Monday, 3 April 2017

It is as if the colours had been rinsed out, all is grey. Most of the snow has melted.

On saturday I met up with my friends Sanni and Bill to see Manchester by the sea. Oh my, I knew it was going to be sad. But what I didn't know was that is was going to be so heartbreaking. I cried so much. We were a bunch of very quiet, silent people after the film. We had a few beers and then  headed home. Glad I didn't see the film alone. I think it would have been difficult to shake the feeling.

Yesterday I planned for the summer, what I shall work on renovationwise. And I did a little planning regarding the garden. I have this idea of having a few smaller ornamental shrubs planted in front of my house, where there has been a larger flowerbed, the problem was it had grown wild and too close to the foundation of the house and hence causing risk of moisture. So I had to dig out the flowerbed, there was a nasty poisonous plant (I cannot for the life of me remember its name!!!) that had taken over the entire flowerbed and I do not miss it a bit! But I do wish to have something decorative and fairly easy growing there. Let's see what I decide on.
I have plans on working on the facade of my house, but not sure if it's going to happen this summer yet. Oh, decisions, decisions.

April is here. Be kind to us. Please. It has been such a cold and long winter, give us hope of spring.
The way we should be to each other, kind and gentle. Loving. Take care dear ones.

Above is a small fishmould trying to just hang there and be cool, but the plant keeps tickling it...stuff going on in my kitchen!

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