Sunday, 28 September 2014

Treasures and dredging

Yesterday we (L and me) took a stroll through a local fleamarket. And boy did we find some treasures! L found a great painting for 2 euros! I found the Helsinki Cathedral photograph for one euro. I'm still a Helsinki-gal deep down in my heart, though I love living in this small town. I also found some enamel hooks, the sort I collect. Suits an old house like mine very well.

But above all this, I found an old woolen rug, it's huuuuuge, 2,3m x 3,4m. For free. It was dumped at the fleamarket and as it has two small cuts, so no one wanted it. It took up space, so they decided to give it for free. Still, nobody wanted it. Then I came along and, well, the rest is history, hih! I have repaired cuts and holes in rugs before, so I think these cuts will be fairly simple and it is easily mendable. I also checked that the costs to have it cleaned at the local cleaner is about 10 euros /m2. I shall have a beautiful rug in my living room. But it is also something I need. Woolen rugs are essential in old houses, with drafty floors. I am also happy to be able to give it a new life.We looked funny cykling home from our treasure-hunt. The painting and the huge rug fitted on L's bike, and me, well, I strolled along without any luggage as my other treasures fitted in my basket.

I ordered a pair of handknitted knee-socks today. Found this knitting lady on fb who takes orders. I loved her patterns and as I knit myself, I sometimes like to wear stuff that others have made. Odd perhaps. She immediately started. Even sent me a pic for proof. I do love that sort of passion for handicrafts. I believe this shall not be the last pair I order from her. I prefer knitted socks in the winter.

Have a great sunday folks! I shall go wash the boat today, as we had to take up the boat yesterday, they are dredging the shores and all boats must be taken up.

Monday, 22 September 2014


We left for Repovesi Nationalpark on saturday morning. Rucksacks filled with goodies like smoked fish, fresh bread, water, coffee and chocolate (of course!). Weather was perfect!
We (me and L) chose a trail that was both challenging and fun. And we had a variety of landscape. After the suspension bridge, we had a high climb and were rewarded with the first spectacular view, seen above.

We enjoyed our delicious lunch by this lake (above).

We met a grass snake. I haven't seen one in many years, they have become quite rare. This particular one was very long, over one meter. It first got scared when we met, but after a short while it relaxed and we could watch it enjoying the sun and trying to look like any common branch on the ground. Or that is what I imagine it trying, hih! We didn't encounter any other rare animals, but a very well looking squirrel.

It was L's first visit. I have been several times. We both agreed upon returning. We travelled there as part of a group, but everyone chose a trail of their liking and we decided to hike by ourselves.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

I wish...

...I could post more pics of work made by my students. They are ever so talented and creative. 
But I can show you something! Above you can see a wallpaper made by two of my ex-students. Students design and print their own wallpaper in my class (part of the design-theme), sometimes they want to work in pairs. This is a collaboration with Jenny and Jonas aka J&J. They printed many strips and this one strip was given to me. I love it! I hung it with string. I nicked the idea from Deborah Bowness, her fab wallpapers are often hung on you know I have a weak spot for Deborahs work. I myself have e the Rose dress in green and Semi Drum in frames. Dear Genuine fake bookshelf was left behind in my old apartment, the ever so lovely Shoebox. The new owner of the Shoebox has also been charmed by Deborahs fake bookshelf wallpaper, as she has plans to get some more and cover even a larger area. I only had one strip. But. I do not think I can live without it, hih. Next time a certain someone is in London...well yes, very weak spot there for Deborah...

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Harvest and safety

I do love this time of year, time of harvest. I have always been blessed by either having my own grown vegetables and fruit to harvest, or by friends and family.
I have now been given plenty of apple. It is a very good year for apple harvest. And as I simply looooove apple puree, I started a factory yesterday. It was a warm sunny day, so moved the peeling business outdoors;) Now I have so much appel puree, it will feed the finnish army aswell as my family and friends. I also baked a few applepies, and as I was busy in the kitchen I threw in a quiche aswell, feta cheese-spinach-cherry tomato. Unfortunately, I have had no time to collect glass-jars for my apple puree, so I had to use plastic bags and threw them in the freezer.

Later I placed my new fire-alarm on the ceiling. May I present Lento, by Paola Suhonen. Paola is the woman behind lovely Ivana Helsinki.

Ok. Anyone who has a pet and occasionally does yoga at home. You will understand. THIS. I so completely recognise and feel for guy carrying cat at 2:45.

Sunday. Have a good one!

Monday, 1 September 2014

What a weekend!

My house was part of the Lovisa Historiska Hus -event this weekend. I had many many hundred visitors, all whom were ever so friendly and respectful and also very thankful that I was involved. Visitors mainly asked about the renovation and wanted advise on a few matters. I was very happy to share the knowledge I have.

On sunday evening I was rather tired. But me and L met up for a small dinner and a movie. We saw Magic in the moonlight. It was only the two of us in the cinema! We both enjoyed the movie.

Very busy week ahead. Take care. Sniff basil, it does wonders to your self-asteem, hih!