Saturday, 31 July 2010

Explaining Meryl

It is no longer as hot as it has been. It´s not humid anymore. I prefer it this way.

Found an article in yesterdays paper about the Kensington roof gardens in London. I must pay a visit when I visit end of august.
Here´s a link if any of you are in London:

I´ve always had a weak spot for city gardens. In Paris I always try to visit the garden at Musée Rodin on 79, rue de Varenne. Once upon a time, when a certain young woman (head over heels in love), living in the 17th arrondissemnent (!), needed a place to rest read write, she used to go to this garden. It wakes memories in me. When I hear or read the last words of Hemingways A moveable feast , "But this is how Paris was in the early days when we were very poor and very happy", I emmediately think of the garden at 79, rue de Varenne.
I´ve also been terribly sad and lonely in Paris. So the city doesn´t hold only nice good memories for me.

Above is an image of Meryl Streep from the film The French Lieutenant´s woman. The image is from a newspaper, I just loved the colours and the texture of the paper. I don´t usually have images of actors or musicians around (I´ve never really understood what it is like to be a "fan")...I don´t see this image as beeing of Meryl, it is of her character in the film. She is so beautiful in this picture. She still is. And such a talented actress. Wow, I seem to have a huge need to explain this image. Or justify having a framed image of Meryl Streep;)

PS. That is not entirely true. That I don´t have images of actors around. I do now. I have placed that image of "The kiss" from the film My blueberry nights back on my fridge door. To make me smile.

PPS. I am a little silly. Makes me smile to think I need to justify that image of Meryl. Or as we say in finnish "sä oot ihan hönö". That is what I am, a little hönö.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

My Blueberry Nights

Today was the hottest day in Finland, 37,2 °c (98,6 °F)!
I didn´t do much.
Got a beautiful text from a number I didn´t recognize, replied that it probably was intended to someone else than me, that it probably was sent to the wrong number...had a very sweet reply, but I left it at that. I thought it could be a fun start to a story...but then I went out cykling and picked blueberries to place in a variety of bottles. The subtle scent is lovely, especially in this heat. I would love a blueberry-perfume...maybe the heat has soften my brain. I´m not at my best in tropical heat. One should just be a hammock...

Oh, just remembered. I watched My Blueberry Nights by Wong Kar Wai last night. That kiss in the end, what can I say, makes my knees weak.
There must be a connection with my obsession of blueberries today...
I also now remember I used to have a picture of that kiss on my fridge. I should place it back. I used to feel so happy and warm looking at it. Kisses, certain kisses, are the best thing in this world;)

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Vox Celeste

The Birchtree scenography and the harmonium are from the local Worker´s House in the countryside. It is now used for conserts, theatre performances, weddings...
We attended a consert there and Vox Celeste (heavenly voice) resonate in the warm summernight. After the consert we swam in lukewarm waters listening to birdsong echo over the lake. It was a magical night.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Divine sunsets

I have relaxed in water, in the sauna, in the hammock. I have filled my heart with divine sunsets. I´ve listened to the wind, to the lake.

Takes a while to settle. We are back in town after a wonderful holiday.

Thank you for all your kind comments.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


I have packed towels, bathingsuits (just in case - I prefer skinny dipping), my favorite Clipper-tea, the crochet-project, my camera, a book.
We´re leaving for the countryside. We´re on vacation. Back next week;)

I did a few changes to my blog. New header. Made slight colourchanges. I´ve also added a few songs. Not sure if that´s a good idea...
What do you think?

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

In case I forget...

...the names of my plants. In french!
These wonderful signs bought from Wooden Hive.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

The Laziest Gal In town

I woke up to sunbeams playing. Dishes clatter, must have been my neighbour doing the dishes. I stretched. I had coffee. Enjoyed breakfast on the balcony. Ah, lazy sunday morning.
I have done absolutely nothing. I breathe in. And out.
I think it is soon time for lunch;)

Today I am master-jeee-jeeee-champion at beeing lazy. I love it! I´m The Laziest Gal In town.

Me. Amongst my collection of pewter (or is it called tin?) objects. My friend K always complains that I´m unrecognisable in photos, she says it´s because I have a lively face;)

And here is me approx 35yrs ago;) No, it must be more than that. Maybe 37yrs ago!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

dnekeeW yppaH

Last night I met my friend M for an aperitif by the sea. We sat there for quite a while, enjoying the weather, the breeze from the sea and the fantastic view.
Then we cykled to a Thai-restaurant and enjoyed a loooong dinner.
We finished off the night with drinks in a bar.
We talked and talked and talked... I fell asleep with a huuuuge smile on my face. This morning I woke up and giggled through breakfast, remembering funny details from last night.

"The houseband" left this morning for a long cyklerun, he is due to cykle from Helsinki to Kouvola. It will take him approx. 7hrs to cykle as he cannot cykle along the motorways. He is very happy right now. I know! He has been texting me along the way, keeps me update where he is and how he is doing. I´m soon expecting to hear from him that he has reached his destination.

Tiny dragongfly printed on silkpaper above.

Happy Weekend!

PS. And I have just heard that my own "yellow jersey" has arrived safely to his destination. He said it was extremely hot at places (it has been a very hot humid day here) and he guessed he had cykled almost 180km!!!

Thursday, 15 July 2010


First it took the shape of a cloud. Then turned into humidity. Slowly but finally (infine) it turned into drops of water. Rain. Heavenly rain.

I bought this fly-swatter whilst on holiday in Italy. We were cykling and I was not able to bring heavy souvenirs;)
I hated cykling in the long tunnels, the cars and especially trucks, blew their horns when they passed us, probably to warn others. But everytime it happened, it scared the life out of me. I cykled as fast as I could and my adrenaline levels must have been sky-high! I loved the air, the landscape, the velvet nights, the language, the food, the wine, the streets, the houses, the faces, the waters, the design, the style. The italians have fantastic style. Even when it´s steamy hot and humid. Their sense for detail, ah!
I could eat italian food. DAILY. No problem with that at all. I would have a very content happy tummy, grazie mille.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Confessions at night

I will miss reading The God of small things. (I seem to have missed it in ´97, when it was published and won the Booker Prize).
It aches to say goodbye. I feel that a little moth has landed on my heart.
What a capturing novel. And what a sad funny beautiful story. Thank you Arundhati Roy.

I replied to an e-mail to my dear friend E on thursday. This is what he wrote today (I asked him if he had read The God of small things).

"On Thursday, the day you wrote and sent the corresponding e-mail, I was cutting some ivy from a wall. In doing so I was revelling the hiding places of many insects, leaving them exposed to the two robins who were bobbing along expectantly beside me. I thought about how my actions were having a direct consequence on the life of these little creatures, and that was when the book title "The God of small things" popped into my head. I remembered having enjoyed reading it and decided that I should dig it out of storage and read it again soon. Then you mention it a few hours later. Have you been hacking into my thoughts?"

This happens quite a lot. For us. We also happen to have almost identical taste when it comes to art, film, interests, outlook in life, political views, taste in music...

Above is also my evening snack. Grapes and plums. Sweet. A plum plum. Who said that? The english patient.

Last night I felt very restless. How I used to feel when I was young. Or younger. I can be quite intense. Or rather used to be. What I enjoy with getting older is how I have become calmer somehow. Calmer inside.
I used to cykle standing, so that it felt more. To exhaust myself. I cykled a lot. I still haven´t lost the ability to throw myself, but it is less intense. And I still cykle standing - at times.
I listened to La Lupe last night, it triggered off the restless feeling. I think the combination of La Lupe (especially Puro Teatro) and the warm humid nights (it´s tropical here in Finland) makes anybody restless! I used to dance salsa regularly and last night I could have traded an arm to have a dancepartner right here, right now;) I danced, of course, with my invisible partner.
"The houseband" doesn´t care for this sort of dancing.;)

Saturday, 10 July 2010


I´ve made myself a terrarium. Many years ago when I lived in London, I used to make plenty of terrariums, I even made some for a local flowershop, that sold them for a large penny;)
Anyhow, I was inspired by Amy´s terrariums @ An apple a day and as I found the perfect jar (it even reads Parfait on the surface, so it must be perfect) there was no turning back from terrarium-factory...I´ve decided to make a few more.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

A little film about rain

It has been a very humid day. Suddenly the sky broke and I could hear the thunder somewhere in the distance. And now it is finally pouring down with rain. The earth is thankful. It is one of those showers we used to just love as kids, off with the clothes, run and play, enjoy a proper rainshower. I still love doing that, but as I´m in the city I better behave;)
Funny thing I just remembered, I used to attend a dance-class late in the evenings and usually it was just me staying behind having a shower and getting dressed. So in the shower-room there were loads of rainshowers, you know the fixed showers that pours water from above, so I suddenly decided to turn them all on (not very ecological I suppose!). I started running through all the showers and just playing around when I suddenly heard my dance teacher laugh, she said she heard some peculiar noises and thought she better have a look what on earth is going on in the showers;)
Truth is, I´m related to fish, I simply love water.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Drama on Goethe´s Schriften

This morning I found this fly that had dramatically died on top of a pile of books. It looks very dramatical.
If the fly was reading Goethe´s Schriften, drinking red wine, perhaps it fell into melancholy, as it can be a hard nut to understand Goethe, especially if it´s a 18th century edition..."Ooooh, it is most difficult in the mornings...worse still, I have fallen in love with a pretty mosquito...she doesn´t even know of my existence...I´m not good enough for her...I´m just a common fly...she wouldn´t look twice in my direction...ooooooh...."

I also must apologize for my neglect, perhaps better late than never: Happy Canada day and July 4th and Go Oranje!!!

Monday, 5 July 2010

Spoiled rotten

I received these lovely teacups from my friends P and H. I´ve always admired these, never really thought I would have a set of six cups with saucers and plates.
We enjoyed tea and mazarines in the afternoon. The cups are so delicate.
I know, I´m a very lucky creature to have friends like this.
It is very hot, no it´s humid here in Helsinki. I´m going to join "The house band" on the balcony, and perhaps enjoy a GT.
We have a tradition, once "The house band" starts his summerholiday, he "invests" in a bottle of Bombay Sapphire and then we make GT´s and go, happy summerholiday! It feels odd to write about this, as most people I know have drinks every day after work, but as we usually don´t make drinks in this household. It´s just nothing we´re accustomed to do, except when we´re on holiday;) Cheers!

Friday, 2 July 2010

Bagfactory continues...

One more bag finished. This one is for my sister-in-law.

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

Thursday, 1 July 2010


I am totally addicted to Clipper green tea with echinacea and citrus. I´m not sponsored by Clipper and this is not an advert. I can drink tons of it and I have cravings for it. Should I get worried? Rehab?
And those tiny dots looking like bird-poo on the plate is in fact not bird-poo but blackpepper;)

...and one mooooore!


A child asked me to draw a seahorse. So I did, and this is the outcome. I think the head resembles a duck, so I need to try to make it less duck-like;)