Monday, 27 March 2017

Spring beauty

Weather has offered us a variety of spring weather, from snow to beautiful warm days to storm!

During the week we saw Beauty and the beast, a true Disney-production. It was interesting to see, but it is too flawless, too perfect, too produced, too much of everything, so I must admit beeing slightly bored at times and I was never touched... Well, I am not the targetgroup for this sort of film.

On friday and saturday I attended a pisanka workshop, the outcome is this:

When I took this picture I had not yet removed the wax from the surface, hence the colours are not bright.
After the workshop I attended a Newroz-party with our new friends. Plenty of dance and food and friendly faces.
As it was Vårfrudagen, (Lady day),we made waffles later in the evening.

On sunday my parents came to visit and when the sun appeared we went out for a walk in beautiful spring sunshine! We met plenty of lovely dogs and friendly people. On our way back we popped into a warehouse clearance (yes, the same we attended last weekend!) and we found a few nice treasures. When we came home we made dinner. While L peeled and cut potatoes, I prepared tsatsiki. We had potato wedges with tsatsiki and a feta sallad. Delicious!

What a great weekend again! I am very spoiled, I am very grateful and very happy!

Take care! Lots of love and remember to be kind towards yourself and others. Love and even more love!

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