Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Með þér er líf mitt ríkara

So how wonderful isn't this that Iceland suddenly wins game after game!

The so called war cry, is just so powerful, just watch!  

I have a favorite song, Með þér, enjoy!

Makes me warm when I think about what the Icelandic captain said after the game, that it was such a big deal for the players to play against England, as they all watch football and are huge fans of the english football teams and to get to play against their heroes...
And how charming isn't it to think that apparently the goalkeeper is a movie director, the coach is a dentist and one of the players is working at a gas-station and plays football during the summers...ah bless! There is something very good in stripping the layers and seeing ordinary people do well and enjoy what they do. Because it is a turnoff for me to dehumanize athletes...well, the same goes with any famous people. I cannot for the life of me understand idolizing anyone. I can respect greatly and enjoy what artists do, but to idolize anyone or thing is very very strange for me. 

More stonehouses I have painted. Hih!

Have a wonderful day dear friends! Með þér er líf mitt ríkara, with you my life is richer! 
Love and love some more!

Sunday, 26 June 2016


Be in love with your life
every minute of it.

- Jack Kerouac

I am! 

Above is a fab poster for an upcoming local event. I placed it inside my kitchen cupboard.

Saturday, 25 June 2016


Oh how lovely this time of year is.

I have had the pleasure to have a few friends visit. It is so nice to show my favorite places in my hometown. I usually take my friends for lunch to a restaurant called Sakura. It is our friends who keep the restaurant, they serve delicious lunch. I usually dien here myself many times a week, so it is a natural choice.
When my friend Riitta came to visit on wednesday, we had coffee and cake in the garden of Tuhannen tuskan kahvila after lunch. My favorite café in town. We both had delicious chocolate cake. I cannot describe in words how delicious it was, ah bless! I came home with plenty of cuttings from Leena's garden. Leena is hostess of the café. And has become an important person in my life, due to her being the first person I learned to know when I first moved here.

Now is midsummer. My brother is visiting. Yesterday we had sill and potatoes for starters and Toast Skagen as main course. We  enjoyed a blueberry cake (I had ordered it from a fabulous baker!) during the day, so we thought we might not be up for too much sweets later, so I served mint chocolate with coffee for desert. We enjoyed a bottle of french sparkling wine, and felt very content.
Later in the evening we cykled down to the shore and had a few beers and danced to a live band.

Wishing you all a happy midsummer!
Love! And love even more!

Saturday, 18 June 2016

A rainy saturday

And I did this project for Ninitchi as it is a rainy and windy day:

A butterfly "wallpaper". What I do is, I cut out small butterflies  from old bookpages. Then I glue them onto the wall with paperglue. If I want to remove the butterflies, I just make them slightly wet and gently remove them.
Here is a closeup of the butterflies, so it is very easy. You can use my butterflies as a model if you wish.

Friday, 17 June 2016

...other thoughts

I read an article a while back, about love. About self love. We have all heard, and perhaps even used the phrase or thought, that comes in many forms, but mainly stating that we first need to love ourselves before we can love anyone else, or even be loved. 
And how this thought can add to not feeling worthy of love, that you need to wait, that you need to change before you are worthy of love. Everyone is worthy of love.

I think it can be good at times to reflect over what thoughts we carry with us as some universal truth. Love can be so healing, why wait until you are ready? And who knows when you are ready? Will there be a sign? Will somebody hand over a diploma for when you have passed the "worthy of love" -test. Will you receive an official letter stating when you are worthy to be loved?

Yesterday was a very rainly day. The rain came in showers. So between the showers, there was  even a few sunrays with clearblue skies.
We baked waffles at the café-kiosque. And what a joy that so many turned up! I calculated that I baked 28 waffles! On such a rainy and windy and wet day! We received so much praise for the tasty waffles and for the effort. We shall keep these words as a precious gift, thank you!

My friend Leena makes henna art, she uses natural henna paste, so one does not need to worry about getting an allergic attac, (as you can get allergy from black henna!). This is what she made for me:

Wishing you a wonderful end of week! Take care of yourselves. Love and love and remember that you are worthy of all good and love.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016


I think it is vital for us to dream, about things we want to do and experience.
Some of our dreams are not even supposed to come true, there are dreams that one should pursue and some are even worth striving and fighting for, working hard to achieve, no matter what anyone else says!
I've tried to live my dreams.
One of my dreams is to renovate an old house, check! And taking part in the open house event LWT, during the last weekend in august, I have come to realize that it is in fact a dream that connects many people. To renovate and live in an old house.
I never dreamed of a renovation this broad, but what to do when you find the house of your dreams. When I had bought the house, well, the first feelings as a houseowner wasn't enjoyable. It wasn't that fairytale moment, when you feel all empowered and strong. It was cold, dark and felt damp and it was ugly. An abandoned house that I dreamed of saving and giving back it's former glory. Ha-ha! I cried! And cursed myself for being such an idiot, throwing away all my savings and having high hopes, too high beliefs of what I could accomplish. I wasn't a fairytale person, who was going to be saved by mice and birds helping me renovate! Well, now a few years later, after a lot of hard work, with a lot of help from others, I have learned so much and living in a house I have grown to love. And living my dream! It still takes a lot of work to finish, but I am willing to work for my dream.
I know what a privilege it is to be able to do this, so I feel I need to cherish this, I need to also enjoy this. I don't want to turn blind. You know the ones that live in a beautiful place, a beautiful house, or have a fantastic partner, or have the perfect job, but just never seem to realize it and give praise and feel grateful for what they have. I think the worst mistake you make as a human being is taking people and things for granted.

Someone very dear to me has lost everything. Family, house and work. Things we all take for granted. So cherish what you have. When did you last prioritize your partner? Or take time to spend with your child, just the two of you? When did you say something nice to a collgue? Spend time in your home and enjoy it.  Look around you, you are rich.

Last night...

...the Hibiscus blossomed.
I am so happy! My adopted plants have given me such beauty! Look at this!
The orchid had already been placed inside the trash, when I found it, I thought, hang on, its leaves and roots are still green, I'll shower it and let's see what becomes of it. Now it also is in bloom with a few buds on the way.

Wishing you all a beautiful day!

Saturday, 11 June 2016

So spoiled!

Oh my, I received a box full of handmade confectionary from my darling when he returned home from his trip to Munich. A very spoiled human being here.

What a lovely treat! We tasted a few, with coffee. They were delicious!
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! Be loving! Be brave!

Friday, 10 June 2016

Holiday continues

The ones who think I have been laying in a hammock, reading and taking naps, well my dears, I shall have to disappoint you and plead with you to think again, hih!

On wednesday I hosted our local tourist office's press release at the kiosque. Earlier in the week I made plenty of rhubarb juice and baked buns in the morning. It was a rainy day, but they were pleased even if the weather was lousy.

I am so ready for proper summer now. 
My red shoes are waiting, hih! 

On another note. I was asked why I haven't posted about the magazines I have recently figured in.
I haven't thought it would be of any interest to the ones following my blog. I don't want my blog or myself to become so selfcentred to think that it should make any difference. I have figured in newspapers and magazines before, due to my profession, and never felt a need to boost it. I don't want my confidence to need that sort of attention. I am pleased about the articles and proud, but I hope I would be as proud of myself without them too.
Previously I was often asked to open my home for interior magazines, I have often refused, due to the idea I have about not wanting to be part of a trend.

I have changed my mind, as I am part of the open house -event in my town. So then the focus is on the renovation, which makes sense to me.

Saturday, 4 June 2016


Today was my last day at work before going on summerholiday.
The past  week has been hectic, with long hours at work and meetings.

But now I've kicked off my heels and take it easy!

Above is my lemontree in a large used tin.