Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Oh love!

We attended a wedding in Sweden on saturday. L's dear daughter got married and what joy it was to attend a reception of love. My darling held a very touching speech for his daughter and son-in-law. He also turned to his first wife, the mother of the bride, the mother of his both children, as to share with her the fact they have two wonderful children they can be proud of and their lovely spouses that they both love so much. We were all in tears! It was so touching and so beautiful.
The wedding was just wonderful. I was so happy when the bride told me she had "made-a-Nina": she wore very colourful shoes, swedish-has-beens. My summer trademark;)

We just made a quick visit to Sweden for the wedding, on sunday evening we were back home again.

A few weeks ago I found some scrap wood, I just looked at the painted wood and had an idea. So I suggested to my darling that I make a streetsign for the summercafé/ kiosque, so that people find it, even though the citymaps end just where the sign now is situated. So many people tell us that it took them a while to realize that there is actually a lovely sandbeach and café beyond this point, because the citymaps do not include the beach area.  So yesterday I painted the sign and L helped me hammer the pieces together. Voilá! Recycling at its best!

The kiosque is now officially open for this season. It has rained both yesterday and today, still, we had guests both days.

Let's hope for some warmer days, and a little more sun. I was happy when I noticed a bird taking a little evening bath in the birdbath in my garden.
Take care dear friends. Lots of love.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Oh beauty!

My neighbour's daughter, talented Senni has painted a flowergarland to crown the blue front door.
I am so excited, I just had to share it as soon as possible. Good things must be shared!

Kiitos maailman ihanin Senni!
Here is an article about Senni (in finnish).


During the end of last week I attended a few graduation parties. Had plenty of delicious food and drink! Congratulation to all graduates!

On saturday I painted my doorstep to the kitchen. I painted it green. I looked up at the door, it is a project of it's own, looking quite awful. I bought these doors over 3 yrs ago, as I had really awful chipboard doors! Thye just don't suit an old house. These doors are from a 30 's house that was dismantled in a nearby village. I thought I'll scrape the paint of the kitchen door one day. That day was saturday, when I started the project:

It was quite hard work, there are two layers of paint, the one layer is very very hard paint.

The next day I continued and in the evening it was ready. My hands and arms are really stiff now. It is difficult to find a good position. So I better not do any work that needs a strong hold. I need to rest my hands. I do love the outcome:

Have a lovely week dear friends! Enjoy the season, enjoy everyday life!
Love as usual!

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Crazy garden updates

So while I was laying cobblestone on sunday, I was thinking about the rest of the front garden, the cobblestone I managed to get hold of, will not cover the whole front garden and it is hard to come by. The cobblestone that is sold in gardencentres is not the natural stone that I prefer in my garden. Plus, it is very expensive. So, I had this little idea that grew into a BIG idea. The following morning I texted my darling saying that he might well think I have gone bananas, but I will ask permission to take some concrete slabs from the same place where I dig up cobblestone a few weeks ago (the school that is going to be dismantled).

I am happy to be dating a person who does not shoot down my ideas. So I received a reply saying "I am crazy in love with you!".
So I made a phonecall, got permission to take as many as I need.

Yesterday I carried oh so terribly heavy slabs. I realised I will not manage to do it myself, so I received help from a friend. Tusen tack Niklas. Then later when my mister had arrived home from Helsinki, he helped me carry even more. Tack älskade! And then my darling L's dear father turned up as a saving angel, to help carry the remaining 9 slabs as I had run out of strength. Tack Bengt!

Now my garden is full of slabs. I will work on the ground later in the summer, to make it even and possibly have more rubble if needed. But, that is for laters. Now I just leave them as they are. I have some cobblestone to lay first! I really like these concrete slabs, they are big in size, 50cm x 50cm and covered in small round rubble.

It will become really nice once they are in place and I can tidy the sides.
Some may wonder why on earth my front garden is in such a state, well, it is the result of digging up the whole garden when I had water, electricity and drains drawn to my house. This is a picture from almost exactly 3 years ago, taken from the same spot as the picture above was taken this morning.
A huuuuuge difference. I also I have a shed in the garden nowadays.

The slabs are truly heavy, and my body is aching today. I even had a small accident while carrying the slabs, one of the slabs fell on my arm, I had just manged to dig it up, was about to carry it and I lost my grip and this is the outcome:

 The bruise is huuuuuge. Grateful nothing else happened as the slabs are so extremely heavy. But it was a sign my strength had run out, to become careless like that.

No physical work today, it is vital to rest aswell.

Take care my dear friends. Remember to think gentle thoughts and to be kind, to yourself and others. Love.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Garden updates

I have been at a loss what to do with my frontgarden.
Parts of it has been coveredd in cobblestone and I am so pleased with the outcome. I wanted a flowerbed, where there has been a flowerbed, but I had to dig it away, due to it beeing too close to the housefoundation, in fact it was attached to it. And it is not wise to have a flowerbed that covers the whole foundation, it leads dampness and adds to the risks of moisture damage. So I dig it away,

The flowerbed can be seen right behind me. It had a frame of concrete.

So I dig the flowerbed away and parts of the frame, I thought it would eventually just blend in. To be honest I didn't think, and the outcome was really messy and very hard to keep tidy. And something that annoyed me every single day when I came home! So I had to do do something. Last summer I tried planting many many plants and flowers, but no, the leftovers of the frame was far too obvious and ugly!

This is where I started on friday. With the help of my darling we managed to remove the rest of the frame.

And I tidied the flowers and added cobblestone. I shall lay cobblestone down to the stairs.

This will be easier to keep tidy. I want something easy and tidy, as I need to continue working on my renovation, but I still want it to look nice when I come home. I want to stop cursing everytime I come home! I bought a smaller trellis in rusty metal for a climbing rose.

On saturday me and L attended the World Village festival in Helsinki.
We wanted to catch Viitasen Piia, a finnish singer-songwriter. She was really wonderful. Here is a peacesong, Rauhan laulu.

We ate wonderful food, there are so many foodstalls to choose from, so many different cuisines. I bumped into many old friends, fun!

We were so tired we fell asleep on the bus home. So many impressions, happy souls.

New week ahead again. Enjoy. Love.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Wind chimes and funerals

I made a wind chimes of vintage spoons as a gift.
I liked it so much I made one for myself aswell, hih!
It has a very mild cling to it, which is lovely.

Today our former president Mauno Koivisto was buried. He was given a state funeral. In my opinion it was beautiful and respectful. I cried when Jorma Hynninen and Cantores Minores choir sang Veteraanin iltahuuto.  When they sang my favorite hymn Sua kohti herrani I was sobbing loudly!
Here is a fine picture by Hans Paul, this is how I remember Mauno Koivisto. I used to bump into him many mornings when I walked to work. And I always greeted him, and he greeted me back.
My parents attended the Independence ball during his presidential period. They said he and his wife Tellervo were very warm and common.

 Forever remembering Mauno Henrik Koivisto 1923-1917.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Oh life!

The weekend was wonderful!

On saturday I digged up lots and lots of cobblestone. they are about to dismantle a schoolbuilding and I got permission from the city to dig up the lot. Parts of it was hidden under grass, so it took some time. But as seen in the second picture, there's quite a lot of wonderful cobblestone for me to work with. Yes, I shall continue adding cobbelstone to my frontyard. My darling L helped me and I am so grateful. We borrowed a car and as we now have a trailer it is really easy to transport heavy loads like this. The first picture shows the area I digged, it was all covered with cobblestone.

In the evening we celebrated dear Frida turning 40 years! What a great party, wonderful food and good people, speeches and songs. Laughter and good long talks with friends.
The party was held at Frida's home, she and her family are renovating a huge and totally destroyed house. It has a long history of neglect, but now, due to Frida and her husband taking on the renovation, it is turning into a familyhome! Hats off!

Grattis vackra underbara, puss och hundra gånger grattis Frida! 

Cykled home in the mild night, happy to have such wonderful people in my life.

The next morning we left on an outing. After many hours on the road, an hour on sea and 242 steps and two ladders, I was on top of the world and a dream came true!

This is me after climbing the Bengtskär lighthouse tower. Spectacular view!

Beautiful weather to be out on the sea!

This is Bengtskär lighthouse.

Eiders nesting everywhere. They seemed not bothered by humans at all. Though we all tried our best not to disturb. It looked really funny as they were nesting in the flowerbeds!

Spectacular view from the lighthouse tower. 

We enjoyed a delicious fishsoup with dark bread, coffee and buns. Walked around the small island and climbed the tower. Then it was time to head home. Happy and filled with new adventures, new impressions. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. A very content and happy fröken here. My soul has been fed and I feel gratitude. Thank you life, thank you love and thank you universe!
And happy to have experienced this with my darling! The weathergods treated us with summerweather, thank you! 

New week ahead. Take care, spread love and goodness!

Friday, 19 May 2017

Little did I know...

...that the allergy I complained about in my previous post, turned out to be a really nasty flu! I even had to stay at home from work, which for me is a really difficult task. I am really good at telling colleagues off if they turn up at work when not well, so why is it so difficult for me? I've had the bestestest caretakers, my darling Muru and darling L of course! Now I am much better.

Sunny lovely weekend ahead, so much good in store. So I will wish you all a lovely weekend and take care. I hope you shall be blinded by the sun and that laughter and joy will find its way to your soul.

Here is my fourth column if you care to have a read.

My collection of votive hearts above. I find them oh so lovely.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Allergy and Eurovision songcontest

I have pollenallergy, every year for about a week. It's on now. Feel like I've been hit by a huge van and my throat is occupied by a nasty creature! Feel I need slightly more sleep now.

On saturday I had time to meet my friends Oona and Jarna for brekky at the lovely Tuhannen tuskan kahvila, it was lovely.

In the evening I cykled over to my darling. He had prepared räkmacka (prawnsandwich), something I had wished for (!)with sparkling wine. We then watched the Eurovision songcontest. We do it every year. Fun to watch the final together, it is such a clichée and would be sooooo boring to watch alone.
The winning song is absolutely charming, I unsought come to think of Chaplin, when I hear it. It was not on my personal predicted winners -list. Congratulations Portugal on winning for the first time, and with such a pretty song!

I'm not a fan of signs telling you what not to do. But this charming older sign is an exception.

Wishing you all allergyfree days with plenty of sun and love. Take are dear friends!

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Small doors

Around my town there are small doors attached to fences and houses, made by artisans and artists. You can download an app for you mobilephone and follow a path. It is quite fun!
This is my door:

Welcome to follow the little folks path in Lovisa!

Monday, 8 May 2017

Renovation update

I have again continued my renovation.
I wanted to make small changes to the facade, but was at a loss at first what the changes would be.
After many different plans and many changes, I ended up with following plans, I changed the shape of the endings of the top panel of each window. This work is still in progress (I have only worked on the downstairswindows). The endings have been a sharp pointed cut (as you can see in the atticwindow), so I chopped the end off, and it is in my opinion more accurate to the age of the house than the previous solution. I have grinded the surface and painted all windowpanes, this work is also still in progress.
Then I added a pair of flowers to the frontfacade window. The originals are from the Lovisa railwaystation that was dismantled in 1970, despite opposition from residents. There was an auction apparently, and a lady who owned a house in Fredsby in Lovisa, won the auction for the flower decorations. They still decorate the hosue. I have always loved that house. Then I heard the story about the flowerdecorations and a small seed began to grow. One thing led to another...I ended up contacting the current owner of the house and asked for his opinion and permission on me copying the flowers for my house. He was very happy and invited me over. Then my brother helped me saw the flowers and I painted them. My darling helped me attach the flowers to the facade and voilá, here is my house Lilla Ljuva:

I also decided to paint my door blue. You see, when I was moving to Lovisa, I fell in love with a house that had blue doors. It was too big for my needs though. And out of my pricerange. It was for sale for a long time in my neighborhood, a really nice couple bought it a few years ago.
For some reason I kept dreaming about a house with blue doors, it had no certain shape but always had blue doors. I have plans to have a backdoor, I even have a permission to have it done and I actually have a door for this purpose. I shall paint that door blue aswell. So you see, I now have a house with blue doors...or almost. I had not planned painting the door, but the dream kept occuring so I just gave in. And it turned out great, as if it had always been blue. Dreams are funny. 

On thursday I had the honor of being the host at the70th jubilee of our Community college,  Lovisa svenska medborgarinstit and Valkon opisto. 

So proud of our local community college. And honoured to have been given this task. 

May has been kind and generous with wonderful spring weather, but now it turned slightly chilly. 
I hope life treats you well. Love and love!

Tuesday, 2 May 2017


I spent the weekend in Stockholm.
We arrived saturday morning, took the bus from the airport and left our bags at our hotel in Gamla stan (old town) and walked to Östermalm, strolled around for a while, I saw some tiny fish at Östermalms saluhall, hih!

I had booked a table at Tesalongen at Svensk tenn, so we enjoyed three pots of tea and räkmacka (prawn-sandwich), scones with cream and jam and petit fours. A great way to relax, sit in lovely surrounding and enjoying afternoon tea!

After tea we walked over to the modern museum, to see the Marina Abramović exhibition,The Cleaner. It is impossible for me to describe the exhibition, but it was indeeed powerful.

We then walked back to our hotel, the wonderful Sven Vintappare Hotel.
It is tiny. Only 6 rooms and a suite. Perfect for a romantic getaway. I warmly recommend.
The staff are warm and friendly and the breakfast delicious, the rooms, out of this world so beautiful.

The roomkey!

In the evening we dined out and felt privileged and happy. It is so important at times to take a small brake.

After a long breakfast we walked down to the harbour and took Djurgårdsfärjan (ferry) over to Djurgpåden and walked around in beautiful sunshine and in the afternoon we met up with L's dear parents and enjoyed carrotcake at Flickorna Helin's café. After the fika, we walked along Strandvägen to Gamla stan, and ended up having the most delicious lunch in a cafe´.

Yesterday, after we had checked out from the hotel, I met up with my dear friend Liv. We chatted away for a few hours in the sun, enjoying a few cups of coffee. Ah bless for dear, dear friends.

Now we are back home, back to everyday life and may! Grateful for all this luxury. Filled with goodness and energy.
Take care of yourselves. Love. Lots of love.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Just so much goodness

Last week we started the asparagus-season, hih! This time I made a hollandaise-sauce to it, it turned out really delicious. My friend taught me to boil the asparagus with lots (seriosuly lots!) of salt and as much sugar. And since I started following this advice, asparagus has never been more delicious!

On friday I attended my dear friend Manuels doctoral dissertation at the University of Helsinki. I was so proud and so touched. Afterwards we had drinks and cake at the Erik Castrén Institute. (My dear friend Manu is first to the left).
It was lovely to attend the afterparty as then I had time to talk to other friends whom had attended.

I again attended the demontration at the railwaystation, the way I always do when in Helsinki. It is so important for me to show up, even just for a short moment, to show support.

In the evening I met my darling at Borgbacken to see the Kirka musical at Peacock-theatre. Kiitos rakas Unto lipuista. 

We both enjoyed it tremendously . I am by no means a Kirka fan, but I enjoy a well made musical from time to time. My friend Unto did a wonderful Ivan Pasternak, check it out!

Yesterday our local danceinstitute had their annual springshow, but this year also their 10th anniversary show. Did they deliver! YES!!!! I cried! I had goosebumps and I was so proud and energized. 
Later we attended a bookrelease, my friend Benita Backas-Andersson has written yet another wonderful book called Med respekt: en bok om den sista resan (Litorale). Kära vän, jag är så stolt över denna fina bok. Tack för att jag fått vara med på vägen och fått se detta verk födas. 

Again I cried, so did many others. I have a wonderful partner who has taught me to accept the fact I cry often. I used to feel so embarrassed for beeing so sensitive at times. But he has taught me to accept it in stead. I still can feel quite awkward at times, but with this great support from darling L, I am working on it.

Rememeber to accept yourself, love yourself.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Holidays are the best

On thursday evening, me and Sanni enjoyed Frank Frank Frank and Water system boogie, oh my, what a great venue. One of the singers in Frank Frank Frank, Anni Elif Egecioglu, is also a member of Elifantree, a group I fell in love with many years ago. 

On sunday we had traditional easter lunch. I had made lentilstew and pasha with kulitsa. Lovely to have all family gathered. Please notice the small chocolate bunnies on each plate, hih!

Yesterday I decided to finally complete my project, cover bathroom door with flowers. Last time I ran out of flowers and have since managed to get more and now I had the inspiration to continue and finish the project. This was supposed to save me from buying a new door, as this ugly door was in the house. But it sort of got our of hand...I really thought it would be a quick fix! Yesterday I worked for about 8 hrs (!!!) on completing it, so you can probably figure out that it has taken me ages to do!
Now it is ready and I am pleased with the crazy outcome!
For some reason I cannot manage to get a decent picture of it, they are all very askew...

I hope you all had a great easter, if you celebrate, or a nice break from everyday life.
Love and love. And take care.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

April you fool!

We have had true april weather, you know, wonderful sunshine and next thing you notice it is snowing! April you fool!

Last night me and my darling attended Lisa Ekdahl's consert at the Savoy theatre. What a wonderful night! I have been a fan since her first record in 1994, I have enjoyed her music for decades! This is her first hit, Vem vet. The set design was really warm and the evening will be amongst those warm ones that one remembers for a long time...

We first had some sushi when we arrived with bus to the capital, then we shopped for some fruit and veg and headed over to the railwaystation, where there is a demonstation going on against our hard immigrationpolitics. Far too many people are denied asulym and sent back to face war and an uncertain future. I try to visit the camp every time I am in Helsinki, for me, it is an icebreaker to bring something. They are in constant need of food and other necessities. But this is defenately not something you have to do, you are more than welcome to visit without bringing anything, the most important thing is to show up, say hello and be a human to another. The welcome is always warm, and it is so nice to stop for a tea, and talk for a while. We walked past the camp on our way home too, to wish them good night and that they are in our thoughts and prayers. I do believe everyone should have a right to live in peace!

Here is my third column, if you wish to have a read.

Take care dear friends. Let us not forget that the world is filled with goodness, let's spread good and love!

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Spring is here!

On saturday my dear friends Tiina, Anne and Heidi came to visit.  They had wished for some crafts and so we painted pisanki-eggs, we ate quiche and mudcake with whipped cream and raspberries. And painted wonderful eggs. The scent from the beewax is wonderful and it is so so so nice to do crafts together with your friends, drink coffee, eat cake and chat away about life and such. Ah bless!

In the evening me and L saw T2 Trainspotting. I loved Trainspotting and was looking forward to the new film. I was not let down. The music was again just spot on perfect, the characters had grown and the story was political and touching. When Deep blue day by Brian Eno started, I was almost in tears. That song has meant so much to me!

On sunday it was the municipal elections. On monday it felt like waking up to a new country! The Finns party lost the elections in the whole country! I must admit that I did not see this change coming. In fact I thought the opposite, as they are a populist national party, far too many of their councilors are nazis and have of course used a very nasty anti-immigration policy, based on lies and propaganda!

Yesterday we had a small exhibition of handprinted wallpapers and pisanki-eggs that our students had made. I was so so proud! Below is a picture from the printing process. Here is a link to the local paper that were kind and made a small article about our exhibition.

Spring is here, the streets are dusty and there are flowers blooming here and there. The birds sing again. People smile to each other.
Flowers below are from the market.

Easter is coming up, yey! Again a favorite holiday!

Friday, 7 April 2017

What a wonderful day!

For those of you who know that I am seldom this private on social media, please make sure you have swallowed your coffee/ tea and breathe...

I received a wonderful text from my darling in the morning. I was in the middle of enjoying my breakfast and it gave the tone for the day, as I laughed while reading it and it ended with a statement,"what a wonderful day and I love you!".

I felt warm and loved all day, when we met in the afternoon I was filled with bubbly love!

My friend Mia popped by and handed me this wonderful vintage Arabia jug. You know I love dots. So do my friends! I am so spoiled. I feel grateful. And I feel loved.

Let us spread the love.
Take care and I wish you a wonderful weekend.

Monday, 3 April 2017

It is as if the colours had been rinsed out, all is grey. Most of the snow has melted.

On saturday I met up with my friends Sanni and Bill to see Manchester by the sea. Oh my, I knew it was going to be sad. But what I didn't know was that is was going to be so heartbreaking. I cried so much. We were a bunch of very quiet, silent people after the film. We had a few beers and then  headed home. Glad I didn't see the film alone. I think it would have been difficult to shake the feeling.

Yesterday I planned for the summer, what I shall work on renovationwise. And I did a little planning regarding the garden. I have this idea of having a few smaller ornamental shrubs planted in front of my house, where there has been a larger flowerbed, the problem was it had grown wild and too close to the foundation of the house and hence causing risk of moisture. So I had to dig out the flowerbed, there was a nasty poisonous plant (I cannot for the life of me remember its name!!!) that had taken over the entire flowerbed and I do not miss it a bit! But I do wish to have something decorative and fairly easy growing there. Let's see what I decide on.
I have plans on working on the facade of my house, but not sure if it's going to happen this summer yet. Oh, decisions, decisions.

April is here. Be kind to us. Please. It has been such a cold and long winter, give us hope of spring.
The way we should be to each other, kind and gentle. Loving. Take care dear ones.

Above is a small fishmould trying to just hang there and be cool, but the plant keeps tickling it...stuff going on in my kitchen!

Monday, 27 March 2017

Spring beauty

Weather has offered us a variety of spring weather, from snow to beautiful warm days to storm!

During the week we saw Beauty and the beast, a true Disney-production. It was interesting to see, but it is too flawless, too perfect, too produced, too much of everything, so I must admit beeing slightly bored at times and I was never touched... Well, I am not the targetgroup for this sort of film.

On friday and saturday I attended a pisanka workshop, the outcome is this:

When I took this picture I had not yet removed the wax from the surface, hence the colours are not bright.
After the workshop I attended a Newroz-party with our new friends. Plenty of dance and food and friendly faces.
As it was Vårfrudagen, (Lady day),we made waffles later in the evening.

On sunday my parents came to visit and when the sun appeared we went out for a walk in beautiful spring sunshine! We met plenty of lovely dogs and friendly people. On our way back we popped into a warehouse clearance (yes, the same we attended last weekend!) and we found a few nice treasures. When we came home we made dinner. While L peeled and cut potatoes, I prepared tsatsiki. We had potato wedges with tsatsiki and a feta sallad. Delicious!

What a great weekend again! I am very spoiled, I am very grateful and very happy!

Take care! Lots of love and remember to be kind towards yourself and others. Love and even more love!

Monday, 20 March 2017

After a busy week, a relaxing weekend filled with good good good

On friday we attended a small birthday party, L's childhood friend K had invited us over for coffee and sandwichcake. I baked a blueberrycake to take along. We sat for many hours, K showing us pictures from the gigs he has been to and some fun adventures the boys did as kids. He cried when we sang for him, he cried when we hugged him goodbye! We cried when we thought of their lifelong friendship!

On saturday we saw Hidden figures at the cinema. I cried so many times. But I also laughed at the witty and clever conversation. What an important film. So prod our local cimena for this.
After we dined at out. A lovely evening!

On sunday we went treasurehunting at a warehouse clearance. I found a vintage suitcase and a fine box for my screw collection (!). L also found some great treasures!
Later in the afternoon I met my friend Sanni for a coffee in town. On my way home I could not resist these lovely bulbs, we so need spring! Anything that is a promise of spring is a gift. The winter has been so long. Still, we usually have april-weather here, so not surprised if we still get a little snow before spring takes over!

Have a lovely week dear friends! Take care! Love and love! And spread goodness and love!

Monday, 13 March 2017

Ha den äran idag!

My dear brother turned 50 years old! I threw a little party for him at my home, it was his wish. On friday I baked, I made a blueberry cake and plenty of bebe-pastries and other small cakes.
His fiancée made a traditional sandwichcake and a spinach-mozzarella quiche. We served sparkling wine and coffee.
It was such a warm and nice little birthdayparty! I am happy my brother was happy!

Grattis kära Kim!

I decorated the table with a springtheme. All the cups and saucers are different, as I didn't have enough of the same series. The birthdayboy had the crazy pink cup that I have bought at an antiqueshop in Stockholm many years ago, it says "Jag gratulerar" (transl. I congratulate) on the side. I had made small origamibutterflies of pastelcoloured paper, pink roses, a pink candle and pink serviettes.

Sunday I spent at two different meetings. I am a member of two nice organisations and proud to have been given trust.

Here is my second column in the local paper, if you want to have a read, enjoy!

Have a lovely week, enjoy the light, enjoy the air, enjoy the longer days. In the evenings, look up at the sky and wave to Venus. Our dear planet can still be seen big and clear, not very high up on the sky, so if you don't spot her right away, she might be hiding behind a house.
Love. Spread love.And remember to love yourself.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Once again a great weekend!

On saturday we saw Tom of Finland, a finnish film about artist Touko Laaksonen. The film was uneven. The leading part was in my opinion just bland. In a way I think it is a pity as there has been a fair deal contradiction about this film. But, I haven't liked director Dome Karukoski's previous films, I'm not actually surprised I didn't appreciate this one either.

Yesterday I spent the morning just relaxing and reading, then headed to our capital to have dinner with L's dear ones. We decided to introduce a finnish restaurant called Kolme Kruunua. The interior is authentic from late 1940's, early 1950's. All the fabulous lights are by Paavo Tynell and we guessed they would appreciate the venue. We had delicious food and were mighty pleased.

Wishing you a lovely week. Mine is very busy, but all good things. Lots of love dear ones!

Thursday, 2 March 2017


On tuesday we went bowling! It was fun.

Sunday, 26 February 2017


There really is so much going on in my life right now, I seldom have time to be online.
So for those who still visit my blog, thank you and pardon my absence!
This day needed some more iranian pop in the form of Mohsen Yeganeh, this is my favorite.

This lovely photo was among old photos thrown away. My friend Maria saved them and gave to me. We use them for artprojects at school. This one found new life in a vintage frame on my kitchen wall. On the back someone has written "Katten springer iväg från Jaakko" (transl. from swedish, the cat is running away from Jaakko).

Take care sweet lovely dear friends. Love! 

Saturday, 25 February 2017


There has been oh so lovely moonlights lately and Venus has been easy to spot, it is very bright and next to it, there should be Mars, but I haven't seen her nor Jupiter, though it is supposed to be easy to find both among the stars in the sky now in february.

Tonight I saw Moonlight at the cinema. Oh my. What a film. I lack words. But I do recommend it to everybody.

Saturday evening, time for tea, cuddles wth my darling Muru and my favorite iranian radiostation, radio 0098. They play popmusic, it's easy to listen to. There are several iranian bands and singers I like to listen to, but I love this song, I have a weakness for the farsi -language. Oh, this weakness has been going on for years. I think I was about 14 yrs old when I first heard farsi and started to study more about the persian culture, music, films and theatre. I have been blessed with a few dear iranian friends whom have spoiled me with persian food and delights. Unfortunately I have never been to Iran. I certainly wish to. Perhaps one day.

Above is my kitchen cupboard. I have hung two posters on the doors made by a local graphic-designer, Minerva Martinoff. Beautiful isn't it?

Wishing you a lovely weekend. Please, if you have a chance, check out Moonlight. If you cannot for any reason, then just remember that you can really never know what battle each person is fighting. Love. Love and more love. And a load of respect.

Monday, 13 February 2017


I had a very relaxing weekend, the most active day was saturday. We took a walk on the ice and I even got to ride an attached sled, it goes round in a circle, fast!
We then saw an exhibition of Aarne Kyröläinen and walked home to enjoy fishsoup.
We both felt like having a nap and almost overslept and had to hurry to catch a movie in the evening! Hih!
We saw Aki Kaurismäki's Toivon tuolla puolen. 
It's an important theme. For some reason it didn't move me. Instead I was fairly annoyed by some of the performances. At times I enjoyed it, visually his movies are always interesting. And the music is always fantastic.
After the film we enjoyed a few beers at our local restaurant end enjoyed some live music. Fell asleep content.

Sunday passed in a slow pace. A day to charge batteries.

The days have become longer. The light is different. I do believe we are heading towards spring.
My lantern turned into a mirror, it is my hand waving to you!

Love. Spread love and welcome love.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Hervvošan du!

That means you are lovely in sami language. Today is the Sami National day! Hervvošan du!

I am so excited, we have been printing wallpaper at school, my students make fabulous designs and today the first two students started their test-printing, work in progress still, but it looks fab! I simply love this "workshop". The room is filled with creative ideas and true craftmanship. Next week we shall continue. I am so proud of my students!

On saturday me and my darling went to the movies. We saw La La Land. We both enjoyed it tremendosuly and disagree with the ending of the film. No, we do not argue, nor do we try to convince the other that they are wrong. But we have a different opinion on how it ended. Fascinating! I find it very interesting.
After the film we met up with our friends Bill and Sanni for some nepalese dinner. Great night, great night!

A new week ahead, remember that you are wonderful and precious! Love and love some more!