Thursday, 28 April 2016


My friends Nina and Peik live in an old house like me, and in their kitchen they have an old stove. All the dampers are market clearly, so I thought I'll just copy that. I did tell them I shall steal this idea! I was told it was not theirs either, hih!

So, in order for me to remember what damper to use, when one has two, I just need to be clear of what season it is. Not always so easy when living in Finland, where our spring right now seems to be at a loss too, not knowing whether it should be spring or autumn. An identity crisis, perhaps.
In the summer I use the one marked for summer and when it is winter, I shall use the one marked for winter. I do not have an autumn nor spring damper...oh what to do, what to do...

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Complete collection

I have collected a certain kind of antique chairs for my kitchen table. I inherited a few and wanted the same style and now after many years, the collection is complete. I think it looks wonderful. I have plans on updating my kitchen table, I wish for a table with the legs in the corners, as this table is in fact a four persons table with an extension piece in the middle. The legs of the table are in the way. But, it is minor problem. This table is very good. I bought it soon 1½years ago for 20 euros at our local fleamarket, for christmas. I needed a bigger table as we had guest for christmas and this 40's table was perfect. It still is. But, once I find a table suitable for my kitchen and my collection of chairs and suitable for my economy, then maybe...

Monday, 25 April 2016

Another perspective speeding towards may

I took this photograph through an antique mirror I had placed on the kitchen table, you can see the ceiling and the kitchen lamp and dried flowers.

Looks wonderful. Looking at things through another perspective, a good reminder at times, to look at things that happen in our lives through another perspective.

On saturday we attended a local choirs 10th anniversary consert at Grand in Borgå. Three of our friends sing in the choir Cawiar. It was great fun to see our friends in glitter and high heals rocking away!! And did they rock! YES!!!!!

Have a great week, we are speeding towards may and plenty of fun! Time, how it flies! Enjoy and love, love and love even more!

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Time flies!

Blimey! My brother sent this photograph yesterday, taken over 25years ago!

During the week

I had a visit from the chimney sweeper, he is a very nice lad and this is what he and his trainee found. The nest of a jackdew.
Last year he placed a net above the chimney to stop the birds from nesting in my chimney.  We were supposed to continue to clear out all the stuff that is not supposed to be in there, and also to coat the inside of the chimney last year, but we never found a suitable date. I almost felt guilty for interrupting their big project, but then again, there are plenty other places they can build their nests, not necessarily in my chimney. So now the birdnest is out and the chimney has a new coat inside (the birds have managed to create damage to the mortar and a few bricks were coming loose) , it is all safe to burn in my stoves again.

Last night I attended a wonderful performance by Maria Laura Baccarini, so strong, so tense, so touching.
If you have a chance to see it somewhere in Europe, please do, I warmly recommend.
Here is a some small bits and pieces to enjoy, GABER, IO E LE COSE.

I think there are many of us who are absolutely charmed by this image of the Queen. And yes, I do mean the lovely Mia Tindall carrying the handbag. Once again a supershot by Annie Leibovitz.

Have a lovely weekend!

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Ah, what a weekend!

Yesterday, the sun was out, the weather was just wonderful. We started off with delicious lunch, smoked salmon, boiled eggs, boiled potatoes and homemade tzatziki.
We then worked in the garden, we raked the leaves as the blackbird kept singing his beautiful song.
We laid a huge stone beneath my first step to raise the ground. The first step has been a fair bit high, especially for older people, like my mum, she finds it difficult when stepping down. It turned out great and looks like it has always been there. I am planning to have a handrail fixed for the steps too.

When we had finished our work outdoors we had afternoon coffee and both felt the need to take an afternoon nap, what luxury!

We woke up to the blackbird serenading outside the window.

This morning I noticed my adopted Streptocarpus is indeed in bloom, oh what joy. Apparently they are very thankful for almost any care. Some of her leaves are in a poor state, I just do not want to cut them off yet, as she has only recently moved in with us. She is from a home where cats have been a bit rough with the plants. But later in the spring, I shall give her a proper makeover, new pot, more soil and a trim. I find it easier for plants to adept to new surroundings if one just leaves them, in their old pots and soil, and then once they have attuned to their new home, they can be trimmed and given new pots. That is how I have previously succeeded with my plant adoptions.

My new lamp is finally home, I have wanted to purchase the Work Lamp de Lux in brass for a while, but it has not been in stock. So now when they stocked it again, I was fast as lightning and bought two, one for my bedroom and one for the living room. I even got a warm goldline lamp, oh, the warm glow it gives, so cozy. Just the way it should be.

Today sunday, it is raining. A perfect day for relaxing, reading books, listening to the radio...I usually listen to swedish P2, this is a link where you can find many morning programmes, classic music in the mornings, can a day start better?

Have a great sunday friends, take care, and remember to love!

Friday, 15 April 2016


How my route to work has changed since I opened up about how hard and heavy it was yesterday! And all because I let a petty line get to me.

Today I cykled an easy uphill, enjoyed the beautiful landscape and listened to birdsong, saw all the pretty houses, the sea, the sandroad.
I was happy. I am happy!

Wishing you all a happy weekend! 

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Just another thursday...

I cykled to work by the harbour in beautiful but crisp weather.
And when I cykled back into town, I met a colleague just when I was about to leave, the only thing she said was "You'll have terrible headwind!".
I didn't know what to reply. Hmmm, would I be very put off to cykle to and from work had I known there would be headwind, hellooooo, we are located by the sea, our workplace is by the harbour, there's bound to be a fair bit of headwind.
So to show you all what a petty little human beeing I am, I can tell you, the headwind was terrible, it was very heavy to cykle and all I could think of was the TERRIBLE HEADWIND!
So, makes you think what sort of things one should tell colleagues and friends and family. Why not say something uplifting instead, like, "oh, you're cykling, have a good ride, enjoy!"

But then god must have seen it all and thought, let's give her something nice. So I walked past a shop and saw that the jacket I had tried on and thought would be good for when I cykle to and from work, was down -50%, so I got that for myself, here's to all that headwind I shall conquer with my new jacket.

Then I decided to have lunch at Sakura, and met my friend Max and a few minutes later Päivi walks in, we have a spontaneous and fun lunch together until they both needed to rush. A minute or two later my friends Peik and Nina walk in and ask if they can join me. We ended up having such a good time I was almost late for class...and now we are talking I sat in the restaurant for 1hrs 40 minutes!!!!

Then my students finished some of their work, unfortunately I am not allowed to publish all pics of their work, as I always ask permission, but usually they are too shy and just go, naaaah, it's not good enough. My students make fantastic work and had I permission, believe me, this space would be filled with goodies to drool over. But I want to show them respect, so only a few pieces are allowed.

This is one fabulous knitted throw:

Ok, it's soon time to beat a certain goodlooking mister in badminton, hih!

Sunday, 10 April 2016


It was fantastic to look at the audience last night at a sold out concert of J. Karjalainen at Tavastia.

I was not the only one smiling the whole concert through.
It hits me everytime I see them live. And I've been to quite a few concerts...As if thee was a special sort of happiness pheromone floating in the air at their concerts. What a fantastic night! And I got to share it with my darling.

Here is Meripihkahuone, enjoy!

Friday, 8 April 2016

Dear blog

There's so much you don't know.

How a visit from my brother changed the kitchen door. Previously I used to have to push gently with my bum when opening the door, now I just use the handle, like normal people.

How the rain makes wonders to the garden. I spy with my little eye, something beginning with s.
There's small green sprouts everywhere! And today when we had afternoon coffee on the terrace, I spotted something blue next to the green. I love this time of the year. I love the spring rains. I love the sun, how it makes everything come a little more awake, a little more open.

How alive I felt this morning when I cykled to work, by the harbour.  When I had to climb a long uphill, cykling in standing position, my thighs felt the heavy climb. We took another route home, a sandroad along the shore. We passed a small village, and had to climb many small uphills again. In standing position. Almost getting out of breath at the top! We cykle a lot together, my mister and I.

How I have waited for a film to premiere. Finally tonight we saw Sufragette. Please see it. I think it is the least we can do, to remember all the people, all the women and all the men, who fought for equality. For us to have a different life than theirs. We have come a long way, but there is still plenty to do, to make this world equal for all. Not just for us white middleclass women.

How I am seldom private, but at times personal on the blog. Well, this is a seldom time...
I came across a list of 13 Questions to Ask Before Getting Married. I  read through the topics and didn't think more of it. Until earlier in the week when I mentioned it during a conversation we had about divorce. I remembered how I had a very interesting (and warm!) talk with the judge that sentenced my divorce. How she told me that she no longer had respect for marriage, as she had seen far too many nasty divorces. And that couples do not know what marriage de facto is. That it is more than just a fancy wedding, a status and a ring to symbolize that sought after status. And how so many couples divorced for economical reasons, that it was a surprise for the spouses that they were in fact obliged to provide for their spouses in case of unemployment or illness.
So, we talked about how it could be wise to talk through many or at least certain issues before tying the knot. So I looked up the 13 questions. And very spontaneously,  as we were about to sit down to talk about our day, we started to go through each question. We talked and we cried and we laughed and we held hands, we looked into each others' eyes, we sighed and we listened and talked even more. And by the time we had finished the last question, afternoon had turned into night and we had drunk many many cups of tea.

We are not planning to tie the knot, but we are very committed to this relationship and to each other. I do recommend reading the article, and if you are up for the challenge, take a question or two, and feel for yourself  how much closer you grow when you listen and talk to each other. Remember to respectfully listen to what your partner is saying.  

How happy this makes me, I made crochetflowers to my crochetcovered hangers. I love hanging my garments on pretty hangers.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Today was the day...

...when we, my mister and I, bought each other flowers on the same day! What a lovely coincident! There we stood and decided to exchange bouquets, hih!

I received lots of beautiful tulips! Tack älskade!

And my mister received red roses because I love him so so much!

Take care dear friends!

Monday, 4 April 2016


I have always loved shadows.
I used to photograph shadows, many years ago I often posted pictures of shadowplay in my home.
Here is my favorite shadowphotograph, of scissors and lace.
Here is one I still like very much, back in 2009, I took a picture of a disherbrush and lacecurtain.
Some weeks earlier I took a picture of dried flowers and their shadow.
And a month earlier I took a fun picture of a shadow of my chandelier.

Today I was waiting for a colleague by the church and I spotted the most charming shadow of the churchlamp with its' decorations:


Sunday, 3 April 2016

Spoiled happy souls

That is what me and my mister are!

Last night we saw Lisa Nilsson in consert at the Finlandia house in Helsinki. And did she deliver!!! What a fantastic night!!!

This is a new-ish song, it's an Ace of base-cover. From a tv-series called Så mycket bättre, where a bunch of artists cover each others' songs and open up about other issues.

Happy sunday friends! Soon time for some nepalese treats! Pahuna, here we come!