Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Holidays are the best

On thursday evening, me and Sanni enjoyed Frank Frank Frank and Water system boogie, oh my, what a great venue. One of the singers in Frank Frank Frank, Anni Elif Egecioglu, is also a member of Elifantree, a group I fell in love with many years ago. 

On sunday we had traditional easter lunch. I had made lentilstew and pasha with kulitsa. Lovely to have all family gathered. Please notice the small chocolate bunnies on each plate, hih!

Yesterday I decided to finally complete my project, cover bathroom door with flowers. Last time I ran out of flowers and have since managed to get more and now I had the inspiration to continue and finish the project. This was supposed to save me from buying a new door, as this ugly door was in the house. But it sort of got our of hand...I really thought it would be a quick fix! Yesterday I worked for about 8 hrs (!!!) on completing it, so you can probably figure out that it has taken me ages to do!
Now it is ready and I am pleased with the crazy outcome!
For some reason I cannot manage to get a decent picture of it, they are all very askew...

I hope you all had a great easter, if you celebrate, or a nice break from everyday life.
Love and love. And take care.

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