Thursday, 31 May 2012

Anniversary and pompom-trim

Oh dear, among all the other things I'm supposed to be up to, I started working on project "Turn niche into wardobe". The project includes wallpaper, paint, vintage floral fabric, pompomtrim and aching hands. It's coming along nicely and I'm very pleased. It all started with vintage holders, endings and rings for a curtainpole (that itself was missing) that I found at a fleamarket recently. My wardrobe has not been very functional and to be honest, it has been a project all the time I've lived in this apartment. I've had a few ideas going, but either I have not been completely sure it is what I want or then my budjet just wouldn't allow it. So now I have spent 7 euros on the holders+endings+rings and found a suitable pole at the gardening section at a hardwarestore for 3.70 euros! I had quite a lot of wallpaper leftover from my previous apartment and also paint, the vintage floral fabric is from my grandmother and the pompom-trim I ordered on e-bay for just under 8 pounds (incl. shipping). Just waiting patiently for it to arrive! I wallpapered the walls and the underside of two solid shelves with a black Laura Ashley wallpaper. I painted the shelves inside the closet. Also in black. And the curtainpole is black too. The pompom-trim is also black;) I'll show you more soon!

Today me and my darling cat have lived 365 days together! I love her soooooooooooooooooooo much! Lucky me to share my life with the sweetest cat ever <3

Monday, 28 May 2012


It's one of these super days when I seem to get so many things done. Sorted, done, check!
Had a wonderful weekend, sold almost the whole table empty, met friends, made new acquintances and got to enjoy great bands and food! And the weather was absolutely fantastic, warm and sunny!
Yesterday I experienced wonderful Rafeef Ziadah, as she performed in Helsinki during the weekend. I was supposed to interview her this morning, but her flights were changed so we'll do it over Skype instead;) It is amazing how you can connect nowadays. I remember back in the 80's, having a semi-longdistance relationship (me and my boyfriend of that time, both lived and studied in Paris and London and I was back and forth in Helsinki and Stockholm) and how extremely expensive it was to call abroad at that time, it was a rare luxury! Letters my dears, thats' what we did, we wrote our longing and love into letters, on paper using a pen!
I very much admire Rafeef, here is one of her very touching poems called, We teach life, sir.

And congratulations Sweden, upon winning the eurovision songcontest! Euphoria!

Have a great week friends! I will be super-busy as I have a deadline coming up within a few weeks and at the same time we also paint the roof of our house (we do it ourselves), so a lot going on. But all good things!

Oh, reagarding my previous post. I didn't enjoy the warehouse lookalike for more than a few hrs. So I changed it back. Now the cupboard is looking for a better place...

Friday, 25 May 2012


...I decided to place my beautiful antique chinese cupboard on a wooden crate and started smiling when I thought that my ex-husband would probably comment "it looks like a warehouse";)

I suppose it does, but for the moment I think it looks nice. And placed the portait of my relative Elsa inside the crate.

Happy weekend folks! I'm off to see a play tonight, then a party and tomorrow it's the Kumpula villagefestival - I'm selling stuff at Limingantie 55, so if you pass by come and say hello!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Nettlesoup, carrotbread and postalscales

Yesterday I made nettlesoup, oh how delicious! I also baked carrot-ryebread and made ice-tea of fresh peppermint.
I am eager to try out dandelions. I have heard that they are tasty when marinated in oil and vinegar, but I have never tried. Apparently they taste a little like brussels sprouts;)

Tonight I'm meeting up with my knitting-group. Good to see everyone before the summer.

Above is a little collection of postalscales. It's for an upcoming exhebition of paperart - but I think I will hold on to the lot!

Monday, 21 May 2012


I decided to let the cross stich -project become part of an accessory for my mannequin. Right there where it is placed, there's a tiny little bend in the mannequin.
Today is really warm, I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt when I mow the lawn. The scent was wonderful.

I'm trying to go through my stuff to sell at the fleamarket on my street this saturday, when we have our village festival.

Time to grab some lunch! Tjilivips!

Saturday, 19 May 2012


...hanging around. That's what I've been doing today.
I started by attending yoga, then came home and had my parents over. We enjoyed carrotcakes and coffee and laughed so much I almost fell of a chair! Then I cykled to my neighbouring neighbourhood Käpylä and their village festival. Found a few nice pieces at a fleamarket and listened to Joose Keskitalo perform in the sun. Then I grabbed some nice vegetarian food and cykled home. Made some tea, cuddled with my cat and now I shall listen to some music and do nothing.

A very nice saturday indeed.

Above are the pieces I found at the fleamarket. A cross stitch work -project which I thought very lovely somehow. Not sure what I will do with it - for now I will just look at it. And then I found a small old  photograph attached to vintage prisms. I hung it in my curtain. What a great idea!!!! I might just make it longer, attach more old photographs and prisms - I have plenty;)
I apologize that the pics are slightly blurry - that's just how it is today;)

Friday, 18 May 2012

My favorite artist

 Oh joy, my favorite artist has a facebook page!

According to the page, this painting is sold to the owner of this wonderful house. No wonder. It is absoutely wonderful.

I have been listening to finnish singer Yona. I get so much joy from this song. I like the combination of different music styles. Works for me.

I went for a run tonight, even though I was very tired. Then I had a sauna and cykled home faster than ever, I decided to cykle standing as I need to train. I want to take part in a running-event and I want to challenge myself.

I'm quite exhausted so I shall call it a night. Wishing you a lovely weekend!

Thursday, 17 May 2012


I attended a supergig last night. Elifantree. It is such a delight to attend a gig with such fantastic musicians and what I enjoyed most, was to see how they enjoyed what they did themselves too. And it was very relaxed. I cykled home in a mild night, a soft rain accompanied me. I was happy.

Above is an old figurine with broken horn.

I had a knock on the door. My neighbour stood there with a bowl of lovage soup she had just made. Delicious! I love my house!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Never underestimate the power of small and red

Last week when I did my laundry, all whites came out baby-pink! My laundry consisted of underwear, linen sheets, linen pillowcases and linen teatowels. And they are all pink. So today I finally decided to do something about it. I coloured it all grey! The outcome is much better than I had hoped for. My underwear actually looks fabulous, the lace and the fabric and the stitching all have different shades of grey, maybe it sounds odd, but it looks luxurious. The sheets look wonderful, as seen in the pic above. I do prefer white linen sheets but grey is a good substitute;)

Monday, 14 May 2012

A challenge

I received a challenge from a Kiss from the past, thank you! I am supposed to tell ten things that put me in a good mood.
I decided to copy my presentation;) It's filled, no stuffed with things that put me in a good mood!

I like scents, fresh ginger, fresh coriander, fresh basil. I like the scent of Imperial leather soap. Kayaks, salad, vegetables, sushi, music, dance, cinema, theater, books, novels, comics and animation are things I enjoy. Friends, butterflies, cats, dogs and hedgehogs make my heart flicker. Origami, sewing, cycling, swimming are things I like to do. Breakfast. Buttons ribbons lace. Paper. Fabric. Kisses. Berries. Forests. Lakes. Paths. Lapsang souchong. Photos. Sandals. Toes. Gingerbread. These are a few of my favorite things... 

And my sweet cat Muru. Of course! She's top of the list.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Perfect match

What are the odds that you purchaise a vintage photograph on Etsy and when it arrives it fits a frame I bought at the fleamarket the other day. I didn't know the size of the photo as it didn't matter - I just loved the image. Oh joy! More stuff for my seaside-collection ♥

I have been smiling at how we change. My friend A is arriving for the weekend. We are first heading out for a run, then to the sauna. Tomorrow morning we are going to a yoga-class and then brunch. After that we will cykle around Helsinki as it is "spring-cleaning-day" when all the city hopefully will be a fleamarket! Me and A used to go wild in the clubbing scenes and hang in bars when we were young(er) and look at us now, running and yoga ;) We will hit the nightlife of Helsinki tomorrow night, so watch out!

I'm so looking forward to having my best friend to stay!!! Have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012


For years I've collected sea and beach-themed stuff in my bathroom. To remind me of the sea and water that I love. I've said it before and I say it again, I'm related to fish! I cannot walk by if I spot a sea-shell in a fleamarket...I have plenty! On the floor I have the larger ones, on the shelves, on the basin...and today I found that tacky ship-in-a-bottle for one euro;)
Helsinki is a seaside town and that was one of the reasons I started kayaking (a long time ago) as I thought it would be a good idea to get to know this city from the sea. I've done some nice exploring along the shores and to the nearby islands.
I've also canoed along the Vantaanjoki river, it is so beautiful! I have a friend coming to stay with me in the summer, I am partly to blame that he fell in love with kayaking as I took him on his first ever kayak tour along the Vantaanjoki river. He now has a few kayaks and can be seen kayaking along the river Dee;)

Above are some sea-themed pics from my bathroom.

Monday, 7 May 2012

For Alli

My grandmother Alli lived on Kangasalantie. I never met her. She died 1960. She worked at the harbours. Heavy and hard work. She wore an overall and carried wood in big bags on the tram. Her parents were excecuted during the civilwar 1918, they were reds. I know very little about her. I've only seen one picture of her, a framed and blurry portrait at my parents house. She wears a black barret, on the side. Her hair is cut like a page, the length is just under her chin. We have the same shaped lips. I like that.
I walked her street today. Her house is long gone. She used to live in a similar or perhaps identical house to mine. In a small flat, on the second floor in a wooden house. The blackbird pictured is from a tree that would have been behind her house, overlooking the valley. She might have stood there, listening to the blackbird and looking down at the valley, at the allotment cottages, at the Botanical Gardens. I doubt she ever went to the gardens, she was very poor. With this I don't mean that poor people wouldn't go to botanical gardens, but at this time, the classdifference would have been of such dimensions, poor people had to struggle to get food on their table and their homes heated and bills paid, they didn't have time to stroll in botanical gardens.
The last picture is from a building just around the corner from her street, there is a shop and I imagine my grandmother might have purchaised her milk and butter from this shop. The name of the shop has changed, but there are remains of the Elanto shop sign on the building. And the Elanto shop logo;) The building is under renovation but I managed to snap a picture of the logo and the letter E. I popped in and bought some milk and some flowers. Then I cykled home. I stood listening to the blackbird singing in my garden and thought it would have been nice to have known Alli. And I placed the flowers in a jar that belonged to her. That is the only posession I have that I know for sure was hers.

Sunday, 6 May 2012


I once had an elderly neighbour whom I used to drink tea with occasionally. She used to tell me small anecdotes. She told me that when she was young GeeBee (our champion boxer Gunnar Bärlund), had walked her home, and in the doorway he had put his arms around her waist. She liked that. She said he had big hands. Well I think he is bound to have big hands, he was a boxer after all. This was before the WWII. It must have been a big thing back then. I still think it is. I pass his statue quite often and look at those big hands, those big strong boxerhands that knocked out their opponent and caressed a young girls waist in a doorway. A long, long time ago.

And isn't this the most appropriate tune for this post.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Recykling Factory

Yoga in the morning did the world of good. Now I've enjoyed a wonderful breakfast and I'm soon heading to the Cable factory to attend the recykling-factory event taking place this weekend. I have friends doing workshops, and also selling stuff. It is such an inspiring event.

It's quite grey here in Helsinki, great cykling-weather, it's luckily not raining (but I will pack my raingear in case of showers).

Above is another favorite nook. This is today's theme.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Un petit oiseau m'a dit

I found this little charmer in the charityshop. Now she keeps the faun company (you can spot his knee to the the right). The oiseau is very petit, very.

Last night I saw The Artist. The story itself was a little poor, but considering the form, not sure how you could have made more or deeper. I do appreciate beauty but I do not appreciate the flawless. Everyone featured in the film was flawless according to todays boring, stereotyped and excluding beautystandards, so it sort of left me feeling I had seen a very very very long commercial...

I like this song. Not too keen on their other songs I found;)

It is friday. I have very little planned for the weekend, but will drag myself to yoga in the morning as I have had a bit of a flu, not sure really what it is, but have felt that not all is well in my body and had a very heavy head and get tired easily. I believe easy does it!

Wishing you all a happy weekend!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Blessed is the Blackbird

May is finally here. But first signs of spring (for me) is the beautiful song of the Blackbird. Ah bless!

Above is a little bénitier I purchaised in Vilnius many many years ago, in the last century;) And a detail of a mirror.

Now I'm heading for lunch! I'm starving!!!!