Monday, 6 March 2017

Once again a great weekend!

On saturday we saw Tom of Finland, a finnish film about artist Touko Laaksonen. The film was uneven. The leading part was in my opinion just bland. In a way I think it is a pity as there has been a fair deal contradiction about this film. But, I haven't liked director Dome Karukoski's previous films, I'm not actually surprised I didn't appreciate this one either.

Yesterday I spent the morning just relaxing and reading, then headed to our capital to have dinner with L's dear ones. We decided to introduce a finnish restaurant called Kolme Kruunua. The interior is authentic from late 1940's, early 1950's. All the fabulous lights are by Paavo Tynell and we guessed they would appreciate the venue. We had delicious food and were mighty pleased.

Wishing you a lovely week. Mine is very busy, but all good things. Lots of love dear ones!

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