Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Spring is here!

On saturday my dear friends Tiina, Anne and Heidi came to visit.  They had wished for some crafts and so we painted pisanki-eggs, we ate quiche and mudcake with whipped cream and raspberries. And painted wonderful eggs. The scent from the beewax is wonderful and it is so so so nice to do crafts together with your friends, drink coffee, eat cake and chat away about life and such. Ah bless!

In the evening me and L saw T2 Trainspotting. I loved Trainspotting and was looking forward to the new film. I was not let down. The music was again just spot on perfect, the characters had grown and the story was political and touching. When Deep blue day by Brian Eno started, I was almost in tears. That song has meant so much to me!

On sunday it was the municipal elections. On monday it felt like waking up to a new country! The Finns party lost the elections in the whole country! I must admit that I did not see this change coming. In fact I thought the opposite, as they are a populist national party, far too many of their councilors are nazis and have of course used a very nasty anti-immigration policy, based on lies and propaganda!

Yesterday we had a small exhibition of handprinted wallpapers and pisanki-eggs that our students had made. I was so so proud! Below is a picture from the printing process. Here is a link to the local paper that were kind and made a small article about our exhibition.

Spring is here, the streets are dusty and there are flowers blooming here and there. The birds sing again. People smile to each other.
Flowers below are from the market.

Easter is coming up, yey! Again a favorite holiday!

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