shorter of the two. I do not know the taller lady.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Cheeky monkey

Yesterday I spent all day at my friends house. She has converted an old shop into a home, fantastic outcome. Well, she is a professional. She has even hunted down a vintage stove. She also has a lovely garden. We sat there in the sun, drinking coffee, eating small pies and small bebe-pastries (they are filled with soft flavoured cream) and talked and talked. Whilst day became afternoon, suddenly it had become evening and surprise surprise, evening turned into late evening;)
Most of the time I sat with a dog in my lap. What a sweet little creature. What makes this detail worth mentioning is that this dog is by no means a tiny creature.

Above is my cheeky monkey. I purchaised the pendant on Etsy a while ago and I made a "chain" out of a piece of fabric. I added a proper jewellery lock at the back. I get quite a lot of comments on it, up til now they have all been positive, it seems to me that it is fairly unusual to wear cheeky monkeys around your neck;)