Monday, 26 January 2015

The world

At times I do worry awfully much about the state of the world and about us humans.
I am privileged. I am loved. I am thankful.

To ease a wee bit my worry, I have today donated my todays earning to Amnesty. Right now we need to stop public flogging of  of Saudi Arabian Raif Badawi, a blogger and activist. Please sign the petition to free our fellow blogger. Here is more information. Here is more information for finnish readers. Thank you! Let us be good to each other, look out for each other and love.

Sunday, 18 January 2015


Well, yours truly has signed up. Finally according to some;) Well, let's see if I get the hang of it. So, folks, if you want to follow me, then Ninitchi is my name. Find me or if you cannot be bothered, just click on the image of the bird to the right, the little birdie will find me...

The image above is the first image I uploaded.
I got the image from my friend Emma. She is a lovey friend, and a wonderful author. Tack finaste Emma.

The image reminds me of Emma (of course!) but also of a finnish poem by Marja-Leena Mikkola. Here it is perfomed by Anneli Saaristo, Tyttö ja tanssiva karhu.

Friday, 16 January 2015

National Tulip Day

Today is the National Tulip Day. In the Netherlands. But why not celebrate it internationally! So today after work, me and L enjoyed some croissants and tradional Runeberg cakes. And enjoyed tulips given by my neighbour. An elderly lady who lives just next door, she is so grateful to have a neighbour after all these years when my house stood abandoned.
The beautiful handmade candles are from another neighbour. I know, I am so spoiled! Kiitos Minna ja tytöt!

It is friday. How fast the week passed.
Quite a lot of programme for today so I better just log off and wish you all a lovely weekend.

Take care, keep warm and dry!

Friday, 9 January 2015

Thank you!

I received this card from my friend Maria.

It really made my day! I smiled. She really knows me. I love love love dots. I have dots on most of my clothes. Seldom do I walk out my door without dots, on my clothes or my accessories.

I also love the art nouveau-era.

And obviously the text. Hilarious!

Kiitos Maria!

Have a great weekend friends!

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Cabbage and flora

I made cabbage-stew today. My parents are comig to visit tomorrow and it is an easy and very lovely dish, suitable for winter. It easy to make, you just prepare and let it simmer for hours if you want. I serve it with lingonberries. I find it is absolutely best the second day, that is why I try prepare cabbage-stew one day in advance if possible.

Here is my little fun project I have been working on:
As I bought an old house with just walls and roof, no storage was available. I either have to build storage or buy furniture. But with a tight budget I cannot afford to buy stuff all the time. That is why, if I come by usable things I try to make the best of it. As with this small cabinet. It was fine, but not really my style and the doors were in need of repair. So I decided to cover the doors with pages from an old german flora. Some of you may remember I wallpapered a wall in my small apartment ( the "shoebox") with these same pages, some years ago. I still have plenty pages left and can use them for all sorts of projects.
I am pleased with the outcome for this cabinet. Now I have a place for bedlinen, towels, tablecloths, etc.
I used Joseph Franks' famous cabinet "Flora" as an inspiration. 



Monday, 5 January 2015

All sorts I am still on comes some more rabble from a certain someone, hih!

Last night, me and my two friends had a sauna. Being in Finland, that is not special nor really worth mentioning. But this particular sauna is, in my opinion, definitely worth mentioning. It's by the shore, nobody around, it's heated with wood and rather cozy. Our friend M was also supposed to join us, but she had a rather nasty coincidence at home, earlier that day. (Nobody was hurt, just nasty).

So I came to the sauna, with bags filled with candles and goodies: all sorts of stuff you can scrub your face and body with, facemasks, bodyoils to leave on whilst in the sauna (makes your skin oh so soft), hairmasks, you  name it! There was this mix of different essential-oils in the air, three beautiful ladies having a spa on a sunday-evening. It was sooooo relaxing.

Cykling home later the same evening, I felt all blessed, again.

These are by far the best suggestions for New Years resolutions. By the ever so lovely Nina Hemmingsson. I am a huge fan of her work and I have all her albums, and love to read her strips in Aftonbladet (this image is taken from their site).

So, a new week. Have a good one. Be safe friends!

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Rose dress

I have been working most of the day, on a lovely project. I shall show you once it is ready.

Took this picture just a while ago, my lovely wallpaper (framed) by Deborah Bowness called Rose dress. I have it in green but am drooling...I'd love to have the one in pink too...greedy? Me? Surely not! Hih!

Sorry for the reflection in the glass, I tried a new angle, then another one and yet another one, but the reflection was there. So we just need to accept the reflection, in fact, let's make her feel really welcome, who are we to who exclude anyone?!!!

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Avocados and other rumblings

I was going to write about how I for long dreamed of a house. Of the squeaky wooden plankfloor, how I would stumble on the rugs, eating toast with avocado, how I would sit with my cat in my lap...
I live and have all that. I stumble on the rugs, or a few ones, often and I love the sound of my wooden plank floors and I love avocado on toast, my cat often sits in my lap...someone once said, be careful what you wish for - your wish may come true!
This is how it looks like when I've had my choice of vegetable in the kitchen...

I once read a novel, by Rachel Ingalls, called Mrs. Caliban. I so enjoyed it. And I craved for avocadoes all the way through. I did give in on the cravings, of course! I do recommend the novel. It is probabaly 25 years since I read it, but I can recall the atmospere and the avocado-cravings like yesterday. During the same time I read another memorable novel, about a man who became an alcoholic. It wasn't a victim story, but I do remember beeing extremely touched. For the life of me I cannot recall the title, nor the author.

I also remembered how me and my dear friend T, travelled on the metro in Helsinki, both carrying skies and bags, and how she suddenly remembered she had placed an avocado inside one of her ski-boots, as there had been no other place possible, and how she wished she was going to remember the avocado when she comes home. For some reason we started laughing at this, she was going to get off one stop before me, so I was left with the laughter alone in the metro (I just couldn't stop, nor could she, so she was laughing on her own in the station!). It was of contagious sort, and so we were a bunch of strangers laughing together on the metro, for a short while.

Today I had my dear friends Kaisa and Ilona and Haruka over for tea and bisquits. Kaisa brought with her the most amazing artwork. She makes these dogbusts to hang on the wall. The small green one I've had before. They are sooooo charming! Sorry the image is of such poor quality. I'll show you a better picture once they have found their place on my wall.

My dear friend Nicolas died in 2010. A long long time ago, he was engaged to be married. Her name was Silja. But they never did get married. They did live together. For how long, I cannot remember, it is such a long time ago. And Nicolas is no longer amongst us. Yesterday I had the news, Silja had passed away first of january.
I never learned to know her, our paths crossed several times, but we never found friendship, though many of our mutual friends (often) suggested we probably would like each other.
I remember a few things from their (Nicolas' and Silja's) home. Their enormous antique diningtable. The amount of books. Everywhere. Her collection of ex votos on a wall, legs and arms. Many years later, when Nicolas and Silja no longer were a couple, I visited her apartment. She had the most beautiful bedlinen. The duvetcover had a large hole in the middle of the top fabric, a square lined with lace, and this was the hole from where you also placed the duvet inside the cover. It was from a time when duvets were colourful and beautiful. She told me it was from her grandparents. 
Today, in Helsingin Sanomat, I read probably the most beautiful obituary ever written, by our mutual friend Tuomas.

Thursday, 1 January 2015


Things I really like doing are called doings. Here are some.

Today, after a wonderful lazy looooong morning with my darling, I walked to my workshop and scraped an old chair of paint. I purchaised it for 10 euros, decided to try give it a new chapter in its history. It has been standing outdoors for long and the paint was flaking when I got it. I wasn't really sure if it possible to save, as it had some mould under the paint. Not all over, just in a few places.
So I let it dry first, then scraped the paint (today), and washed it with natural soap and brush. Now I will let it dry again, then glue the pieces properly, add some new wood for the seat (missing pieces) and either use linseed oil or wax. It will be a beauty. One day.

This is how much paint I scraped off:

The cupboard I got previously during the week, well, it was missing a back for the top shelf. So I made one to fit from cardboard and painted it. Almost the same, but not quite. It is soooooo good in my kitchen.

Happy New Year!

Before dinner we headed to the shore, to enjoy a firework-show. We had packed with us champagne-glasses and sparkling wine. The show was spectacular!
I like this pic as it looks like a medusa, hih!

We then walked home, accompanied by our friends and neighbours and their 3 children.
Once home, we made dinner together with L. He chopped the vegetables and I continued with the rest. We made Creme Vichyssoisse, not as a starter, but as main course. We had so much mayonnaise left from christmas, so we decided to have toast Skagen again. We love toast Skagen, so it was not a hard decision to make, hih!

For desert I had made a Skyr cake, but without Skyr.
Skyr is an icelandic dairy product, we have something similar called rahka. I used vanilla-flavoured rahka. For the bottom I used Bastogne bisquits. The Skyr-cake is an easier and faster version of a cheese-cake. Topped with fresh berries. I used blueberry.

We enjoyed dinner and planned to take a walk at midnight, and perhaps spot some fireworks. But dear Muru (my cat) became so scared of the bangs from the fireworks, that we decided to stay at home and keep her company and make her feel safe. So we climbed onto our bed, with Muru between us, some candles lit, listening to music (most of my records are tucked away still, but managed to locate my Melody Gardot cd's, so we listened to this), sipping champagne and eating chocolate and tell each other what we dream and wish for. Muru was pleased, purring away, stretched long between us. It is so lovely that we can make her feel so safe. I could not have wished for a lovelier way to step, or in our case, gently slip into a new year.

The candleholder is so dear to me, it is a gift from my mother. She bought it in Berlin. A city she has visited many many times, and really loves. Due to her condition, I doubt she will ever return.

Happy New Year dear friends! You are the best!