Saturday, 31 October 2015

...I wonder where I left my bike last night?

When I came home last night, my house looked so cozy with it's lights. So I decided to take a picture.
It was far more difficult than I first thought as it was so dark. And the result does not resemble reality.

Friday, 30 October 2015

About racism

I have previously written about racism and about white privilege.
Yesterday I read a good article (in finnish) by The black female experience. She nails it, the use of the N-word. One of the commentators replied "I'll share and regret to still have to justify the matter". My words exactly. I cannot understand that in 2015 we still have to argue and justify the matter. My parents are elderly, they would never ever use the N-word. So to justify the usage by saying that the elderly use it because it is an existing word, that describes a coloured person and has no racist undertone. BULLSHIT! The word is simply racist. And how there is still a majority of people who obtain the right to use it, after all the debate and objurgation.
Many declare they use the word in an ironic way. What in the world could be ironic in the N-word? Others declare they would never use it in the company of a coloured person. So that means the person using it, knows it is an offensive racist word, but still use it - how double standard is that?
But the worst cases, the ones that use it and cause an outrage (what did they expect?) and then go all martyr about it. Oh how they felt they were violated when "told off". How ignorant! But how does a person like this really think? You use a word that is racist and offensive, someone tells you it is not correct to use the word, even goes as far as to justify why and you feel violated. There's something not quite right here. Oh poor little white racist victim, you feel violated but still feel the right to use the word and use it whenever there is a chance and contribute to the maintenance of a racist culture. I find it very selfish and ignorant to go martyr about a matter that can not possibly violate the person using the word, how about all the coloured people who have to deal with racist attitudes, racist comments and live in a racist culture. On a daily basis.
It is about our racist culture, how we are used to beeing the martyrs, the victims, in matters that we have no actual indication. It's about power. It's about white privilege. 

Why not use words that are respectful and loving? Why not contribute to a culture of acceptance and tolerance.

Lets all work together, to create a society, a world that is filled with love and respect!

I have publicly taken a stand against racism, for ex. on facebook. And have started to receive the most horrific messages. One person hoped I would burn in hell but before that he wished I would be raped and killed by refugees. What an idiot. He had been trolling on a fb-page and I reported his trolling to the admins, this was his very mature respons. I do not take these assaults personally, but I do prefer to share them.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

A cocky eggholder

We buy locally produced ecological eggs, directly from the producer. So one needs an eggholder for such treasures, right? I found this shabby scale at the fleamarket today. For a fiver. It is perfect in size, both perfect for where it stands on the windowsill above my kitchencounter and the tray fits my monthly portion of 15 eggs! So a perfect match all in all!

Thursday already! Soon I am going to beat a certain darling L in badminton!  We play every thursday. Great sport. And I get to be a bit cocky, hih! It's part of the fun!

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

There's just something about letter scales...and namedays!

I collect vintage letter scales, I have about eight I think (they are still packed!!!). There's something about letter scales, I am fascinated by how they are built and how delicate they are. They are rarely used these days. 
Found a broken letter scale at the flea market, it had a missing top or "lid". So I made one out of a tin form. This one escorts an origami Kusudama flower.

Yesterday was my nameday. Nina Ninotskaja Ninushka Ninni Nidi Nippe Wivi is what I am called. My darling L surprised me with a lovely card and lots of red roses. We enjoyed some cake with fresh berries. I am so spoiled! Lucky lycky me!

Sunday, 18 October 2015

An autumn break

I have a short autumn brake from work. It is in fact lovely to have a few days off. But my mind seems to not comprehend that days off do not automatically mean it is saturday or sunday, hih! Yesterday I thought it was sunday, so I was so surprised to see so many shops open, on a sunday, blimey!

I was supposed to hold a workshop in how to make Kusudama origamiflowers yesterday, but only three had signed up for it, so earlier in the week it was cancelled. (I wouldn't personally mind only three participants, but the organizers, a local institute, have a policy not to go through with workshops and courses with less than 7 participants).  So I had nothing planned for the day. Did I spend the day well? Yes I did.

I started off by attending a celebration held nearby at Loviisan Kappeli. The owner, Airi Kallio, was nominated Entrepeneur Woman of the year 2015. There I sat in an antique sofa, surrounded by the beautiful decor and lovely people and two wonderful dogs. Next to me sat an old acquaintance Maija. She even performed a few songs. She asked if I knew any fleamarkets in the neighborhoods. So as I didn't have any plans, I offered to take her to the fleamarkets I know. One is located away from town, so we jumped in her car and drove off. We sang all the way and returned emptyhanded, hih! What a fun afternoon! Maija is a wonderful singer and teacher. Here is a wonderful song, not recorded yesterday,  I love it. The poem is by finnish poet Aaro Hellakoski, one of my absolute favorite poems.

Later I started to feel a little munchy so I decided to grab someting to eat in town. I headed to a small and cosy café called Runda munken and enjoyed a cup of chai-latte. I decided not to have anthing to eat as I remembered that I in fact had food in the fridge...what a brilliant memory I can tell you!

I then worked on a few small own projects and felt very pleased of how my day turned out.

Universe, I really like you! Thank you!

This painted rug on the pavement is outside the café Runda munken. Part of a project me and my colleague Kaisa and our students took part in last spring. We painted rugs on the pavement and the street looks so lovely. Even when worn as this one.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Lov-aid and addiction

HERE is a poster for an upcoming charity consert I've had the honour of participating in. Unfortunately I am unable to attend myself. But I really recommend this event, the team behind it is wonderful, the artists absolutely fantastic! I know for sure this consert will be wonderful and warm, please join us. A warm welcome!

And then on to a completely different subject. Addiction. During the week I posted THIS article on fb. So many people commented, as they thought it was an eyeopener for them. And it also made many feel saddened. It sparkled of some good conversation reagarding the outcome of this sort of addiction. Many predicted this addiction will lead to many more divorces. As couples drift away from each other- this is an easy escape (for the lazy especially!) when real life encounter, especially in relationships, need presence. In fact it is a necessity. And the effort is needed from both counterparts. If the other chooses to close you off, choose to escape to a virtual reality instead of spending time with you, there's very little you can do.
Some commented they had friends who complained their spouses were far more interested in the virtual world than real everyday life with them. And that for some it mattered if a hotel had Wi-Fi, when choosing a hotel for a common holiday. One couple had split up after a common holiday, as the husband had felt so terribly dissapointed that his wife needed to update her blog during their holiday. Because apparenlty she updated on daily basis and he had thought that this holday would make them re-connect again. I have heard of similar amongst my friends. I think I would feel let down too, if my darling would choose to spend time virtually whilst we were on holiday together.

But look at the expressions on their faces. The way they keep their heads down. This must have an impact on how you feel. None of them look happy. Is this what we look like, in the blue light? Most probably.
The kids. Oh my. I have heard kids don't learn to speak as parents don't communicate with them anymore. Kids also miss out on the encounter needed for emotional growth. That makes me even sadder. This must have a larger impact on us humans, the turning away from each other, looking down...
Some commented this is due to laziness. That because we are lazy we choose to be social virtually instead of having to deal with the demands of real encounter. That this is the same laziness as can be seen everywhere else in the world. The lion does not hunt for food unless it is hungry. But what hunger has the human for real life encounters? And what will this sort of laziness in humans degenerate into? Fascinating and also scary. I also think about what level of understanding this leads to. How people often read and interpret whatever they themselves want to, and misunderstand the point of context, when only opposed to written and not spoken communication. I know many persons whom never argue and never communicate in a dialogue, unless they can write their reply, as they feel insecure to talk about their personal things. They edit their written reply, but at the same time, they edit out all that makes them loveable and humans. They edit out insecurity and vulnerability. This often leaves the other person left out, as there is only statements, monologues but no dialogue. In order to communicate, on a deeper level, you need to show your insecurity, your vulnerability, let the other person hear and feel as you speak.

I am happy I can turn of my phone. Luckily I don't need to be online daily. With this I do not want to come out as a better human, I am not. I am just trying to be aware and challenge my own addictions. That is why I during my holiday in Greece in august, chose to not log onto internet at all. It was great. I did it later the next month. And I shall continue to do so, as to challenge myself.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Waffles and christmas

So, the waffle-season started during the weekend. We are such a good waffle-team, I make the dough and L fries the waffles. With whipped cream and raspberry jam. The best combo ever!

Christmas. Well a wee bit early. No in fact far too early! I built stillebens as I have a christmas photo-session in my home this afternoon.

I decorated gingerbread. I decorated oranges with cloves. Made Kusudama origamiflowers.
The scent on the veranda is wonderful, but there's something not quite right...the light, it is perhaps too light. It's not the same light as during Christmas. Well simply because it is still autumn.

I do enjoy Christmas. But not yet.

On sunday we cykled. In beautiful crisp weather. In sunshine. Life is sooooo good.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

"There is nothing for you to take away from this world. You have come to give."
 -Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Friday, 9 October 2015

Be aware! Silliness alert!

I made a little very silly film for my darling. Yes I know, I seldom share how much I love this wonderful man, but since I made this little friday greeting for him, I decided to share it with the world.

Wishing you all a happy weekend!

Monday, 5 October 2015


Blimey, I haven't updated in a while.
Just so much going on.

I spent last weekend with my dear friends Hibah, Eoghan and Elizabeth in London. We have been friends for years, since I first lived in London in the 80's. And friendship has lasted.
What a wonderful weekend! Flea markets, delicious food, long walks in Hyde park, lovely talks and lots of tea. The skyline of London is very dear to me. The chimneys, the sound of the trains, the air, the language, the mix of people, the tastes and the scents.

My feet are tired. My heart is bursting with love. Thank you dearest Eoghan, dearest Hibah and dearest Lizzy. I am a spoiled having such wonderful people in my life! Lucky me!

Wonderful Hyde park
 Well, the day I took this picture, it surely was Saturday 3rd of October
I passed through Camden market on Sunday. These shades in the ceiling looked lovely.